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SCHOOLNURSE86's Photo Posts: 870
2/16/13 9:18 P

I had a similar thing going on. Turned out that extra quad and IT band stretching made the pain and tightness go away immediately. I think it was the tight muscles pulling on the tendons around my knee that caused the pain. Good luck!


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SALTYCHOCOLATE's Photo Posts: 9,158
2/13/13 9:38 A

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Glad to see you back Carolyn! I'd hold off on the HM.

Respect life.

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PERRYR's Photo Posts: 665
2/13/13 6:49 A

PERRYR's SparkPage
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Glad, very sorry to hear of your bad luck.
Also sorry that I can't express opinion. I know that I've made many wrong decisions....
I'll keep you in my thoughts and follow this thread to see what others say.


TIMOTHYNOHE's Photo Posts: 4,317
2/12/13 11:55 P

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If it really hurts, I would put it up for a while with ice and Advil.

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GLADGAD's Photo SparkPoints: (35,022)
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2/12/13 9:16 P

GLADGAD's SparkPage
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Hi gang - it's been awhile since I've been around. I was sidelined for a few months in the fall, but am finally getting my speed and endurance back. That is, until I kind of screwed up my knee doing bridge work. It wasn't my first time doing bridgework since coming back, and I had been running the same bridge for a few weeks about twice a week. It's not even a big bridge. So I'm not sure what happened or what I did.

Anyway, after one evening of doing bridge repeats, the next day my knee felt a little tight. It's a week later and still tight, especially when I get up after sitting for awhile. It also hurts around the side and behind the knee for the first few steps. Once I start walking, however, it loosens up and I have no pain, and just a little tightness. I'm thinking I strained the calf muscle at the attachment point behind the knee. I am icing it, using Biofreeze, rolling, and lightly stretching it.

I can't go to a doctor because I have no health insurance right now, and I won't have any until April. I am able to run on it, and running doesn't seem to make it worse - it actually seems to loosen it up and it feels better. That is, until I go back to sitting again. It also doesn't feel bad when I get up in the morning - it's just when I've been sitting.

I ran 7 miles on it last Sunday and 2 tonight. I plan to do my first HM of the season at the end of March (which by the way has a really BIG bridge). So my question is - would you run on it or not run on it?


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom

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