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Ladies I have a run in the morning and I was pretty nervous about this run (1st one this year) but, after reading through these tips I feel more relaxed. Thanks for sharing. I know to do my best and work toward beating my time for the next run.

Happy Running!!

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7/18/08 11:59 A

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I highly recommend the ~ChiRunning~ technique created by Danny Dreyer. He has a website, w.chirunning.c You can find tips and links to his book and videos and locate workshops in your area. We also have a ChiRunning team here on SparkPeople.

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7/18/08 11:05 A

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Do you have a local running club near you? I joined mine and one of their training groups and we had a coach running with us the entire time. They can help you with your form.


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7/18/08 10:15 A

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Good posture is a place to start. Speed work and strides tend to demand a good form.

Then there is the foot strike. There are heel strikers and there are mid-foot strikers. I know I am a generally a mid-foot striker until I get really tired then my form goes out the door!,7123

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7/18/08 10:14 A

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One of my favorite running books is "Runningtimes Guide to Breakthrough Running" and in one of the first chapters it mentions the 2 most common mistakes we make with our form. They suggest video-taping yourself from different angles to determine if you do either one, but pictures can work and you might be able to FEEL these mistakes once you're conscious of them.

The first was over-rotation of your upper body. I've seen enough pictures of myself during races to know I'm guilty of this one towards the finish when I'm exhausted. You're over-rotating if you're twisting at the waist and your arms are in front of your body rather than at your sides (often crossing each other like drawing an "X" one slash at a time). The book recommended running with your thumbs pointed outwards towards 10 o'clock on the left and towards 2 on the right. I practice this on the elliptical trainer, which I'm sure looks bizarre to everyone else in the gym!

The other most common mistake is an over-pronounced heel strike with your leg extended straight out in front of you. Basically your foot should hit heel first, but your leg should be hit the pavement with your knee slightly bent and placed just slightly out in front of you, not reaching out way ahead of your body. I don't really have this issue so unfortunately I don't remember the drills suggested for this one.

Anyway you can always check out the Runner's World and RunningTimes websites. They both post pretty much everything from their magazines plus some great web exclusives, and they both have a lot of great training tips from some of the top running coaches in the country. Enjoy!

Good luck!!

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7/18/08 10:06 A

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hi NettyBetty! my tips are this..
think of your body as a string while running and you are holding that string over head and the string stays relaxed and straight with all body parts are in alignment.

from the head...relaxed over shoulders..
shoulder are relaxed and pulled back, chest is high..(Chest droops no oxygen coming in) *faint* emoticon
chest is aligned over your hips..
hips are aligned over knees and knees are aligned over feet, knees are relaxed as you run...

arm swing , I think of holding eggs as I run, squeeze to hard you will break so relaxed hands, and then think of your arms as pulling cables...not swinging across, and then pull elbows back 90 degree, arms don't hang past hips, but at your sides...
now feet, landing softly, I try to land on the center of my feet so not pounding heels, and not running on toes...slight lean forward .....

breathing I really can't tell you that but just run in relaxed state I think I have a 2/2 cadence 2 breath in and 2 out, I also heard your lips should look like you are whistling...(if anyone can add to that?)but I do notice I do this naturally....while running I do a mile check every mile I check my form mentally...I hope this helps NettyBetty and I know everyone here will add to this you will get the best running advise right here.
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7/18/08 9:50 A

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Check out the Road Runners Club of America at the following link...

In the mean times...below are my tips for better running...

1. Keep the upper body relaxed from your face to your neck to your fist-never, clench your fist, instead keep them lightly cupped as if holding a butterfly. Keep your face relaxed. Tension will only use up energy.

2. Keep your torso from firm, but not stiff...try not to agitate from side to side like a washing machine (couldn't think of any other way to describe this one) so you don't waste any energy.

3. Keep your landing of your feet below your hips (your center of gravity). Overstriding will only lead to shin/lower leg issues and more times than not will cause you to strike with your heel which is like driving with your emergency brake on.

4. Do not run on toes...this waste too much energy, shorten your calves, and will lead to possible knee issues. Same is true with heel striking...if you hit first with your heel you will halt the forward progression of your legs, therefore, you waste more energy trying to move forward.

5. Lastly, with endurance comes speed...the farther you run at a slower pace, the more you move your aerobic base (the point where the body continues to use fat as its primary source for energy) closer to your anaerobic threshold (the point where the body is using more glycogen-stored glucose in the muscles-for energy). We all have a much larger source of fat for energy whereas we all have a very limited supply of glycogen. If, over time, you can build those glycogen reserves (by making bigger and more numerous mitochondria) you will be able to run farther/faster than you did even a month before.

What I love about running is that it is a progressive sport. I once read that one doesn't even peak in this sport until they have been running for 10-15 years...I figure by the time I am 54-59 I will be in the prime of my running career...Hey, and maybe by then I will be able to qualify for Boston.

Best of luck and...


7/18/08 9:03 A

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I really need a running coach, but I can't believe how hard it is to find one.

Can anyone give me their top 5 tips on Running Form?

I want to change my form and hopefully help prevent injuries and increase my 10K time.

I just had a brilliant idea: if anyone would like to help be my online buddy / running coach... Oh wow! That would be awesome!!!

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