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5/8/12 7:38 A

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I just posted an update in a new thread about her. Thank you so much!

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5/6/12 9:13 P

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I am so sorry for you BOTH - my old tom had a broken leg / foot (rear) and while I know it isn't the same thing , it still took a lot out him and it took him a while to adapt and to heal. As for the others I think yeah it might be best to get another vet to check her over as well as waiting until the results to get more info. She made have a few more years in her yet. Also I seriously think to that she should be kept indoors if she isn't already (Sam goes out with me but he does not and is not allowed to leave the yard). Malcolm adapted I think he could jump a little but he also had to take going down the stairs both rear feet at a time (why I don't know he never told me) which made a huge racket.

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5/6/12 7:03 P

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For your own peace of mind, you might want to get a second opinion--no matter what the first vet's diagnosis. If it's benign, you might want to check to make sure--if it's not, then you would want to verify before making any radical decisions.

I do agree with other posters, many cats who have major surgery such as amputation seem to do very well afterwards. There would just need to be some adjustments made by all (If you did have to turn your cat into a totally indoor cat, this can be done, although it might be stressful at first. My sister had a cat that was indoor/outdoor. The management of the apartment complex sent out notices that all cats had to remain indoors, any 'loose' cats would be subject to pickup by animal control. After her cat cried for days, she just kind of 'forgot' about going outside. She was perfectly happy for the rest of her pampered life).

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5/6/12 12:16 P

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Hi Paul...yes, life decisions for your cat can be tough, especially when the life decision can so incredibly modify the life of the cat. With regard to the type of tumor and how invasive it is...osteosarcoma in cats is rare, so don't go with the worst case scenario just yet. There are also many tumor types in cats that are benign and many manifestations of swelling on a hind leg that could be a papilloma, lipoma or hematoma...and as one other mentioned, it could just be a tender knot due to an injection site reaction.

Relating to your inquiry regarding her quality of life, as others have said, if there is an amputation in her future, it may become necessary to keep her as an indoor least for some time, until she becomes further accustomed to the change in her life. Another consideration is her old is she? The younger she is, the more accomodating she can be to the change. Cats are incrediby resilient at any age!

I will keep you and your fur-baby in my thoughts! Please do come back and let us know what the offiicial diagnosis was and what you and the Vet decided.

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5/2/12 3:51 P

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I am so sorry. I had to make a choice like this a few years ago, and it was one of the hardest things I did. I agree that she could adapt just fine. Though to be honest I think that alot of it comes down to rather or not all the cancer can be removed and how much pain she would be in. If she can go back to life as she knew it, just without her leg, I bet if you give her a year, she won't remember life without it.

Just in case, let me ask you a question. Does she get her shots in that area? I understand alot of vets are giving them on the legs these days (though ours still gives them in the back of the neck). The reason I ask is because I just had a scare with my tabby where he had a lump form and lost all his hair in the area. I was afraid it was cancer, but it turned out to be something that happens somethings with cats, even moreso as they grow older. I was told that it would go away in 5 weeks and the hair would grow back. I know it's not likely what is going on, but I had never heard of that before, and I would love for this to not be cancer.

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5/2/12 7:51 A

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So sorry to hear you cat is having trouble!

While Max still has both legs, he lost the ability to jump (for all practical purposes it would appear) when he broke his leg18 months ago. After surgery, he can run and walk just fine but jumping just isn't there. We've adapted some things so he can still get to them.


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5/1/12 8:14 P

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Having suffered a loss a few years ago I feel your pain, Paul, and I'm so sorry. I do believe animals are resilient and Kittygirl will be no exception. If they have to amputate she will adjust and find another way of doing what she does and the two of you will continue your happy times together. God bless you both!

You don't have to be sorry for anything you say here. All of us feel the same about our "babies" and know to come here when we're in need of advice, opinions, laughs or just someone to listen to our fears and concerns. Someone is always here, no matter what! Please keep us up-to-date on Kittygirl's condition.


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5/1/12 3:58 P

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Paul first let me say I am sorry you have such a hard decision ahead of you... you need to do what you feel is right.. when my two kitties were ill and a decision needed to be made, I had to decide what was best.. there were no guarantees and their illnesses came on so sudden so we decided to euthanize which was the most humane thing to do. Prayers and strength coming out to you!

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5/1/12 10:04 A

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First of all, I'm really, really sorry to hear about this!

That said, I agree with the others: Cats do fine adjusting to amputation, from what I understand--probably better than we humans do. She will probably need to be kept inside for a while, while it heals up (though I am an indoor cat person, so I would vote for that, anyway,) but she will probably be fine.

At worst, she may need to become an indoor kitty, but you may be able to put her outdoors in an enclosure or something. OR, she may do just fine outside once her wound heals.

This is not a death sentence, unless it's a very aggressive cancer, I assure you.

Good luck!

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5/1/12 9:57 A

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My heart and prayers go out to you and kittygirl. That is a difficult decision. I think she would adapt to being limited. Cat's are really resilient. I don't think she would have that difficult of a time getting used to it. And she would be with you longer, you would not have to go with the pain of another loss. Sorry, I hope this helps, but ultimately you must do in your heart what you feel is right for her.

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5/1/12 9:30 A

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Paul, so sorry that you and Kittygirl have to go through this.

Right now I think you'll have to take it one day at a time. Get the diagnosis, then discuss treatment options. If it comes to the question of amputation, some animals can adapt wonderfully to their limitations. Just because she's an outside cat now, doesn't mean she can't change and still be happy.

Thank you for sharing with us; hope this helps a little.

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5/1/12 8:55 A

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I took Kittygirl to the vet yesterday because of a swollen lower hind leg. While I am awaiting tests to confirm, the suspicion is that its a tumor. The vet did not want to get ahead of the diagnosis, but its likely the tumor is invasive. When I asked the vet, I believe the likely treatment option is going to be amputation.

Here is my delimma: I know how much cats depend on their hind legs to jump on things. What is the quality of life decision that is best for her?

I know I don't have enough information at this point, but I am asking for information and advice in advance so that when I get the test results I am prepared.

I'm sorry if I offend any of cat lovers here, but I am really torn about what is best. I am also very emotional about her. After we lost our last cat, it took me years before I was ready to accept another cat into our life.

I wish I could take the time to describe her more, but.....its just hard for me to focus. Let me add this one thing: she likes to spend a lot of time outside. We have a deck off of the 2nd story, and she scales down the beam to get to the yard and then climbs back up when she wants to nap on the deck. So, the loss of her leg....can she be a happy cat? Just when I took her to the vet yesterday, her little heart was beating so fast, the vet didn't want to do to much (dx or treatment) because she was so scared.

Please help, and sorry in advance if my thought process is out-of-line.


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