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10/17/09 9:37 P

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A protective crate is a great idea to expose them to see and smell each other and let the puppy see you handle the cats. Since your puppy is so young you will have to supervise for quite a while but if they are good when just seeing each other that's one big step. Keep exposing them to each other and time and training the dog. The puppy doesn't know he could Really hurt the kitten and you will probably have to be really patient and keep telling him "no" or whatever command you choose. Remember these are 2 babies (and it very much is like having a newborn and a 1 year old) and protect the kitten until the dog is old enough to get what "careful with the cats" really means. Our dog was very much a puppy when we got the cats and he did not understand why he couldn't play with them (like drop his heavy toys on their heads or rough house with them or chase them) even though he was pretty well trained. He didn't know they weren't dogs. Actually our cats think they are dogs too---but dogs with claws. So the dog also needs protection until all can work out that they belong. We have had a couple of close calls even with grown cats and a puppy. Good luck and patience will pay off.

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10/15/09 5:31 P

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When we brought cats into our home, we already had a mediums size dog. The dog was already used to cats, but the cat didn't care for the dog. We put the kitty in a travel crate then left it where the dog could check it out. Here was hissing and warning rowls from the cat, but in good time, it realized the dog was not a threat.

10/15/09 12:05 P

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Cat lady has it on the nose.
I would also start obedience lessons with your dog!
give the cats extra attention.
So what does the pup do when the cats hiss etc?
If he ignores them, then probably no worries.
He isn't nipping is he?
I would suggest when you are not able to supervise, separate. I mean the dog from the cats.
Sadly jealousy on rare occasions jealousy can lead to the demise of a beloved pet. It happened here about 12 years ago. Long story. As usual husband didn't listen to me ): Just try to keep things mellow and with time it should be okay. I would as I said teach you pup some things. The main are , sit, stay,come, down, go to bed. (Do you crate him, or does he have his own bed? If so I would reward him with a tiny bit of something at the beginning, for staying.
I think it will be fine!

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10/15/09 11:47 A

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Let them smell each other through a closed door for a week or so thenlet them roam at will. They will either be at war or reside in relative peacefulness. Be sure to share your love on all. They will know.


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10/15/09 11:42 A

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Hi there, We have a 7 year old cat, and a 6 month old kitten AND golden retreiver puppy (the kitten is one week older than the puppy). Any suggestions on how to have them in the house - somewhat peacefully -at the same time (the cats are indoor only cats)? They cats love playing with the puppy through the patio door but once in the house all they do is hiss. Frankly, I don't blame them - he's 60 pounds of energy! With winter coming we want him in the house more but don't want to lock them in separate rooms. Help!

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