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3/8/14 10:38 P

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My nutrition tracker says I should eat 1470 - 1820 calories. So I'm thinking adding 500 calories for bf will make it 1970-2320 calories. Is that right?

Also, do I need to adjust my calories further for days I work out? I've always been confused about this.

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2/10/14 10:49 A

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I really wish they'd somewhat combine BabyFit & SP. I have a BabyFit account, but I manually enter a LOT of my own foods, so I'd hate to re-enter everything on BabyFit when it's all right here on SP. BUT, it'd be nice to have the adjustment and acknowledgement for pregnancy/breastfeeding! :/

I mentally just add 500 calories to my "allowance." I'm not sure that I use 500 calories nursing, but I figure if I stay under the 1700, I can't go wrong.

My son is 8 months, but he still EBF and taking VERY VERY little solids (like a lick or two off a spoon - finicky kiddo!).

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1/30/14 3:41 P

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Great posts! Thanks so much for the input. I was wondering how to begin tracking food intake while breastfeeding.

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1/30/14 12:47 A

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I went to "edit goals" and just edited the calories. I changed it to be at least 1500/day. This is my resource for staying at at least 1500/day:

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1/22/14 11:32 A

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This is a tricky thing as I think the amount everyone burns from breastfeeding varies, but I've noticed that if I stay above 1,500 but below 2,000 calories a day I loose weight and my supply doesn't suffer. Someone else mentioned and I've found it to be true as well, that if I dip below 1,500 or stay to close to that number, my supply will drop. So 1,700 has been my happy place for loosing at least a pound a week. So far it's been working great, as I really just started tracking again this month. Of course everyone's activity level varies a lot too, but I've been focusing on doing a lot of walking, since that is a fun thing to do with my almost 10 month old. Averaging 6,000 steps a day has also helped to get my metabolism a little kick it needs.

Basically I just have to set my calorie goal for what I want manually or adjust my weight loss goals, because otherwise it won't think that I will lose weight eating that much. Does that make sense?

Good luck!

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1/17/14 7:52 P

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I just posted a question about this!
I was adding the calories on in my head too but I just started adding them as a "workout" ... I type in a 1 minute workout (for the whole day, each day) and then fill in 200-500 the "calories burned" part. Personally, I go on the low end of the spectrum because I have a lot of weight to lose (so more fat stores to pull from) and I have a well established supply and a baby who is getting plenty (EBF 16# 3 month old) so I think I'm safe estimating the low end, but you could easily do 500 if that was where you felt your needs fell.
I also changed my weekly calories burned goal to reflect the extra 200cal burn/day.
The benefit I can see so far of doing it this way, is that SP adjusts your daily calorie range and then the fat, carb and protein sections adjust as well so you can stay within those ranges too instead of just guessing.

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9/18/12 12:31 P

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Nope, most people just add the calories to whatever the tracker tells them. Each person is different too so you may need to add more or less than the 500 calorie suggestion. It depends on how much you nurse, age of baby, your body's metabolism, etc. Most people just figure it out through trial and error.

Good luck!

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9/18/12 9:55 A

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So - how do you all handle the extra calories for breastfeeding? I've been adding 300-500 calories per day (which has been bringing me 200-300 calories per day under what the babyfit tracker was telling me) - but is there a better way to do it?


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