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10/16/10 6:33 A

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I echo everything already said. The bad news is that it is harder to loose the weight with etch baby. I had my fourth last year and at 15 months I'm still not back to ground zero, though only a few pounds away. Each time, I got back down, but it took longer.
I am willing to bet your thyroid is the main culprit. As a prior posting said, pregnancy can and often does throw it out of whack. That happened to me this time. Be patient getting on the right dose of medication if this is it, and you will see a difference.
Good luck. You WILL do it!

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10/15/10 12:34 P

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Oh, I just read your post and I totally understand how you feel. I gained 40 pounds with my son, lost 13 pounds after his birth (he was only 7.5 pounds) and then stayed at that weight for MONTHS. Finally the weight loss just suddenly kicked in, but it took a long time.

I had thyroid issues before I was ever pregnant and I know how frustrating it can be. Don't feel that your body has failed you -- it is quite common in women and particularly after bearing children. The hormone fluctuations during pregnancy are enough to throw your thyroid out of whack. If you are diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, it might take a few months before the doctors get the medication levels just right. But once they do, you will feel great! Trust me, it will get better.

Take care!

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10/5/10 4:40 P

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JERANDELIS, you are doing AWESOME! You are totally doing everything right. I hit a slump and didn't loose any weight between 4-6 months. Then I think I took an easy week and suddenly lost a few pounds (nothing big, maybe like 2-3) then realized that I could suddenly wear some of my smaller pants!

It took 9 months to put it on, it may take the full 9 to get it off. But, if you keep up what you're doing, it WILL come off! You're doing great. Celebrate the fact that you can still fit those workouts in with a new baby!

With both of my babies I noticed the biggest weight/size drop between 6-9 just be patient.

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10/5/10 4:17 P

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I'm pretty frustrated with my body as well. I haven't lost a single pound in 7 weeks! Recently I even kicked up my routine to going to the gym 5-6 times a week and I do something different every time. One day I will work out on my own, do the elliptical and treadmill and then spend the rest of the time strength training. On most the other days I group fitness classes and it's a different one everyday. Either I"m doing all weight lifting, or I'm doing step or some other type of cardio. I am burning some major calories. Between BF and working out I should be burning over 1000 calories a day. I'm eating around 2000-2200 a day and I want to scream because something should be happening. I don't have any advice for you. I hope between you and your doctor you can figure out what is wrong. I'm actually considering joining Weight watchers when my baby turns 6 months, so if lose weight and it affect my supply, at least we will be at the halfway point. I hate being 27 and so overweight. Good luck to you. I was going to post a similar message until I read yours.

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10/4/10 9:37 A

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It sounds like you're doing a good job on your eating. I know a lot of women who don't loose weight breastfeeding, and I didn't loose as easily the 2nd time as I did the first. So, unfortunately it could just be the way it is, and try not to get discouraged.

I didn't exercise at all after my first, and lost it all in 6 months (45lbs). With my second (still 45lbs), I was running by 5 weeks and worked out 3-5x a week and still took me 6-8 months to loose it all!

Before you cut calories, I'd see about changing up your workouts. Maybe you need more cardio, or if you're not doing a lot of strength training, maybe you should add that. If nothing else, you'll feel proactive and have more energy. That way, even if you don't loose any weight until you're done nursing you'll FEEL better and have a great start on your routine when you ween.

It could be your thyroid, but you'd probably be really tired and lathargic too...and for your sake, I hope it's NOT your thyroid!

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10/4/10 9:35 A

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So sorry you are having such a hard time losing weight this time around! That would be frustrating. No advice, but hopefully the doc will have some good information for you, and maybe it is your thyroid. I know that's quite common in women post partum. Keep us posted! emoticon


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10/4/10 9:24 A

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Have you tried playing with your calories up and or down? As we age our metabolism changes. What worked before doesn't always work again.

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10/4/10 8:47 A

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I am so frustrated ladies! I had baby #2 back in March and am exclusively breastfeeding just like I did with my first. With baby #1 I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, but I lost it all (and a few extra) by breastfeeding and eating around 2200 calories a day.

I am now close to 7 months post-partum with #2 and I have not lost any weight since I left the hospital. In fact I have gained 5 lbs since my 8 week check-up. I am eating 2000-2200 calories a day, focusing on fresh foods and lean protein, and exercising 3-5 times a week. I am drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest. I have no clue what is wrong with my body!

I went to the doctor last Thursday and he too was alarmed that I had not lost any weight. He thinks perhaps my thyroid is having issues and I am waiting on the blood tests to come back. In the meantime, I am tracking everything I eat and seeking any advice I can find. I am very knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise, and breastfeeding but I can not see a solution right now emoticon I feel like my body has failed me.

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