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6/4/12 10:39 A

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You've gotten great information but let me add that NONE of the number you'll get from commercial products are 100% accurate. That doesn't mean they're useless, it just means that everything is an estimate based on generalities and your specific numbers, esp calories burned, will vary all the time. For instance, when it calculates the number of miles, it uses the average stride length you enter but as pointed out, your actual stride length will vary according to what type of walking you're doing.

The calories burned are another estimate, based on your weight - heavier people burn more calories per mile because they are moving more weight. Most people use the general rule of 100 calories per mile but that's not necessarily 100% accurate for you on each and every walk you take. That's because even if you know exactly what rate your metabolism would burn, your personal calorie burn will vary all the time according to whether you are going uphill, downhill, even based on what type of surface [ie, walking in sand burns more calories per mile than walking on a sidewalk]. Making it more complex, your personal calorie burn will also vary according to what you ate, whether you are dehydrated, how much sleep you got, etc, because all of those things affect our metabolism. The only way to really know with 100% accuracy is to live in a laboratory with precise measuring eqpt all the time - obviously not very practical, haha!

So continue to use the pedometer as a guide and a motivation tool but don't get too caught up in whether you're getting exact numbers or not because it's not going to happen but the averages and estimates are 'good enough' to guide us to healthier living.

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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6/3/12 4:46 P

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Many watch pedometers as well as other ones are accelerometers. They do measure speed of movement. Others have a GPS inside and will actually track your speed via satellite. Your accelerometer may be tracking your arm movement. You may swing your arms more at some times than others.

Most pedometers do not accurately count steps. It requires a different gyro type sensor. Even the ones who claim to do so are not all that accurate. I can climb no stairs and get credit for 80 on some days and climb several flights and get no credit at all. I would count that exercise separately.

Your count of 11000 steps and 5.21 miles are about right for 2000 steps per mile. It really works out most of the time no matter what your speed. 100 calories are burned each mile of walking. If you walk slowly, it will take longer to burn the calories and if you walk fast, you can burn 400 or so calories in an hour.

Hope your manual can help you more.

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6/2/12 5:25 P

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A typical number of walking steps per mile is between 2,000 and 2,500 steps. Google the company on line - they usually have the manual you can download. Hope this helps.

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6/2/12 5:08 P

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I have an Omron pedometer & I had to enter my weight & stride length prior to using it. It does calculate calories expended according to how fast I move, how far I go, & the weight I entered. The Omron increases the calorie expenditure if it is an aerobic activity as well (constant walking without rests). It also calculates the distance according to the stride length I put in. I'm 6'1" & my regular stride length without speed is about 20-22" per step. It takes me 11,230 steps to get 5 miles in. The calories burned sound pretty accurate but a pedometer won't adjust for hill/stair climbing activities which would increase your calorie burn. It won't increase your mileage when you run unless you manually change your stride length prior to running.

I've never seen a pedometer that would read your current speed but I would imagine you have to go several steps & then the speed would register a few seconds later.

Hope this helps!

** Melissa **

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6/2/12 4:56 P

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You didn't mention what kind of pedometer it is.

ME, I use FITBIT. Downloads whenever I am near my computer. Monitors miles, steps, calories burned. Even monitors my sleep!

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6/2/12 4:48 P

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I love walking with my pedometer watch and I just figured out, it tracks miles, calories, and speed as well as steps. So today I walked 11000 steps. I can't find my instruction book so I'm wondering if anyone might know.

mileage 5.21 - if a mile is 1000 steps, that's close enough for me.
calories burned - 392 - doesn't that seem low? Do pedometers calculate according to speed?
speed - most confusing - I kept checking my speed and it seemed to jump back and forth from 1.1 - 3.7 mph. It didn't seem to have anything to do with my speed. In other words, I sped up my walking, and the number jumped from 3.7 down to the 2s or even 1s. Sometimes if I slowed down the speed reader was higher? Could it be giving me an average speed? Or is it just plain inaccurate?

Any insight will be appreciated.

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