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12/7/11 9:06 A

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That is true for some people but not all. I weigh alot more than most of you and was only getting about 2000 steps per day when I started stepping for wt loss and HEALTH. I am only doing 6300 avg right now, adding 100 more steps per week and losing weight without changing my diet at all and loving it!!! I am so happy and feel so much healthier. My goal over along time is to get to 14,000 steps. Most people though couldn't handle losing as slow as I am but I am super happy with it, because I can stick to it for life.. :-) I have circulation problems in my legs so my poditrist says I have to get up every 30 min and walk a little, that helps rake up the steps. Hope this helps someone.


Walk, Walk, Walk - Get those steps in!!

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Low Active..............5,000-7,499 steps/day
Somewhat Active....7,500-9,999 steps/day
Active.............10,000-12,500 steps/day
Highly Active...... ...12,501+ steps/day
Old Order Amish women with very low, 4% obesity:
..........14,000+ steps/day

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12/7/11 5:55 A

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Hopefully this Spark Article will help you as well:

Medscape also has good information, the registration is free.

Let me know if these help!

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12/6/11 11:16 P

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It's best to try to get your steps done throughout the day rather than all in one shot. Studies are showing that consistent movement throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism revved up. Personally, I want to make sure I do a minimum of 5 miles per day which is about 11,300 steps for me. I also try to get in 72 minutes of cardio steps per day which ends up being about 8000 steps. This combination usually results in an average of about 15,000 steps each day. Try pacing while on the phone or brushing your teeth, shopping from the outside in (this does take more time to shop though), and take more trips than necessary down the hall way/stairs in your home. You can also try to take this mathematically - there are 24 hours in a day & 8 are spent sleeping, leaving you with 16 hours in the day to accummulate your 12K steps. That's less than 1K steps per hour. Try to walk 10 minutes straight every hour in the day. This will give you 160 cardio minutes & 16K total steps (if you walk 60 steps per minute) each day & it doesn't even touch on the other regular steps you do in between.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Gotta tell you though, that I don't always get 15/16K steps but my minimum to work for is 11,300 or 5 miles. There are some days I only just break 10K & others that I've been able to get over 20K - that's a huge BONUS!!

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12/6/11 10:54 P

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I think if I can get to 10,000 then get used to it I will up it after that. I have only made 10,000 or more a few times.

I am a vet tech, I work from 9-cl ( 10-11 hours) on my feet all day and still only get 85 to 89 daily.

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12/6/11 9:25 P

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I have read the same thing, which is one reason why I upped my daily number of target steps.

Hmmm...perhaps you can try to add the other 2,000+ steps in smaller increments than your big 10,000 step interval. Remember the SP way - small changes are a good way to go. So perhaps you can just try to increase your daily steps in small intervals, say 200 - 500 steps increases? I find that once you work your way up to something it gets easier. Part of it is also mentally changing my mindset for a new goal, sort of like having a work day that ends at 5:00 - around 4:00 I may start to get itchy to go home, but if my work day ends at 6:00 or 7:00, than I work to 5:00 without even noticing it. If that makes any sense.

Hopefully someone will post something about this topic that it helpful ...but just moving more is helpful!

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12/6/11 9:24 P

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I guess that explains my difficulty getting the last 25 off....I try for 10,000 a day....never even thought about doing so much more. I mean with 10,000 I get in close to 5 miles. MERCY.

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12/6/11 9:16 P

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10,000 steps a day is fine for mantenance... but for weightloss you should be doing 12000-15000 steps a day.

I found this annoying because when I try to get 10,000 steps I try to wipe it out in one attempt. Because I feel too heavy to start running, it takes me close to two hours just to get the ten thousand.


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