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8/26/08 10:12 A

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I know that Fay is over but this is still a great thread!
I have a propane stove for camping, so the first thing we do is start cooking up all the frozen vegetables we have. We do stir fry and things like that to use up as many of the freezer stuff as possible. So, if you don't have the money for a generator but still want some luxury invest in a small propane stove. We have the camping size one that takes small propane tanks. You can get them for around $20-30! Maybe cheaper if you find one on craigslist.
And remember, you can always eat a smaller portion of something if it's not the healthiest! Play cards and keep you mind off munching :D

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8/23/08 3:18 P

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you are right about everyone buying groceries
altho since i have water delivered to my home, i didnt have to buy that, i did however have to buy water for my fish lol
fruits and veggies were in the cart, everything else is pretty well stocked ( i tend to invest highly in housewife commodities as my mom would say)
eating during and after a storm is all a matter of having stuff on hand. at the start of storm seasons i stock up on mini cans of tuna, canned chicken and believe it or not, spam. that gives the grandbabies lots of different meat. i have lots of small containers of mayo and catsup , and we always have alot of condiments in individual packages.
so there is alot of stuff for samdwhiches and i can just have the have the same, just without alot of the bread.
lots of crystal light mix ( to go with the water) and even a box of dry milk for any milk ingrediants needed .
lol my family teases me that we are set for months of eating

I should keep my words soft and sweet, in case i have to eat them.

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8/23/08 1:47 A

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I guess my past plan of pecan sandies and chips galore is not going to work anymore???? Why did I think a hurricane was an excuse to PIG OUT????

I bought groceries today (along with the rest of Pensacola)so we're stocked up pretty good with healthy stuff. I'm not too worried about this one...but you never know.
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8/22/08 8:43 P

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Thanks for the hint about the frozen water bottles. I never thought of that one. I have had a good bit of experience and I have lots of healthy "breakfast" bars on hand plus lots of water, some can items etc. Even a small event like this can be stressful until you really see what it will do. I hope to find that since I can't control the storm, I can control my eating and exercise. Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I am going to go into it with that idea.

Take care everyone! I hope that this is the worst we see this year. emoticon

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8/22/08 3:14 P

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Considering Fay is supposed to be just a "rain event" I'm hoping that there won't be power outages -- that's my big concern about these storms. I really hate being without electricity! Food prep becomes such a hassle, so I make sure we have lots of healthy can foods and fresh fruits and veggies to get us through. In the past we've kept frozen bottled water in our upright freezer all the time and in the event of a power outage we'd pull them out of the freezer and move them to the fridge where they helped to keep it cooler -- this year we have a generator just for the fridge and freezer, so that will make it better. But the bottled water idea was great because then after it melted, we still had cold water!
Overall, I think that while we prep for the storm, we have to prep our attitude towards our diet. We have to not only plan for changes in our actual eating plan, we have to emotionally ready ourselves for the stress that might be ahead for inconviences like all the excess wind, rain, flooding, whatever. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's when my life gets out of the "norm" is when it's hardest on me, so I have to work on adjusting my emotional thoughts or I start that emotional eating and inevitably do some serious damage to what I've accomplished so far.
Anyway, good luck to everyone in the group -- keep dry!

"Watch your Thoughts, they become Words; Watch your Words, they become Actions; Watch your Actions, they become Habits; Watch your Habits, they become Character; Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny."

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8/22/08 3:09 P

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Good Post. The rations the military gives out during the aftermath are high in calories and sodium. You will most definitely need water. I always keep low cal breakfast bars on hand. Also tuna packed in water and in those packets, and canned fruit in it's own juice (no sugar added).
There are lots of good ideas, I just can't think of them at the moment.

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8/22/08 2:25 P

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Ok, so Fay's not a hurricane, and I'm not worried about her, but with the storm coming I had a question. Being that we live on the cost, and hurricane and storm's are a fact of life, do you worry about sticking to a healthy eating plan if one comes along?

I know that we have many other things to worry about during a storm, and the aftermath, but once all is said and done we all want to keep seeing progress. do you keep the spark going when conditions are less than ideal?

For me I'm going to make sure I have plenty of water( a given) and that I have some fresh fruit on hand that will last at least a few days to a week.


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