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TOPIC:   Too impatient for food prep! 

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KILIKAAMI's Photo Posts: 80
12/13/12 1:23 P

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I have the same problem due to my busy schedule. Here's some tips that have worked for me:

1) Always cook enough dinner to have at least one leftover portion. Easy to pack in tupperware for lunch the next day.
2) Each Sunday and Wednesday, I buy enough fruit, veggies, or lean lunch meat (like sliced turkey) to prep "Snack Packs". I buy snack sized ziplocs and throw in a couple of slices of turkey, a handful of cherry tomatoes, etc., and make 3 days worth at a time. Almonds work great for this too. I often buy one or two packaged salads as well in case I need a quick lunch option when there are no leftovers.
3) I buy quick-prep breakfast items, such as instant oatmeal, pre-mixed frozen fruit for quick smoothies (I bought a cheap smoothie maker that makes one at a time and has a drink lid so I can just toss in the frozen fruit, blend and go), or individual yogurts (I prep small ziplocs with measured servings of granola ahead of time to add in).

Another thing that I have found is to make a meal menu for a few days or a week at a time. It helps me stay on task while I am shopping, and I do as much prep as I can during the process of unpacking my groceries. For veggies, I keep a bowl with water and some cut up califlower, carrots, and broccoli in the frigde (they stay good longer this way), and for fruit, I have found that apples or pears are a great grab-and-go option (no peeling required!).

Best of luck to you!

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TAMZY99's Photo SparkPoints: (1,145)
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Posts: 6
12/4/12 1:30 P

Some great tips guys, thanks!

See you at the finish line!

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LOLATURTLE's Photo Posts: 340
12/4/12 1:27 P

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I agree with preparing your snacks, and even meals, for the next day (or the next couple of days if the stuff will hold up) while you're making another meal. I do this a LOT. Last night I made scrambled eggs (baked in muffin tins, half egg half egg white lotsa veggies) while dinner was cooking. Tonight I'm making chicken salad for lunches for the week. I'll also do a big pot of oatmeal & one of soup, then portion everything & put it in the fridge. Sometimes with stuff like soup I put half in the fridge half in the freezer. That way in a couple weeks if I've gotten busy again and not done as much prep, oh hey there's soup in the freezer!

I have a lot of cheapo tupperware for this - the "gladware" type stuff. I built up a stash over time. Most stuff, once it's cool, you can do in zip baggies, then just put it in a regular bowl to heat it if you don't have enough storage containers.

Some stuff I just buy already "prepped" - instead of big carrots I buy the "carrot chips" - they're like thin ruffle slices, in bags near the baby carrots - for snacks. Apples I never cut, just wash and eat. Oranges you can totally peel the day before & keep in a baggie in the fridge, if it's a good juicy orange it won't dry out.

I also multitask! Entertainment and food prep at the same time.

I've started making myself do something productive if I wanna watch TV. So if I want to watch something on DVD, I have to wash the dishes or prep some breakfast stuff for the week or chop celery for chicken salad for lunches or something. (I use my laptop so I can have the DVD playing in the kitchen! I set it across the kitchen well away from the stove & sink.) I will also listen to music, podcasts, or audio books.

This way my mind is occupied and not focused on how boring chopping/washing stuff can be, or how many other things I'd rather be doing.

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AMERZN92's Photo Posts: 1,197
12/1/12 8:50 P

AMERZN92's SparkPage
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I was just thinking....if you don't mind making dinner at night, and everything is getting messy doing that anyway. What if you just prepared your food and snacks for the next day. That way the fruit wouldn't spoil, and would be ready to go but you only are preparing 1 time a day.


I have no fear of failure, for the Lord is with me!

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CORALINE01's Photo Posts: 313
11/30/12 9:41 P

CORALINE01's SparkPage
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as i was preparing thanksgiving day dinner the day ahead, i was getting sore at myself for going through all the trouble for a bunch of people who dont wanna come, hate holidays, rather be hunting, watching football etc. and i had to change my mind set.
i reminded myself that chopping the celery, mushrooms, whipping egg whites spooning out potatoes for twice bakeds, it's all like an artist working with clay or metal or paint.
when i make my everyday meals i imagine myself to be that artist. i am creating and shaping and i enjoy that.
i will find the time to be artistic. i think it so neat to take a food and turn it into something else. sorry but all i can think of right now is chocolate and eggs and milk becomes chocolate mousse. but you catch my drift?

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GAS_SAG's Photo Posts: 8,178
11/29/12 9:33 P

GAS_SAG's SparkPage
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I am never home and have found that freeze dried fruits help me stay in line, there is no added sugar and very little prep time, I know they are not as heathy as the real stuff, but they are definitely better then crackers.

I do love popcorn at nights too just plain microwave that dose not have any type of oil or butter just the light lower calories. Otherwise I just don't keep it around me.

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CRAMOMMY's Photo SparkPoints: (7,237)
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11/29/12 7:19 P

CRAMOMMY's SparkPage
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The best bit of healthy eating advice that I ever received was this: Be the Gate Keeper

Be the Gate Keepr- Dont buy the crackers. Dont buy the 100 Calorie Snack Packs.

Dont allow those tempting snacks into your house! Lets face it - carbs are easy access at lunch/dinner/breakfast - bread, pasta, rice, etc... You dont need popcorn, crackers, cookies, etc.

Dont allow the food through your front door that you dont want easy access to- Be the Gate Keeper!!

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SINCERELY4ME1O0's Photo Posts: 355
11/29/12 5:13 P

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Maybe you could prepare your next meal/snack after you have finished eating the current.


Taking it one step at a time...

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TAMZY99's Photo SparkPoints: (1,145)
Fitness Minutes: (350)
Posts: 6
11/29/12 4:54 P

Does anyone else have this problem? I dont mind cooking dinner in the evenings, but when it comes to eating other meals throughout the day, I have no patience for food prep. I'm new to this and have spent the last decade at least going to restaurants every single day. I now live out in the country and work from home so restaurants aren't easy access (Thank goodness!) I'm finding that I dont buy nearly as many fruits or veggies or fresh foods because it's a pain to prepare. I want to be able to just grab a snack and go about my business. I am OK with preparing some foods ahead of time for quick access throughout the week, but you really can't do that with fresh foods because they spoil so quickly. Like fruit, I love fruit! But so many of them are messy to eat or have to be peeled, cut, cored, etc. I may stock my kitchen but when it comes time to make good choices between the crackers and the orange that has to be peeled and is very messy, I always grab the crackers. If anyone else has this issue, I would love to hear some tips to overcome!

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See you at the finish line!

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