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11/25/12 8:37 A

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Just listen to your body. If you can do some px90 but not all then do what you can and keep trying if you like it. Otherwise find something that is not nessassarly as hard. I spend most days walking the track, or walking laps in pool, or doing spinning classes. But most of your workout machines are low key.

For strength training also start low make sure you have the form down and add more weight if it seems to easy. Just make sure when you add weight your form still stays in check.

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11/14/12 10:22 P

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I also am limited by my weight. Especially since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most exercise videos kill my knees and hips and even some of the arm exercises hurt my shoulders. The gym and swimming isn't an option because we live in a very rural area and even if there was a gym close I can't leave 6 children in the middle of our homeschool day.

So for my exercise I do a lot of gardening and working around our property. Today I dug a new compost spot, created a new raised bed for my spring garden, moved a big pile of old 2x4s and put away all of the outdoor garden furniture for the winter.

I also have a path around my property that takes about 15 minutes. I did that once this morning and once in the evening. So I ended up with an hour of cardio today. I move at my own pace because of the shape I am in. I keep my heart pounding but take it easy on my joints.

Because I chose things I enjoy I LOVE my exercise time. It gives me some fresh air and a break away from my kiddos but doesn't require me to leave my property.

I really think the key is to find something YOU will look forward to. We used to have exercise equipment in the house and I would tell myself I would do it for so many minutes a day but because I hated it so much I would only keep it up a few weeks.

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11/14/12 9:03 P

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why would anyone WANT to sweat on purpose?????

i started with the wii active, walk alot when the weather gets nice and then i got a bike. i love being on the bike because it dries the sweat, i really dont like to sweat, and i have noticed it burns up extra something and my anxiety is much less when i can get a good workout.

start where i did, good ol' fashioned walking.

if you can afford a gym or the ymca, swimming is great and it is easy on the joints and dont tell me you wont get in a suit- i used to say that, in fact i wouldn't even wear shorts unless it got above 95 degrees- just look around, there are a lot of women in our position.

i also go hike in the park next to the bar while my lazy husband (oh did i just say that outloud!) watches the packers and takes in calories via beer and food and then i go out and i burn some calories and get a good workout.

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11/14/12 1:51 P

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Exercise has been real hard for me because of the weight but I just started standing more and I walk as much as possible breaking if I need too. The other night my daughter and I put videos on you tube and danced to them. If I couldn't keep up I just keep moving. I like to walk in the wood and stuff but haven't done too much . Just one step at a time.

Check this link out she has been a real inspiration for many.

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11/14/12 10:55 A

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I am trying to get my mind wrapped around exercise. It is such a vast space and exercise and I are NOT on speaking terms at the moment. (Who would have thought it right HaHa) I know every person is different when it comes to exercise, but those of us carrying extra weight have some limitations to some point. I sure can not do a push up or pull up.

I did look into P90X ( at almost 400lbs at the time not the best idea I have ever had, but the worst). I have done some of the routines from the videos, not all pylo is a no no for my knees. Yoga phew yeah again joints suffered holding poses. I really did like the weight lifting (minus the pushups and pullups/ not all the videos have those) and I can lift anywhere between an 8 and 16 lb weight and get as many reps as they are on the videos ( I take this as good news there are muscles there woot). Although I rolling with sweat heart rate up and breathing hard at the end of the weight lifting videos and the after glow? ( I do not know how to describe this part ) in my muscles yet, I did not have any lasting pain in my arms/ chest/ back unlike other people I know who have done the same videos. I was not walking like a hobbit or unable to lift my arms more then a foot from my side like the people who did the same video either.

I am going to build on the weight lifting ( as my crossbow has been put together ) and I still have 8lb weights and bands(Anyone else have a vision of them breaking when in use or is it just me???) I am thinking of using the crossbow to emulate Pushups and pullups so I can complete the P90X videos.

Cardio is by wolf-bane. I just start wimping out. I have been thinking though at this point if I head to the basement with some good dance music ( Psy Gangman Style or the like ) and do free dance for a couple songs that this would be a start.

Anywho.... How do you exercise at your weight? Are there modifications you are using or something? Music choices or songs you really love? How do you keep your motivation?

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