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3/30/10 10:50 P

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I am very sorry that you are having to do deal with this, however you, like myself have done it to yourself. I do not mean that in a bad way it simply
how it is. The good thing is once we realize we are responsible for the situation it SHOULD allow us to see we have the power to change it.

Now that's the tricky part because it seems FAR easier to get into this situation than it does to get out.

You should know how you got here...little to know exercise, eating the wrong foods ETC just like I should...but looking in the mirror its hard to shoulder the responsibility.

Perhaps you have food issues like I do and a lot of the time the food gets the best of us

I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder (binge eating) and I know that I have food addiction. Now my problem might not be as bad as say a drug addict or alcoholic in the eyes of society but to people like us the fight is equally as hard. Maybe this is you maybe not.

The secret answer is....THERE ARE NO SECRET ANSWERS!!!! The sooner we get on board with that the better off we will be. No Pill..No Book...No Equipment...No magic BS is going to help us take the pounds off...proper diet, and by diet I mean what we consume not some convoluted idea someone has come up with... we NEED to eat what you should..stay way from stuff that is not healthy for us and exercise any way that we can. The traditional route of exercise is available to us, but so its swimming and tai chi and a variety of other things. People like to say they don't have time to exercise..Bull****
if someone cannot fit 5 minutes into their day to exercise they are a liar...but not to themselves. See it doesn't matter to me what people can do or not do, no excuse they come up with effects my life in ANY way shape or form..Just like any excuse or way I justify eating Burger King or Pizza is going to effect anyone else but me. Its so very easy to trick yourself into believing the lies we tell ourselves "well you have not eaten much today so you can have those burgers" or
well you are allowed XXXX amount of calories a day what difference does it make if you eat them now or spread them out.

The side of us who just wants to satisfy that craving and urge is a silver tongued devil and will tell us whatever we need to hear in order to get its way

We will not win every battle we are going to lose some of them because we are human, but if we don't give up and keep trying and take responsibility for our actions we CAN win the war.

I cannot tell you how to do this for yourself, we are all different...what works for me might not work for you...who knows..I do not believe in following any "slick" diet plans or joining any organizations that "help" you lose weight.

I am not bashing them...too each their own, I just don't think that its good for us to rely on someone else in order to succeed. In the the dark....its only going to be us fighting this fight and WE need to find a way to be strong and stand on our own, its good to have help but I do not think we should EVER rely on anyone else because they will always let us down, it wont be intentional but it WILL happen. Either people will get wrapped up in their own lives and not have time, which is understandable. What if money gets tight and we can no longer afford the personal trainer or gym membership, or cannot afford the dues that are required? What then? Are they going to allow us to come for free? Its not very likely. I have run into some situations where people have reached out and allowed me to attend stuff for little to no money (Tai Chi lessons) but that is the exception NOT the rule. We must become strong and self reliant. Its tough, it sucks but it has to be done and we WILL find a way to master ourselves and our life if we but try.

Cant afford to go to the gym? Thats fine get out and walk..even if its only for 5 minutes a day everyday...whats 5 minutes? its nothing. We can use stuff from the grocery store as "weights" canned food....2 liter bottles filled with water...use the imagination...create a customized plan that is all our own

Sit down and figure out what you want to accomplish and what tools you have to get there and start with that, don't worry about the rest we will figure it out as you go.

There are plenty of free websites out there for us with exercises we can do sitting down in a chairs...sparkpeople is a GREAT resource we just have to tap into it and really use it. But there are others out there as well should we hit a road block.

These are my thoughts and my ideas..nothing more if it doesn't make sense to you or does not work for you thats fine..just ignore them...its ok....really :) DO what is right for YOU!!!! We are all in the same battle together but our tactics will differ from time to time. The bottom line is and I really don't give a rats behind what anyone says...proper nutrition and exercise are the only 2 tools you need. If we are eating right and getting some form of exercise the weight WILL come might be might be hard but it will. I see so many people saying they are doing everything they can and its still not coming off...I have said that myself...its BS....if we really were doing all we could the weight would come off...obviously if its not then we are not doing all that we can. And that's a personal choice...if someone wants to lie to themselves or fool themselves its their choice and I respect i said it impacts my life in no way shape or form..I struggle just like everyone else and I know their pain but if someone is not willing to help themselves there is nothing I or anyone else can do for them..we all MUST want to help ourselves before we can begin.

I hope my words everyone else says YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It might seem impossible...but pick a place and just doesn't matter what it is...just start....walk for 5 minutes a day....cut out soda...cut out this or that...journal....write down what food you are eating...just do SOMETHING...anything is better than nothing...I really don't listen to people who say "oh yes you have to do this..this and this or you aren't doing anything"

you know what them blow it out their tail pipe...that works for them...and that's fine..FOR THEM....don't let someone else tell YOU what works for you :) you can figure it out and do I..but need try :)

" Taking ACTION is the ultimate power of Motivation. Nothing beats it, period."
Do not stop enjoying the wonders of life despite the inevitable hurting that impairs our soul. Hence, it does not make you less of a person when you weep in tears and are in distress. Nonetheless, learn to withstand the stings of time; rise on your feet for no one can ever bring back the soul in you and the beauty of life except you, and you and you."

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3/30/10 6:14 P

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I'm right there with you. I've been back on track for 14 days. When I am tempted, I just keep telling myself, life like that isn't an option any more. One day at a time, one walk at a time, one good decision at a time. It all adds up!

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3/25/10 2:42 P

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You CAN do this!! We are all here championing behind you!! You have the support and tools! You have already lost 15 pounds, if that is not proof enough, go pick up something that weighs that amount and tell me that is not an accomplishment!!


You can live your life in two ways, one as though nothing is a miracle and the other way, as though everything is a miracle! Einstein

3/25/10 2:40 P

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You are here and that's a great step! For me I just woke up one day and my mind was made up. I was making a life change for myself, my husband and my kids. I wasn't going to put it off any longer or make any excuses. I knew it was going to be a long journey, but found the determination to do it.

What helped most for me was visualizing how much extra weight I was carrying around every day. For me that weight was almost 3 50 lb bags of mulch. I thought to myself that it was rediculous that I could barely physically carry one bag and to think that every day I was carrying all that wonder I was tired and run down. I visualize that mulch every day.

I also adopted a saying I read on here "nothing tastes as good as skinny/healthy feels". Whenever I see someone eating something that I know would taste good, but isn't in my plan for the day...I tell myself that in my head. It works. The tools are here. You can do this!!!

3/21/10 5:52 P

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You CAN do this! The tools are here, the support is here (as well as there with you, i.e. family), and the spark is within you. You have lit the flame, now just fan it with one change at a time.

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3/21/10 1:45 P

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First of all hang in there, I completely understand. Second take it one step at a time. Go for small walks and take the kids, use spark as much as possible, and track your food and water. Call on a friend when you need help. Call on someone from here when you need help. We have all been there in some form. Read some of the inspiring stories from here. Think of what example you want to be for your beautiful kids. All of this will help. And feel free to spark mail me anytime and add me as a friend.


“Life is not easy for any of us, but what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves.”

My goals are to take it one day at a time and workout everyday if possible.

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3/21/10 10:32 A

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OK so I didn't just fall off of the wagon. The wagon drove off and got lost in another world! It has probably been a year since I really tried seriously. Dr. even told me I was facing a wheel chair or even death. That didn't do it. What is wrong with me. But recently my mom had a stroke. Reason weight and sugar levels! I do NOT want my 2 children to be the ones standing by my bedside like I was with my mom. This CAN be prevented! I went shopping with my daughter for some special time yesterday and of course I can't shop the malls. TOO FAT. But then went to another place and I was trying on 3 outfits and before I was done I was completely wiped out and tired. Please someone tell me I can do this!!! Someone tell me where to start. I am soooo overwhelmed. So down on myself. How could I let myself get here? Please tell me it gets better. Please someone tell me the secret of where I can find the secret to the will power to do this!!!

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