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2/20/08 6:22 P

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I'll post the healthy bar recipes that are "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" diet friendly tomorrow. I haven't tried them yet, but there's only so much you can make, much less eat. :)

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2/20/08 4:17 P

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Oops, I just clicked on the "recipe" link in your post and it took me to a Spark recipe for Banana Bread Pancakes (which I assumed was one on your list), but now that I look again, that doesn't appear to be your link at all. Sorry!

I'll be sure to check out your actual recipe box... the protein pancakes are nice, but I've been on the lookout for a bar-type recipe also. :)

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2/20/08 4:05 P

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I'll have to look at my recipe box....didn't think I posted a pancake up there, but, hey. I know I do have at least one in my computer...maybe 3. I'll get them up on my spark page sooner or later. :)

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2/20/08 2:45 P

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I'll second the protein pancake recipe -- I've made something similar myself. I basically blend equal parts instant oatmeal, egg white, and fat-free cream cheese together, add vanilla, sweetener, fruit, or whatever to give it some flavor (banana extract works great), then cook it like a pancake with a spritz of 0-cal Pam or something to keep it from sticking. I might try your proportions next time I make them... it's a good recipe for experimenting. :)

2/20/08 9:53 A

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Hi Texmez, thanks for your post, very interesting reading.

I don't eat those diet bars anyway, purely because I find them too sweet. And the same goes for diet sodas. Whatever artificial sweeteners are used, they just taste too sweet.

I've also started reading food labels for trans fats, unfortunately they're in a lot of my fave foods (frozen pizza, sob!). Some manufacturers here are now guaranteeing that their foods are trans-fat-free, so that's a start.

And I just ADORE dark chocolate. THAT'S GREAT NEWS FOR ME!

Thanks again! Maria

Maria from Ireland

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2/19/08 6:42 P

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I was just reading a thread where a poster mentioned protein bars as being a good source of protein. I'm going to set the record straight: most are unapologetically JUNK FOOD. Here's what you need to know before you eat them.

Here's a great example of ingredients from a nature valley oats n' honey bar for one packet:
fat: 6 grams
sodium: 160 mg
carbs: 29 grams
sugar: 11 grams
fiber: 2 grams
protein: 4 grams
calories: 180

Ok, unless you're going to work out hard, the number of carbs is most likely going to stick to your (ahem). You have to burn off the carbs, or they convert into fat. The same goes for sugar. So in reality, you need to burn off 40 grams worth of ingredients.

When it comes to fat, 4 grams equals 1 teaspoon in the real world, so this means by eating this, you're ingesting 1 1/2 teaspoons of a crisco like substance. Yummy!! NOT.

Most diet bars on the surface look great - they're full of healthy things like oatmeal, dried fruits, and the newest superfood, chocolate! What's not to love about this? Deconstruct the bar and you'll see.

Bars are often loaded with the same high fructose syrups and different kinds of sugar under unpronouncable chemical names, as well as salt. These are the kind of things that made me fat, and I ate lots of Slim Fast and other diet bars from health food stores. Guess what? Health food stores often have unhealthy products on the shelves, too - they're not immune.

It's easy to say at this point, "my bar doesn't have any sugar", but most of them are loaded with spenda, sweet and low, equal, or nutrasweet, which means they're going to have a nasty aftertase. It also should concern you that you're eating a modified chemical substance that isn't found in nature. This can't be good or else God would've provided it Himself. If you missed the news last week, the artificial sweetners industry was in an uproar when a medical study concluded these sugar fakes contribute to weight gain.

There's one more piece to the puzzle you should be aware of: dried fruits. If you look carefully at the labels of many dried fruits, you will find they are fried in cottonseed oil or some other kind of oil. This is NOT healthy at all! Assuming they use a trans-fat free oil, once you heat the oil, you change the molecular structure and it becomes a trans fat. If they're not fried, they are preserved in a drying process that uses tons of sugar.

There are some good dried fruits out there, but look for ones not fried, or preserved using a natural fruit juice instead of a sugar bath.

When it comes to chocolate, RUN from white, milk, and other low content chocolate varieties. You only get health benefits from the higher percentage coco bars. Train your tongue to like upwards of 85% dark chocolate for a couple of reasons:

1. you can't eat more than a square or two because it's so intense
2. if you can't eat a lot, it's easier to stick to your diet while satisfying the occasional urge
3. you will be shocked at how long chocolate lasts in your house, and you won't be tempted to eat the whole bar - the bitterness at the higher percentages almost guarantees you can't overeat, much less eat the recommended serving size.
4. The higher the chocolate percentage, the higher the flavanoids and other "good" things are contained in the bar. This is where you get the health benefits only.

I've never known anyone who got skinny from any of these "diet" or "protein" bars, so if you want one, make it yourself. I've posted a couple of energy bar recipes on the recipe forum as well as on my blog page. These are true protein and diet friendly bars because they come from the "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" program that has helped me lose 60+ pounds.

Don't make the same fat mistakes I've made, and never be afraid to share what you know with others in need. You'll be a better person in the long run for it. :)

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