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10/3/09 12:01 A

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I attend a 2 year college in SC. I started in Spring 2007 and will finish Spring 2010. I went year round (spring, summer, fall) but went part time because I had to maintain my full time job. I also have two kids (7 & 8) so it can def be done. Here sciences can not be older than 5 years when you start clinical or you have to retake them. They can expire while in clinical and you are ok but at the beginning of fundamentals they can not be over 5 years. If your college does not expire them I would still consider retaking them. At our school the clinical lecture instructors do not review A&P or micro so you have to either know it or review it and they like to through a lot of it on their tests!
Good Luck!

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6/28/09 2:02 P

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I had many of the basic prerequisites done from previous course work (English, psychology, etc.) I needed to do all my sciences before being admitted to nursing school. It took me two years part time. At the time I was 36 with two kids aged 1 and 4. Now I have graduated from a 2 year program at a community college. I'm now 40 and my kids are 5 and 8. It can be done! My school took classes of 80 in Spring and 40 in Fall.

I would repeat the sciences to improve your GPA. It won't hurt to be up to snuff on them, especially A & P and Microbiology.

Best of luck to you!

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6/26/09 8:40 P

I am taking my prereq. in a community college, it's 2 years there (full-time) and 2 years at the University's Nursing School. The nursing school doesn't offer the prereq. at all, only the nursing part. There is no time limit on sciences or any course they said.
I also didn't pay attention to sciences growing up either. And my kids wonder why I push them so hard on homework and getting good grades emoticon

Thank you for your advise on retaking them and the thought on one at a time. Good luck in your schooling!

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6/26/09 6:09 P

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So once you do the pre-requisites, is the program itself 4 years? I'm going to a community college, and the pre-requisites can take up to 2 years, then the program is 2 years. I was always under the impression that at a University, all the classes were put into 4 years. Is it truly 6 years for a BSN including pre-requisites?

Because I'm at a community college, it's a little bit different, but if I had to do it over I think I would have taken the science classes one at a time, so that I could really get to know everything really well. Because I was busting my behind trying to get 4.0s in chemistry and biology at the same time, I was able to do well in the class but I did not learn everything well and I do not remember as much as I think I would if I focused all of my time on one class. I used to ignore science classes growing up so I really had a lot to learn. I still feel like there is so much that I don't know and like I should be more knowledgable, but I just did my pre-requisites really quickly and focused on the important stuff to get the grade. There were some things that I never did quite understand but I was able to figure out enough to satisfy the teacher. I could have figured them out to the level I like to understand things, had I the time to do so (if I focused on taking classes 1 at a time). I also did not memorize all the muscles and bones like I should have.
My advice to you is this: Many colleges require the biologies to have been taken within the last 10 years. Did your school state their limit on that? I think if it is past 10 years you can take a test to get a waiver for that. I think that you should take them over again though, to refresh your mind and get up-to-date info, and also to increase your GPA.

Hope this helps.

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6/26/09 12:22 P

Yesterday I went to the University's information session about nursing school and found out how they accept students.

They take about 188 each year (last year they had 300 apply). You have to have all (64) prerequisites completed before you are allowed in. They will let you know you are accepted Spring Break before their courses start on the 1st of June. (This is based on you completing the final spring semester with good grades). They start at 4.0 GPA and work on down till slots are full. That's it, no essay, no pre-entrance exam...just based on GPA alone.

So my background is: I am 36, have 2 boys (9 & 11 years old), don't work, and have a supportive husband. I attended college out of high school (back in 1991) and got C's in about 21 semester hours. Right now my total GPA is 2.5

I can retake them for better grades (I know I can do better then back then) and they will accept them.

So my questions are:
Do I just start completely over?

Do I need to refresh on Nutrition, Biology, and Human Growth & Development (it's been since 1991-1992 since I have taken them) for A&P, Microbiology or upcoming nursing classes/clinicals?

Would you go part-time course load for 3 community college years or pack it in to 2 community college years and get it over with?

Any suggestions, ideas, information would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for any help. Have a great weekend!

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