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10/21/07 1:58 P

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Congrats on making your goal! and I agree w/ the other posters, you may just want to give yourself some time to adjust, see what happens w/ the strength training, and decide if you need to make any adjustments. Just toning may make you happy where you are weight wise, or you may be more comfortable at a higher or lower weight. I've adjusted my original goal weight a couple of times, and have followed the typical course in this team of picking a goal weight "range" instead of a single number. This keeps me from getting too crazy over the number, so I don't "freak" if it goes up or down. (my weight goes up and down frequently, based on TOM, salt intake, training, etc.)

Good luck! it sounds like you are on the right path.

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10/21/07 1:33 P

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thanks guys! Yeah I did start weight training a little late in the game, so things might change when I concentrate more on muscle and less on cardio

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10/21/07 10:59 A

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I felt that way for the first few months. Every time I saw that someone else was the same height and weighed less than me, I thought that my goal wasn't good enough and maybe I should lose a few more. What finally calmed me down was getting my body fat tested at the gym. It gave me a more realistic idea of what I could lose. I also realized that while maintaining the same weight and continuing to exercise, I lost more body fat. So the weight is really not the most important thing. It does get easier with time. I am comfortable now a few pounds above my original goal weight.

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10/21/07 10:31 A

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Hi and congrats on your weight loss. The number on the scale is not always the best indicator of needing to lose more weight.

A good way to know if you need to lose more weight is your BMI. Is it in the healthy range for your height? Also, you do strength training, so you might want to take your measurements instead of weighing.

If you are gaining muscle you will see smaller measurements, but the scale may not move or may even go up. That's ok. You need all the muscle mass you can get to burn calories at rest.

What I'm trying to say is - Don't give that number on the scale any power over you. It does not take everything into account. I used to weigh every morning and if the number went up by even a half pound, my day was ruined! I was sad and depressed. Not a good way to start the day. Now I weigh once a week and sometimes every other week.

I think it's very common to feel the need to lose more. The best thing you can do is to track your calories and exercise and make sure you are eating enough to fuel your body for the exercise you do. Tracking gives you a feeling of control and gives you actual numbers to shoot for. This has helped me maintain for eight months now. I have been within 2 lbs of my goal weight since last February.

Good luck and remember, we are here to give each other support and motivation, so check in frequently!

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10/21/07 2:25 A

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Hey guys, I met my goal of 125 a month ago and though I was very pleased to meet that goal and maintain on my trip to Mexico, not being 100% happy with the results I set a new goal of 120. Now that I'm 2-3 pounds off that goal I'm very close to the "maintaining" stage and I'm just scared. Scared of gaining weight yes but more scared of feeling like I need to lose more.

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