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TOPIC:   Weird statements since losing weight 

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MUMMAMICHELLE's Photo SparkPoints: (36,759)
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9/28/07 10:30 P

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Yes! I feel the same, I never thought that losing weight would bring on negative attention! I have been told, "you have lost too much weight, you look anorexic" "when your wrists are that skinny you know you have lost too much weight" my father in law just told me "you look malnourished, doesn't your husband feed you?" someone called me the wrong name and then said "oh I thought you were so and so because you look so bony" People say some of the stupidest things...I never have good come backs either!!!! I am 5'6 and weigh 130 average weight for my height.

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KEIAHNAM's Photo SparkPoints: (18,701)
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9/23/07 4:27 P

KEIAHNAM's SparkPage
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I feel exactly what NANCYVV has been going through. This one lady at work never says I'm "skinny" in a nice way. She always goes on and on and asks if I'm still trying to lose weight or if I've gotten smaller since the last time she saw me, even if it was only yesterday.

It really bugs me, especially since a few months ago she asked me what I did to lose weight. When I told her (weight training, cardio, watching my portions, eating healthy) she tried it for probably a week. But her heart wasn't really in it. Now she goes on and on about me being "skinny". She's totally projecting, and one day I might have to tell her off. She doesn't get the subtle hints.

"If you are afraid of defeat, then get stronger" --Kuchiki Rukia, Bleach Ep. 117

KAYOTIC's Photo Posts: 12,366
9/23/07 12:24 P

KAYOTIC's SparkPage
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Yeah, I've had the range of comments from complimentary to "you're too thin" and I've never gotten below 127 (height 5'4") so I've never even been close to "too thin" on the charts! I think it's just comparison w/ others, since more and more Americans are becoming obese, then the comparison w/ them is making the normal people look skinny or too thin. I guess for me just being an example of healty living is OK, if people notice or ask about it I'll tell them, when the "negative" comments come, I just try to say I exercise and eat right, and leave it at that.

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ROLOHA's Photo Posts: 3,540
9/22/07 10:53 P

I ran into all sorts of reactions, one guy at work came and gave me a nice compliment but told me he did so only after checking with his wife to make sure it would be appropriate to notice my weight loss. At my current job at Wal-Mart I always notice the people who are eating healthy and if it gets around to me saying I am on Weight Watchers they always say, "But why? You're so tiny!" It always feels good to hear it...I don't see myself being particularly tiny but I know my small frame is good at the weight I'm at.

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TJANDJESS's Photo Posts: 649
9/22/07 7:51 P

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I've been called "tiny". It took some people a long time to notice and others noticed after not seeing me for a while.

Active Duty Army mom

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LANEY12's Photo Posts: 557
9/22/07 2:25 P

LANEY12's SparkPage
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I really think that a lot of the "skinny" statements come from people who look at you and see how healthy and fit you are and then feel bad about themselves. So to justify they say you are too skinny. Most comments from other people are usually about their own issues.

I feel fit and healthy so I try not to get caught up in other people's "stupid" comments. :) I do like the positive comments though! LOL!


"You get credit for what you finish, not what you start."

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NANCYVV's Photo Posts: 5,997
9/21/07 4:57 P

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My husband calls me skinny now. I'm fine with it! Someone at work asked me if I was still losing weight the other day. I said "no, I'm maintianing now", but I kind of felt like I had to defend my weight, as if they were saying I looked too thin. I try not to let what other people say get to me though.

BCarson - your hubby sounds like a keeper!!

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THEGARDENCHICK's Photo Posts: 6,203
9/21/07 2:28 P

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I get sooo tired of being "skinny". I am just like everyone else. I am in perfect range and healthy.

I am pretty excited though. I just took a new job and when I interviewed they commented on my shape and asked questions about how I work out and do I eat. I politely smiled. When I was on the phone with my soon to be new boss she said that her and others on the staff are excited to have someone so healthy coming in and that it may help them get motivated and eat better. Now I wonder why I was really hired, lol. Ironically it is at the YWCA and I now will have a free membership there.

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VIDABELA's Photo Posts: 590
9/21/07 1:20 P

VIDABELA's SparkPage
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haha interesting for those who say they would rather hear "healthy" instead of "skinny." i understand that but i am also korean and when koreans say to someone "you look healthy" it is a way of saying "you gained weight." haha yea so i hate hearing that i "got healthy" looking

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BCARSON11's Photo Posts: 10,772
9/21/07 1:20 P

BCARSON11's SparkPage
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The "skinny" thing gets to me too! I feel I get more negative reactions from people now than when I was heavy.

When I first lost the weight, my husband wanted me to eat more because he thought I would keep losing weight unless I ate at least 2000 calories a day! (He lost his brownie points!) I have stayed this weight a long time now. So he doesn't bug me about that any more.

However, since losing the weight, people tell me, I am too thin, or they wouldn't want to be that thin! (I am in my proper range on the weight chart.)

People make fun of the way I eat. (I eat very healthy). They say they would never work that hard at eating healthy.

Hey, Suebee--I checked out your vacation pictures. They are great!

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EMBBEAR's Photo Posts: 1,218
9/21/07 12:52 P

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My boyfriend said he can't imagine me at 138 (the weight I was when we first started dating) he told me he's barely noticed the last five pounds I lost. It's funny isn't it?

Just when the caterpillar thought it was all over, it turned into a butterfly

SARBAH77's Photo SparkPoints: (124,169)
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Posts: 3,011
9/21/07 10:39 A

SARBAH77's SparkPage
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Jame4K, it makes sense to me! When you see the same person every day, you don't really notice changes, especially for something that can be gradual like a weight loss.

For me... I lost my weight in 2006. I finished up at Thanksgiving. This SUMMER, my faculty noticed that I'd lost weight, after they hadn't been around for a month or two. How's THAT for delayed?!

I thought I was pretty good about discarding clothing that was too big for me as I went along but perhaps it was the whole readjustment for them of what they "knew" I looked like v. what I do look like.

And, BCARSON11, what a guy you got there!!!

BFITNHAPPY's Photo Posts: 6,355
9/21/07 10:26 A

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WOW, what a great story..thanks for sharing. That's one of the reasons I don't think I will ever go back..just feels so good to get those "looks" and compliments!

~ Denise ~

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JAME4K's Photo Posts: 179
9/21/07 10:08 A

JAME4K's SparkPage
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I lost 25 lbs and honestly can say that I didn't FEEL like I looked different at 158 lbs. I felt healthy and thin at 158. I started spark when my pants were fitting me like stuffed sausages. LOL Now looking back I see how I really was. Now those sausage pants are way too big and I am eating healthier and exercising more. I am even training to do a half marathon. I guess the point I am trying to make is that when people look at you day in and day out, they sometimes don't realize your size. I mean, I didn't even realize how big I had gotten...isn't that strange?

It can only hurt so bad.

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IRISH-ANGEL's Photo Posts: 898
9/21/07 10:03 A

Doesn't it feel great with other people notice?? The best comment I got was from the UPS guy at work. I used to sit up front and saw him every day, when I got a promotion and moved to the back of the office I didn't see him anymore. One morning I was up there when he came by and he was like "hey! you look great, have you lost weight?". It was really sweet and made me feel great that the change was noticeable to other people :)

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LITTLESECRET's Photo Posts: 47
9/21/07 9:20 A

LOL very smart man. I get lots of crazy things sad. After loosing 140 lbs, people ask, what sugery did i have when I say none they don't believe and say you can tell me I wont tell anyone. No one wants to hear hard work lol. Also people say wow you look great than they say but you looked good before (they are scared I will get mad I guess lol). I get teh skinny statement a lot but I don't think skinny I think healthy also.

SUEBEE42's Photo SparkPoints: (71,130)
Fitness Minutes: (33,935)
Posts: 10,077
9/21/07 8:51 A

SUEBEE42's SparkPage
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Smart man! LOL!

I've been getting comments from online friends since I got back from my vacation and posted my pictures on Photobucket (linked from my blog if you care... ;) ), but sometimes people say sorta dumb things, even if they mean well... LOL!

The one I have been getting lately is "skinny." I HATE that word. How about "healthy," maybe? That sounds better to me!

"Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

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BCARSON11's Photo Posts: 10,772
9/21/07 8:42 A

BCARSON11's SparkPage
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I decided to start this topic because last weekend right after I had been at the gym I went to the store. I still had on my workout clothes and shoes.

Someone came up to me and said, "You sure are in good shape. How did you do that!" I just said, "I workout alot!"

After I had lost a lot of my weight (about 50 lbs. then), I went to visit where I had worked previously. One guy said to me: "I never thought of you as fat, but you sure look alot different!" Believe me at 5 ft. and 175 lbs. I was fat!

The best one: I was going thru some old pictures. I was looking at one of my really fat ones. My husband came up to me and said: "I remember when that picture was taken, but you never looked like that to me. You always looked like you look now--the way you did when we got married!" Definitely won him some brownie points!!!!!

Hope is the high; dread is the low; life is the stuff in between! -- Medium

"There is no such thing as destiny, only different choices. Some choices are easy. Some aren't. Those are the important one; the ones that define us as people." Quote from the movie 23.
Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.’” (C.S. Lewis)
Inspire others by your example.

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