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7/17/07 3:34 P

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I do the same thing. My goal was 120, but most of the time I bounce around at 121 or 122. If it goes up to 123 I really watch what I eat for a couple of days. I still kind of wish it would dip below 120 every once in a while!

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7/17/07 2:48 P

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I think you just have to decide to be happy at your current weight and celebrate your success and how far you have come.

I decided to go into maintenance when I saw that I was killing myself to lose "one more pound". I was about 5 lbs away from the goal I had set for myself and one day I just said "ok, this is it - this is where my body wants to be". I've been much happier since that day. It's like the pressure to lose weight is off.

Of course the pressure to maintain is a whole other story! I weigh myself every day now - something I never did when I was losing. I'd like to concentrate on losing fat and toning up now, but not sure how to go about it.


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7/16/07 9:13 P

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Zany, my weight is fairly similar in terms of bouncing up and then down to my goal weight. It never seems to get lower and when it gets higher I make sure I think about what I eat instead of just eating mindlessly. (Today, for example, a Monday, I was tired, the construction in my building frustrated me to pieces... and since I know that I want an elephant ear this week, I turned down a coffee drink/dessert when my coworker went out) All I do is go back to my SP habits and that tends to be enough self-correcting for weight.

But it's still work! I wish I could say "YAY DONE" and not think about it again, but that's not my style. Perhaps it's not yours either... whatever it takes, I'm sure you can do it!!

-Sarah H

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7/16/07 7:02 P

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my original goal was 130 and when i first hit it i had a lot of doubts about whether i wanted to keep losing or stop there. it took a lot of thinking and i finally decided to lose 5 more as pre-emptive defense against an upcoming all-inclusive vacation i knew i'd gain a little on. so i did that, but only held at 125 for a week or so, then went up a couple pounds before the trip and after the trip i'm back up to 130 and have been trying to maintain here for past 2 months.

lately though i keep fluctuating between 130 and 132 and since it never fluctuates lower than 130 i feel like i'm gaining :( i still track a couple days a week and actually track brkfst and lunch almost every weekday (but then won't bother w/ dinner tracking) i don't know - it all makes me very nervous!

for me seeing the 130 stay the same IS my motivation since right now it keeps popping up.

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7/9/07 2:59 P

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I was a little nervous about maintaining I set my calories for a very slow 5 pound loss, like over 6 months or so. Gets me out of the 2-pounds-per-week mentality and calorie range, and in time I'll figure out the appropriate calorie range for my body.

In the meantime, I've switched my focus to my running (well, and shopping for new clothes that fit). My first 5k is coming up in 3 weeks, and that gives me something to work for. After I do some 5k runs (and I'd really like to get my time under 30 minutes), I'll probably start increasing the distance I run, maybe shoot for a 10k or half-marathon. I do still track my calories and exercise, and I don't see any reason to quit since it gives me a good picture of what I'm eating (I have a hard time staying within my range, I'm usually under and rarely over). I'm trying not to hit the scale every morning...but I have an entire closet full of new clothes, and I figure as long as they fit fine, I'm doing great!


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7/8/07 12:15 P

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Hi Mama, congratulations on your weightloss success and welcome to Maintenance! I had that same uneasiness when I entered this phase, but it faded (slowly). Like others here, I lost a few more pounds but I learned that every day is another chance to exercise my new healthy lifestyle...and that helps keep me on track.
Hope you find what works for you, and remember we're here to help!

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7/6/07 2:35 P

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Hi Mama & Welcome!!

Many congrats on getting to this point, it's taken a lot of focus & dedication on your part .... you should be so proud of yourself!!

I entered into "maintenance" 7 weeks ago, and was feeling just as you are. I actually found myself going backwards, ie OBSESSING about the scale, weighing myself multiple times a day, so scared that any little thing I ate would put me back up at 160?! Silly! So, I decided last month to go scale-free & just listen to my body. I ended up losing another lb last month & feel SO MUCH better about this "maintenance thing." I learned last month that I could increase my calories, as long as I continued to work my booty off in the gym.

I've also learned that the scale is not what motivates me anymore ... I'm much more focused on improving my fitness level. I'm training for multiple races this year & use my performance in the gym & on the running trail as my true indicators of success.

You have gotten yourself this far. You know what it takes. You can do it. And you are surrounded by many people who will help you stay on track.

All the best to you!!!!
♥ Magda ♥

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7/6/07 2:15 P

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Hi, you will find that alot of maintening your new weight and finding your new level of comfort is really in your own head. I found that I had to change the way I viewed the new me, and I gained a new respect for my new level of fitness.
I am now an avid runner and strength training is just something I do 3 times a week.

I too lost some more weight after I got to the maintainence phase .... I was very surprised by this, but it settled where it was comfotable.
You'll do fine!!! Just find your passion for the activity you most love and be aware of your daily intake.

Good Luck!!!



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7/6/07 1:38 P

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Welcome MAMA..and congratulations on your weight loss. You are the only one who knows what weight feels right for you. I find that if I have to work super hard to lose another pound or two it isn't worth it. I did lose a few more pounds after I went on maintenance but didn't expect it.

Do you have some other goals you can set in your life? Some kind of cycling, running, triathlon or swimming goal? What about your strength training and working on inches?

you will do fine..I was uneasy at first too. What worked for me was to pick a range that I was comfortable in and promise myself that I would get back to tracking if I got out of that range.

Good luck!

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7/6/07 1:31 P

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Mama23beans - Good to see you here!

Maintainance has always been a struggle for me. I think the main reason it is difficult is because the excitement of seeing the scale going down is gone. Most of us are very visual people...we need to SEE that we are accomplishing goals and the scale is a concrete visual that proves we are making progress. After we've reached goal, there is no thrill in seeing the same weight. I know we can set other goals and, in theory, working toward another goal should satisfy us. BUT, most fitness goals or body fat % reduction goals are not as easily seen as pounds lost on the scale.

I've never had the attitude that when I get to goal, I'm done! I've known better-I've just never been able to sustain motivation inevitably. I guess I didn't do a good enough job with actually changing my lifestyle...until this time! I have been around this weight for the most part of 2 1/2 years. I gained some weight this past Thanksgiving/Christmas season but jumped right back on track and it was gone in a few weeks (I think it's easier to get it off if you don't wait too long.)

It is a mind set adjustment...and that's tough when you've worked hard and for many of us, have battled with weight for YEARS. I think this team could prove to be invaluable with helping each other out!

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7/6/07 11:52 A

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I first looked at maintaining as the next part in my diet. Rather than my previous "WAHOO I'M DONE! MY KINGDOM FOR A CHEESEBURGER!" attitude, I just looked at what I was doing and how I planned to keep doing much of it. :) It really is a mind-set readjustment but I think mine was a little easier because I reached goal two days before Thanksgiving so I never gave myself the chance to go CRAZY and instead just kept thinking on what I'm eating.

I'll probably never be as athletic as many of the wonderful people here, but I'm not them! I look at what I can do and what I want to do and work from there. Since I was most concerned with exercise to help with weight loss, I re-evaluated and switched my exercise a little to add in strength training.

Just got to do what works for you and helps keep you healthiest!


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7/6/07 11:24 A

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I am fighting to stay healthy every day. I agree with Michelle that focusing on other feats we can accomplish with our bodies is best. Since I started to get into shape I am trying all the races and other tests of endurance I always thought about. this is really fun.

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7/6/07 10:46 A

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I had two tries before I was able to start maintaining. The first time I was at 125, then decided to go to 120. I eased into it by continuing to track my food and exercise for a few months. It takes some experimenting to see how much you can eat without gaining or losing. I had the same feelings initially about wanting to keep losing. I had my body fat tested and that helped give me some perspective. You can't compare yourself to others because everyone's frames and body compositions are different. Weight doesn't tell the whole story. I switched my focus from losing weight to losing fat and adding muscle. I also focus on my marathon training. I want to put this new body to good use!

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7/6/07 8:05 A

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I am at the same level in this program and I feel great but I can't eat any more than what my stomach can take. All my illnesses went away except my stomach problem which I have had forever. I keep losing a pound here and there and I'm tired of what other people are saying( you've lost enough you need to stop now, or your getting to small). I'm tired of trying to eat as much food as they tell me too as I and only I know how much I need to eat so that my stomach doesn't feel bad. Be your own judge and if you feel good the weight you are at then by all means maintain it but don't let other people dictate what you should look like. Everybody has a different build. There is a girl at work who weights the same as me but she is about 30 years younger than I am and the weight on her looks better, but I'll soon be 50 years old in one month and for a older lady I look pretty good (butt will never be 20 again, breast will never be 20 again). I am just trying to exercise and eat right and build strength. Hang in there and if you are happy with your progress then don't listen to anyone else, as no one knows you better than you know yourself. Good Luck. Nurseing

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7/6/07 7:49 A

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You work so hard to get this point and then are so ambivalent about staying here. I joined SP in early March and worked so hard learning along the way. Now that I am in maintenance I am oddly uneasy. Anyone else experience this? I keep thinking I should drop my goal lower or something. I am quite satisfied at this weight although when I see others at my my height losing more I wonder if I am wimping out.

Just looking for some similar experiences or opinions on this (Curves and Curls) left me a comment on my blog encouraging me to be happy with all I have done and it really got me thinking...

Anyway this is my unofficialy "welcome" to the mainteance club. Looking forward to getting to know you all.


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