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6/17/07 12:27 P

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You're so right. And, like others, I tend to forget how far I've come. As with other posts, I lost most of the weight when I was about 30, before I met my husband, before I moved to this city, so it's "taken for granted" by those around me and by my self sometimes. I do try to think back to how I felt before and congratulate myself on my efforts over the last 13 years (including losing again after my 2 pregnancies).

But I sure have to watch myself in judging others and reminding myself of what I went through at my heaviest and how it was "getting started" on this lifestyle.

Thanks for the reminder!!!

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6/17/07 1:09 A

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it's something i tend to forget since i lost a bulk of my weight years ago. i look at myself and still hate what i see in the mirror and only focus on the short-term. i had gained 8 pounds during the christmas season due to stress/turning to food to cope/not exercising and things like that and i've dropped about 13 pounds since then. i keep thinking that isn't a lot, but when i think about how i was 197 pounds at one point in time i have really come a long way. i put all of my focus into the fact that i had gained 8 pounds (i was 130), got down to 125 and will probably never be happy with my weight still. i really have accomplished a lot though and i need to be reminded of that every so often...thank you!

great job all of us!

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5/29/07 5:26 A

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Now whenever I see my pictures from before, I can't believe how I didn't realize sooner that something had to be done about my weight! For a couple of years while the weight was creeping up I convinced myself that "it's OK" because I was still "in the healthy BMI range" that meaning being on 25 or even a bit higher while certainly having the body fat percentage way over the limit due to no exercise for a long time (I never actually measured my body fat, but I am certain it was in the overweight category on every existing chart).
Now, I love the way I look! Of course there are always imperfections and I am by no means chasing perfection, but guess what - those body imperfections (mainly due to genetics anyway) don't bother me anymore!

It's good to remember how far we've come, because that will make us absolutely never go back!

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5/28/07 3:41 P

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Emilie, you are right on the mark w/ the need to remember where we came from, and how far we have come. I think when I see people in the situation I was in, I may tend to jump to conclusion, even though I have had that same struggle. It's good to remember that everyone deals with that issue in his/her own way, and will come to a healthy lifestyle when they are ready, or not at all. It is hard to see when you know it can be done, but it's also good to be kind and patient, and not judge. I'm in the same place as others who have responded to this thread, I don't think I'd offer unsolicited advice, but I have offered advice when asked, and have seen others around me choose a healthier lifestyle because they emulated my habits. That can be very rewarding and encouraging. It's also a good thing to remember those successes when face with other "failures" (ie, my recent weakened resolve in the face of nighttime eating habits, and not working out as much as I'd like due to injury)

Thanks for those reminders!

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5/27/07 10:25 P

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Thanks, EMILIE740!

I wake up thrilled every day that I'm still maintaining. I look at the mirror, and beyond the self-inspection of flaws, I remind myself that "hey, I don't look so bad." I'm certainly not as slender as a lot of people here, but I'm content with where I am and how I look!

A lot of people watched me, at work, lose the weight slowly and many of them have tried the SP thing, too. Few have stuck with it, but I remind them that when they're ready, they'll lose the weight and that no one can make that decision but them. I do answer their questions honestly ...

I'm pleased with the changes I've made in my habits and my day to day life. I'm definitely more mindfull of decisions everywhere.


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5/27/07 6:16 P

I agree we do need to remember the journey and the changes we've made to accomplish our goals so we can continue to maintain. My involvement here on SparkPeople has been a great way to keep my focus and to support some others along the way..

"If you keep on doing what you've always done you'll keep on going where you've always gone"

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5/27/07 1:47 P

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Thanks for the reminder. I know I struggle with wanting so badly to help people who are overweight to know that they CAN do something about it and that life is so much better when you are not controlled by food. BUT, it's such a sensitive subject that I would never offer help unless I knew someone wanted to lose weight.

A lot of people where I work now have no idea I used to be 70 pounds heavier. I work in a private office - I'm in and out of other offices during the day but not in much personal conversation with other people. So, there's not been the opportunity for the conversation to turn to weight. In one of the other offices in particular, the vast majority are extremely overweight and MANY times when I go into their office, they are having a "party" with tons of food. They always offer me something and I always politely decline. I wonder what they think/say when leave???

My weight loss has had a dramatic effect on my life - mainly because I was having some serious health problems. But, I have also become much more confident. I dress more professionally instead of dressing to be invisible. I guess basically, I just feel better about myself. I'd love other people to have that feeling also...wish I could convince them somehow to stick out their diet long enough for that to happen!

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5/27/07 1:42 P

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Thanks Emilie - it's a good reminder to us all. One thing that this group has shown consistently is that we can NEVER take our food or activities for granted! It's not something we can become lazy about even when we do find that we are able to become comfortable with our new habits!

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5/27/07 1:08 P

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Hi everyone,
I'm relatively new to this group, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the amazing progress that I/we have all made! I think it's also incredibly important to always keep in mind where we started from, and therefore to use our own past experiences when it comes to judging people who are visibly overweight or applying stereotypes.

I know that people who are "fat" tend to be regarded as lazy and, as we all know, dropping weight can dramatically change how others treat you--as sad as this may be. As a current med student and a prior emotional/binge eater, I really hope that I can use my own struggle with food and weight loss when I finally get to see my own patients because I *know* what it's like. Anyway, I know that if I had kept going in the direction I was going before I began SP, I too would be on my way to an unhealthy BMI and most likely obesity eventually. Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone and throw that out as a reminder!

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