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TOPIC:   Afraid to weigh again 

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Posts: 15
5/4/07 12:27 P

SUZYQ61's SparkPage
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I weight in at least once a week. It helps keep me on tract. If I'm up a pound or two I know that I have to watch my treats.

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KERISMA's Photo Posts: 975
5/3/07 4:08 P

KERISMA's SparkPage
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I weigh myself every day. I just switched to maintenance mode, but while I was losing it felt good to see that just because I had an extra slice of pizza, all was not lost. I also saw that when my sodium intake fluctuated, so did my weight by a pound or so. I think I will continue to weigh in daily to keep myself in check and to adjust to the new higher calorie intake....I think it will help me to see that I am not gaining even though my minimums now used to be my high numbers!

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OUTOFCONTROL's Photo SparkPoints: (83,341)
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5/1/07 11:41 A

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It's always a mental struggle, but I conquer the scale every morning. Weighing every day helps me realize that the number is never permanent. It's always jumping around, so one high day does not mean I have failed at anything. I love seeing a new low number every once in a while.

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SARBAH77's Photo SparkPoints: (124,169)
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Posts: 3,011
5/1/07 9:39 A

SARBAH77's SparkPage
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I actually did cut down to once a week, once I reached goal. When I was losing weight, I weighed in daily, just to see what the numbers looked like. I didn't record them daily, only weekly, but it was interesting to me to see when my weight loss would "hit" and when I was most likely to "gain" over the course of the week.

That gave me a little more confidence, believe it or not, when I understood how my body works. But now that I'm less concerned, it's once a week.

But it's still once a week, every week, just to make sure I stay in a healthy range!


OH_LORI's Photo Posts: 2,038
4/30/07 9:39 P

OH_LORI's SparkPage
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If there is one thing I learned from SP while losing weight, it was to NOT step on the scale daily. I weighed in once a week, period, while losing. But once I hit my goal, I started to weigh in every single day. And I need to stop! I cannot emotionally or mentally handle those fluctuations in the numbers - they can make or break my day, nutrition-wise.

I think I'm going to try to force myself to only weigh in once a week from now on, and see what happens. It is a very scary thing, going into maintenance mode, because you're so used to eating fewer calories and suddenly upping your calories seems like it's going against everything we've learned so far.

Anyway, I'm glad your weigh-in was a pleasant surprise and hopefully you'll gain a bit of confidence from this so you won't be so afraid of your next weigh-in!


"We're all on the same roller coaster, just in different seats." (Jason Mechalek)

RABBITOLM's Photo SparkPoints: (64,917)
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Posts: 2,028
4/30/07 9:26 P

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I have the opposite problem. I weigh myself way more often now than I did while I was losing. I think that now that I've hit my goal weight, I'm terrified that it'll go back up again. Luckily, that hasn't been the case. I haven't strayed (up) from my goal range, and the past few days I've been half a pound below it. I guess I have to convince myself that I've learned enough from SparkPeople to not make any consistent mistakes!

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TAM101's Photo Posts: 704
4/30/07 3:24 P

TAM101's SparkPage
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I find myself avoiding the scale too. I just don't want to see the numbers go up and I get afraid that will happen. BUT like you, when I have been brave enough to step on it I've recieved good news. I only weigh-in every two or three weeks now and avoid the scale if I'm feeling bloated or right before AF.


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Posts: 63
4/30/07 3:17 P

BANANON15's SparkPage
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Since reaching my weight loss goal, I was really nervous to weigh myself again. I wasn't feeling to great about myself because I was allowing myself a few treats, and I was sick, so not working out for a few days. Well, I finally weighed myself on my friend's scale (a different one from the one I had been using). To my amazement, it actually said I was 2 pounds under my original goal. I didn't get too excited, but today, I went to the doctors. The last time I went to the doctors and was weighed, I joined SP that night. I weighed myself again this morning on the same scale and it was 17 pounds less than the last time (and conquerred what my friend's scale said as well). I am so excited and feel much better about maintaining. Was anyone else apprehensive to weigh themselves again??


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