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SPARKBJOK's Photo SparkPoints: (52,833)
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9/17/13 9:16 A

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This maintenance is interesting. I really haven't changed much and have already gone up and down a couple pounds. Back down now, but who knows what the next weigh-in will bring. Only walked about 8.5K steps yesterday. Hope to do better today. Have a great day. It's chilly but gorgeous here.

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KELLIEBEAN's Photo Posts: 1,998
9/17/13 8:17 A

Community Team Member

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Mornin sunshines! I'm at my desk with a bright and sunny disposition! Well not exactly but I can try.


I ran four miles after work, came home, dried off so I could take the dog for her 20-min walk but mother-in-law called. Never know if it's good or bad news so I answered.

All is well but it was an hour and a half conversation. So while listening to her, I stretched and got my healthy food together for the work day. Then I took the dog for just a short walk since it was then dark and I get a little nervous in the dark!

I need a rest day today. Been working the muscles the last few days!

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Shelby Hyatt
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RPCLEM2000's Photo SparkPoints: (23,204)
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9/17/13 7:34 A

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I'm assuming all you early risers must live back east. I'm on the pacific coast and its only 4:30! I exercised for 117 minutes yesterday. Most of it was on the Wii Fit. I like that game and it really gets me sweating. I'm hoping to get in some strength training with my various type of bands. Between the bands and the bells I'm planning to work my thighs, bum and core today. I take Mom to the doctors every day this week right in the middle of the day. It breaks up the day and makes it difficult to get much else done. It's going to be a hard week plus I'm going to have find time to take my cousin grocery shopping and I have a cousin coming into town for a few ours to see my Mom and my Uncle. We are very excited and trying to concoct a story to get him here. My DH is going to pick him up and take him home for this. It's a 45 minute drive each way and with the pain in his hip and leg it's going to be a real trial for my DH. I'm excited though because she has some videos of my Dad (passed 7 tears ago) playing his harmonica. He was so good at it. We used to circle around him and just listen. It's one of my fondest memories.

Just in case I don't get the opportunity to sign in again the rest of the week you all will know why. Have a blessed week everyone. emoticon Pam emoticon

Pam: I have reached my weight loss goal and lost 103 lbs. I will be forever grateful to my Spark Friends and my Lord who guides me.

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BESSHAILE's Photo Posts: 2,114
9/17/13 6:54 A

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It's back to werk for me today - and in early as well. But early in means early out so I'll hit the gym about 4:30 and be home in time for an extra walk with Himself and the dog. We can't seem to get any of the equinoctial storms that might break this drought and even my weeds are drooping. Himself is glad because that means he doesn't have to cut grass but it makes me feel sad. I like a bit of storm in September.

My only exercise yesterday was walking around some shopping malls - which, I'm sorry to say, seem curiously empty of offerings. I guess all the shopping is done on-line now. but today I'll be back at the gym for cardio and strength.

Hope all my maintainer peeps are feeling chipper this morning.

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JSALERNO's Photo SparkPoints: (110,662)
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9/17/13 6:41 A

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I did an hour free run and tonight bowling.

Nascar fans.

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PHEBESS's Photo Posts: 31,150
9/17/13 6:07 A

Community Team Member

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Night time here - calories mid-range, walked about 35 minutes, swam a bit, fished a giant centipede (dead) out of the pool, was freaked out, so just sat in the semi-sun and read for a bit. Went to a fire dancing show tonight, had a great time!

"Dance as if no one is watching."

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MAREE1953's Photo SparkPoints: (60,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,963)
Posts: 1,102
9/17/13 5:32 A

MAREE1953's SparkPage
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Good morning team !

Chilly at 52 degrees,warming with hot cup of coffee and fuzzy robe. Summer clothes need to be packed away ;((. I'm headed to the gym for 30 min elliptical and a 60 min class called Intensity Art of Strength -- my Intro class. DH goes to this class, so this will be a first -- challenging plus have never done a class with him.

Nutrition was okay yesterday except for a raid on the croutons--good thing that's all we had in the snack category in the house. I will step on scale here in a minute to check my bearings. By the way, my $20 investment in a Weight Watcher scale motivates me (with the extra information it gives on fat %, water weight, BMI, etc), plus DH got on it in January and made the decision to get fit. I now have a new man!!

Hope all have a great Tuesday!!

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