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MOONCHILD8's Photo Posts: 6,381
8/30/13 1:51 P

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It reminds me of my many pets I have loved and lost from accident, disease or old age. Most where dogs with a few cats that where special and part of the family. I thoroughly understand how terrible it is to loss a family pet. I am so glad you have another dog but understand he can not replace the other dog. Each dog has his own personality, likes and dislikes. I hope you have a great weekend to remember the good times with your pet and give your self some time to grieve the loss. Linda from bean town emoticon emoticon emoticon

Linda from bean town EST

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THOMASINA57's Photo Posts: 794
8/30/13 11:20 A

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Bess, I am so sorry to hear about your loss.. it's hard to lose a pet so suddenly.

I had my ultra sound yesterday at last and hopefully it will shed some light on my gastric problems. I've actually been having less attacks this past week and my weight increased by a pound.. I know it could be normal fluctuation though as haven't been eating more than normal.

We've had quite a few days of heavy rain and finally the sun is coming back.. sure looking forward to that!

Have a good day everyone!

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LOGOULD's Photo SparkPoints: (82,924)
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8/30/13 10:58 A

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Checked in on the other thread this morning before my run (6.75 mile walk/run with a friend). Missed "seeing" the rest of you though, so dropped in to say "hi" and hope you all have a FANTASTIC Labor Day Weekend. Looks like I'll be getting my fitness in. Foot still hurts, but not as bad and as loong as I am diligent about icing and stretching, it looks like I'll at least finish my halfs this fall.
{{Hugs}} and {{slobery kisses}} and {{head butts}} to you Bess from Maggie, Jadie and even Wiley the stud boy - our kitty dog. Glad you have your other furry child to comfort you.

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ONEWEIGH's Photo Posts: 1,076
8/30/13 10:05 A

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Happy Friday! I've had several friends lose pets in the past week, so I was kind of thankful this morning that I had to move two furry bodies to get out of bed. Last night I listened to my husband play civil war era band music. One of his friends collects music from that time and rounds up friends to play it. They didn't have much of an audience as there was some wild weather and a preseason football game. My body is still holding tight to its weight. I just have to keep going. I'm making my shopping list for the farmer's market this afternoon. I plan to make lactofermented salsa Verde this weekend and maybe pickles. I have a cousin who is into fermented foods and her enthusiasm is infectious.

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TORTISE110's Photo Posts: 3,675
8/30/13 9:50 A

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What I love about this thread every day is we so want to get here! Two threads, one thread, we just want to be there for one another. Thank you, team. You are great.

Really sad to hear Bess's news. They leave a huge hole in our hearts when they leave us.

I was on the water early this morning, kayaking with a friend. It was beautiful and I am grateful for another day of summer, though I can feel fall coming in the darker morning.

Take care, team. See you tomorrow.

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KIMBERLY_Y's Photo SparkPoints: (32,808)
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8/30/13 9:13 A

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KIMBERLY_Y's SparkPage
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Bess, just learning the news today as I check in after being out of state visiting my mom. So very sorry. My heart goes out to you. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the message. Have a blessed weekend.

Getting back to the gym today after being away for a week. But my scale number stayed about the same. So I feel good that I kept myself in check even without my gym work outs. Glad it's Friday. It has been a long week working, visiting and taking care of the kids. Got to squeeze in a pedicure though, so that was nice.

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! We are off to see Penn State play Syracuse tomorrow at Giants Stadium. Not going to be many healthy choices there. I may have to change that since I am hosting the tailgate party with my husband. He loves burgers and hotdogs, who doesn't ? I will be bringing some veggies and fresh pasta salad too.

Keep sparking and have a great day!

Edited by: KIMBERLY_Y at: 8/30/2013 (09:13)

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POOHSCOUT1's Photo Posts: 317
8/30/13 9:00 A

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Marlee well put my sparks friend. Bess Maya my black lab and I send kisses and a slobber hug from her to you. I know this is a hard time but again remember the memories you have. Another day at the fair but i get a break today as a friend is working the early afternoon shift for me so i don't have to pull a double and work 9 hrs today and tomorrow i'm off from the fair till i go see the oak ridge boy concert tomorrow night. Getting plenty of walking and bending while working and the heat is sweating everything else out. Been averaging about 100oz of water each day because of the heat. Sure hope that is cools down soon. Calories are staying in check because i'm not a big fair food fan, but today i may splurge and have a cheese burger or my yearly gyro. Have a great friday group


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KELLIEBEAN's Photo Posts: 2,024
8/30/13 7:53 A

Community Team Member

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Maree that was beautiful!

I love the way you looked at your day Bess. That's what it's all about. Sending you another hug today!

I had a busy day yesterday at work, then stopped for a wedding gift for later today, then ran two miles, walked the dog, pushups, plank, stretching, cleaned the kitchen and melted watching the Bears game.

Taking a half day today, going to my daughter's childhood friend's wedding. Very exciting! Then I'm off till Wednesday. YAHOO!

Let's make it a positive weekend!

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BESSHAILE's Photo Posts: 2,118
8/30/13 7:10 A

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Maree - thank you for those tender words. And give Huck and Johnny a cuddle from me. In fact, thank all of you dear sparkfriends who've left me notes and comments. There was a lot of wailing on Wednesday but that is diminishing some now. last night I dreamed I opened the front door and there was Jack, hunching his shoulders and giving me that laughing look. I almost got out of bed but then I realized I was dreaming. Thank heavens we still have Callie, the little Labrador pup we bought a year ago. She's getting a lot of cuddles these days.

Work has been absolutely crazy. I can't believe I scheduled a computer class to teach last night - in the same week we have been switch our software platform at work! I must be crazy.

But it went really well - it went overtime because the students were so enthusiastic. One of them said "I came for 10 cents worth of information and I'm leaving with a dollar's worth". How's that for positive reinforcement? But with a day that busy - I only got in a little exercise - but then ... on a day that busy I got in a little exercise. so It's all in how you state it.

hugs to everyone of you for your welcome support. Happy long weekend too!

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MAREE1953's Photo SparkPoints: (60,697)
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8/30/13 5:45 A

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Good morning!

I've got my cup of coffee and waiting to watch the sun rise across the water of the Mississippi River this morning. Yes, I'm at my "sweet spot" and so very happy and excited. Laying next to me is Huckleberry, my 10 yr old black lab, all 110 lbs of him, and his buddy, Jonie, the 7 yr old golden/shepherd mix. Huck is dreaming and making funny noises-retrieving a big goose, I'd guess. Bess, I can only imagine the sadness at your house today without your faithful puppy dog at your side. If only we could press a "re-do" button, go back and change what happened. God gives us these furry creatures for a reason,to love and to be loved in a way humans just don't understand--kinda how He loves us--no matter what. I also believe He did not design us to suffer the heartbreak that comes with these losses--He designed us to live forever in a beautiful garden. I weep with you, my friend, this will hurt a lot for a while, and it's okay to let it all out. Have a good cry (or several) and remember that your puppy dog would want you to be okay. Here's hugs and a nuzzle from me and Huck.

A run and washing to boat are on the agenda. It's going to be a beautiful day. Hope you all enjoy the day you create today!!

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