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8/19/13 2:51 P

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Everyone sounds like they had a super weekend emoticon I know I did. I didn't even look at the scale today.

I'm sitting in the waiting room while my Mom is having her first surgery. I didn't sleep well last night because of worry and I went back to the old habit of eating through my feelings. emoticon I'm worried today too but I packed my food so I can't do the same today as I did last night. If I had any ice cream in the house I would have eaten a whole 1/2 gallon. It's a good I don't keep it in the house. emoticon emoticon

Old habits rear there ugly head when I'm in a stressful situation. I need to work on that. There is always stress from time to time in anyone's life. I can't lose ground every time I get stressed.

Thanks for the prayers. They mean a lot.

Your emoticon Pam emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/19/13 9:55 A

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I'm back to work today. Yesterday we were out on the lake all afternoon. In spite of sunscreen, my knees got sunburned. I completely forgot that it was pick up day for my meat and egg shares. I only remembered when I start thinking about dinner. It was a couple hours after the official pick up time, but they don't pick up the coolers until the next morning, so all was well. After that excitement, I voted for fast food Chinese, with the result that my weight is up 3 pounds from yesterday. That is a new high and makes me more determined to turn this trend around!

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8/19/13 9:17 A

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Bess, hope you enjoyed your down day yesterday. I hit the pool at the rec center at just the right time...very few kids and plenty of open lap-swim lanes.

Toni, enjoy the heck outta that vacation!

Pretty good weekend. Even though it seemed DH and I ate our way through the two days, the food was healthy. I also got good exercise in. Although the Fitbit counts were low, I had a challenging yoga class Saturday with a rigorous vinyasa segment and a 1000-yard swim yesterday. Started today with a 3.5-mile walk and will have another tough (for me) yoga class this evening.

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8/19/13 9:10 A

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Prayers for Pam's mom!

I had a very active weekend. Overindulged in the food department a bit but all in all it was good.

I outlasted DH on the bicycle ride. That has NEVER happened before. I love that I am stronger than I used to be!

I'm doing well on the August Back On Track challenge and looking forward to yoga tonight and a 5K on Saturday with my daughter.

Onward with the week!

emoticon emoticon

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8/19/13 9:02 A

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Good morning spark friends! Got to sleep in today since I have a day off and girls are with the in-laws. Heading to the gym and then off to get a facial and massage. Have a gift certificate that has taken me almost 2 years to use. Had a relaxing day yesterday with a nice dinner out with DH. Not a very healthy meal, but our favorite place. We shared a bottle of wine and enjoyed our time together.

Back on track today. Glad to see everyone had a nice weekend and great job to those who maintained through the weekend. Have a happy Monday!

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8/19/13 8:41 A

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Morning everyone! Ready for a new week! Well, as ready as I'm going to get. ;) I at least can walk into work with the relief of knowing that my week is starting off with a FAR smaller to-do list than I had a week ago. I'm about to do some core ST and eat breakfast.

Have a great day, everyone!

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8/19/13 7:37 A

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Had a super weekend at scout camp with lots of activity and was able to keep the calories in check the whole time. Did some great hikes or walks in the woods with Maya my faithful service black lab, saw plenty of wildlife and it was so peaceful. Then she spent plenty of time in the lake swimming, she is so wiped out since we got home. Camps are done for the summer so now its time to prepare for the fair and the up coming hunting seasons. Can't wait , I love to hunt mainly for the opportunity to be in the woods and enjoy nature. But I also love venison and turkey and the meat is so lean and good for you. Not sure what type of exercise is on the docket for today as the pool at the ymca is closed this week for yearly maintance, so might have to hit the city outdoor pool. Well everyone have a great Monday. Wishing those having health issues the best.

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8/19/13 7:28 A

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Back to work and another rather busy week, but am learning to keep it under control even in the midst of celebrations etc and a very hectic schedule. Lack of sleep is taking it's toll, not that I am having difficulty sleeping, but just been overscheduled. Doesn't help that we have an aging lab that can't tell time and needs to go out when SHE decides and a golden that DOES tell time and has to go at 4:45-5:15 every morning.

Survived another celebratory weekend, birthday dinner AND church luncheon and came in only 2/10 pound up and still under center of range. The good thing about my schedule this week is that I will be too busy to think about going out and overindulging and we have lots and lots of fresh fruit to snack on.

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8/19/13 7:17 A

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At the beach in NC. Nothing like the beach to remind me how glad I am I don't give second thoughts to putting on a bathing suit anymore. (-: Yay.

I am relaxing. Plenty active with swimming and boating. My fitbit is in rest mode too. I forgot the charging cord. Meant to be!!

Made veggie chili from Spark for my family last night. Good reviews, all in all, except for the one daughter-in-law who is unable to look a bean or a veggie in the eye. (Quesadilla for her).

Sending sunshine your way, Bess. We have it here so far.

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8/19/13 7:06 A

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It poured rain all day long yesterday - never a let up at all. So I was a complete slug, loafing around with a mystery. Even Himself - who walks 2 miles every day - stayed in. Even the DOGS stayed in all day.

At least we ate well - lean protein and lots of vegetables and fruit.

today is a new day.

Pam - wishing your mom a swift recovery. Maree - good for you for the portion control of cupcakes. Happy Monday to one and all.

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8/19/13 6:57 A

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went for an early morning run today, 6.6 miles, followed by a quick dip in the fjord. yesterday we waited for a break in the miserable weather and managed to sneak in a long walk before the next storm rolled in. nutrition went well, and today i hit a happy low for the summer.

have a great monday!

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8/19/13 5:21 A

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Up and at em.

Early again -- rested well.

133.4 is very respectable after a weekend.

Best to all.


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8/19/13 4:12 A

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Good morning!!

Prayers for Pam's mother that her surgeries would go well.

Sounds like there was lots of fun weekend activities. Our birthday went really well and we were blessed with perfect weather. It was great to see friends and family and granddaughter had a really great time, with only a small meltdown at the end when she was SO tired.

I'm headed to the gym for 30 min treadmill and 60 min ST class. Nutrition today is pure protein; have some sugar to get processed out from the weekend cupcakes (white chocolate)--yummy! But I feel better eating less and lean.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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