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8/12/13 8:41 A

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Calories about 5 over range (makes me laugh!), walked over 8000 steps.

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8/12/13 12:28 A

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My Daily Check-In: Yesterday, August 11, had a calorie deficit of 656.

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8/11/13 10:13 P

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Today's workout:
Cardio, core, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching.
A morning walk and some dragonboating.

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8/11/13 7:59 P

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Hi All, I walked the dog today and planned tomorrow to go to the gym to work out. I took Mom to the store. I washed the kitchen, bathroom floors and the back stairs. I had a busy weekend and look found to the week. Linda from bean town

Linda from bean town EST

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8/11/13 7:58 P

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Hi all,
It's been a quiet weekend. I'm working on raising my cals and carbs without going to much. I eat about 400-700 cals less than what I should. With this teams advice I'm going to try to raise my cal by 100 cals every two weeks to a month until I reach my middle range. I should actually start losing again and eat a lot more. SCORE!!! Lets see if it actually works that way. I just have to make sure I don't raise my cals with junk food.
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I have lost 100 lbs and a few to go to reach my goal.

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8/11/13 3:15 P

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Quick check in - so glad to be getting ready to say good-bye to another family birthday celebration week-end. Had a blow-out day Thursday, but mostlly recovered from that. Have dinner at Olive Garden shortly though, so need to wrap it up and get on line to check out the menu. Hope everyone is having a great week-end and recharging for the week.

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8/11/13 2:46 P

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Hi team. We came home from the River early, so am able to check in. They need their WIFI serviced and that doesn't happen on a weekend. Very frustrating. Used DH's smart phone, but we don't get along real well. I'm upgrading to a smart phone soon. Anyone with recommendations for Verizon compatible phones would be welcomed.

Today is DH's birthday. I told him that HE had given himself the absolute BEST present this year--better health. And that I was super proud of him. Your wealth is good health!

We ran 3.3mi. today and he stayed with me the first mile to help me find a faster pace. I improved to a 9:04 but then had to walk a bit. Oh well. Finished in 33 min overall.

Ate lots of fried food at the fish fry--something I try to avoid, for good reason, kinda goes through me. Looking forward to a day at home to do some cleaning and shopping for Granddaugher's birthday party next Sunday.

Hope all have a great Sunday!!

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8/11/13 2:04 P

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I'm here. A little late but here. Came in at 135.6 for a weight this morning which is higher then I was before my weekend. Seems to me that I do stay within my calorie range and yet I still go up and down in weight per week. I can go from 133 to 137 and back down again, That particular scenario usually only happens if I binge eat on sweets. The norm sees to be what I have seen this week and others. I get off work for he week a couple of pounds lower than when I conclude my weekend. So a couple pound up since last Wednesday..

God I'm tired. I cut out caffeine (caffeinated coffee) three days ago and I could just fall asleep right now and I just got to work. I'm hoping I adjust after the withdrawal. Fell out at 8:30 last night. Just as soon as I sat in my recliner which is rare these days I was out.

I bust my hump to stay in the shape I have achieved through diet and exercise. That in itself is reason to be tired.

I just may have to get a coffee (caffeinated) here at work to stay awake, We'll see.

Take care


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8/11/13 2:04 P

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Enjoyed an easy 2.6 mile hike with approximately 500 feet elevation gain this morning.

Weight is maintaining -- today was exactly on goal weight. :D

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8/11/13 1:44 P

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I overdid it yesterday. I went for a run a little later than I had planned. I ran 6.49 miles. The last two blocks was not fun. I was lightheaded and even had chills. I did get back to the house for more water and recovered fine.

I'm still very tired today, so I'm going to just take it easy with a walk and maybe a nice bike ride.


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8/11/13 11:43 A

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Hey there! Tough week and can't say I'm exactly maintaining. But I'm in there fighting! Thanks for the support!

Stacy, KS

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8/11/13 11:42 A

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Hi everyone..

I had a good active day yesterday and got a lot done, plus a good stationary bike ride in also.

Today it's cloudy and we are hoping for much needed rain. My yard looks so dry and parched.

Have a good Sunday folks.

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8/11/13 11:19 A

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Bess, thanks for the tip on keeping low-fat beef burgers moist!

Good weekend so far. Participated in the neighborhood work day yesterday, then cleaned up our own yard, then went to a meetup of the Northern Virginia Sparkers. 12,000+ steps along with all the raking, lifting bags of mulch, and dragging pruned branches to the woods to decompose naturally.

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8/11/13 10:17 A

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Tortise, I definitely love the carless lifestyle! It does result in a lot of movement simply to do your day-to-day things. There have been a few times that I splurged a bit at the store and then had to pay for it in the form of a tough upper body workout carrying it home! It definitely gives me incentive to stick to a list.

My clothes shopping went really well yesterday. Being happy with my body and knowing my measurements meant I could focus on finding a style I liked rather than worrying about figuring out what fit me. Being able to shop in size 6 didn't hurt anything either. ;)

I also had a good weigh-in/measurements this morning - weight is holding steady, but was down half an inch in both the hips and thighs. I'm happy that I'm continuing to build muscle and burn fat.

Have a great day all!

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8/11/13 9:57 A

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Good morning team. Ate too much and too much salt yesterday. Having a little dinner at my house tonight for Mom's 70th birthday. Making the slow cooker lasagna from the spark people cook book. Didn't get any housework done yesterday, so I'll need to double up today.

Everyone have a great day!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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8/11/13 9:23 A

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Had a great Saturday and now looking forward to a quiet Sunday with Church and then working in our family history center, and then boy scouts this evening. Stayed in calorie range yesterday and got plenty of exercise. It feels like fall in the air in Wisconsin and its way to early. I too want more summer.

MOVING AND MAINTAINING. Yesterday is gone, let it go, tomorrow hasn't happened, don't long for it. Today is the present .........enjoy it

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8/11/13 7:33 A

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had network problems yesterday and everything I tried to post disappeared into the ether. Yesterday was also a big family reunion - celebrating a marriage that took place in August 160 years ago!!! The Texas and Arizona branch of the family got in - plus lots of Virginia cousins. Weep weep the NC branch just couldn't make it and I truly missed them.

And yes. I did eat the pound cake and the chocolate chip cookie and oh - well - probably 2000 calories worth of home cooking. I also got in a nice long walk with the dog. More family will be coming by my house this afternoon and if it's not raining we'll be sailing and swimming. I'll also grill burgers - and my new trick for making 7% fat burgers taste juicy is to mix the meat with minced mushrooms. WOW that's a good trick and you can't really taste the mushrooms - which can be a good thing if you dont like them and ... hey - if you do like them you can add them to your salad.

Happy Sunday to you all.

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8/11/13 7:14 A

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Good morning, team mates.

JEP923, I remember when I walked everywhere, carless in the city. I loved those days and was in great shape from all that movement. Maybe I did buy fewer groceries too! Can't eat what you can't carry. (-:

Up early this morning and it was dark. Could fall be creeping in. Wait, I am saying. I want some more summer!

Had a rest day yesterday, but will be back into some kind of action today. Did take a dip in the late afternoon and a boat ride with a neighbor. Oh, and we made slider size burgers last night. So satisfying and all about portion control. I just had one!

Sunday cheers! Make it a good one.

Go slow to go fast.
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