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8/5/13 11:06 P

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Hi All,

I slept in this morning and didn't get up until noon. The weight is still the same. I need to go to the Dr. To get me off some meds. I figure that I lost 100 lbs and I'm very active instead of sedentary so I don't think I need some of them. I did circuit training this morning for 44 minutes this morning.

I'm so excited. I hit level 10 today. emoticon

Talk to you later. Pam

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I have lost 100 lbs and a few to go to reach my goal.

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8/5/13 5:41 P

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Late check in. Weight up this morning due to sodium, I presume. Really enjoying the local fruits. Today: last of the season sweetheart cherries. I slept a bit better, due in part to my cats somehow understanding my threat to shut them out of the bedroom if they kept waking me up! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/5/13 2:26 P

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Hi All, I took Mom to day care and my son went to work. I went grocery shopping and then went to the gym. I worked out for 40 minutes this morning. I am tired now and feel like going to bed. I can't do that I need to pick Mom up and bring her home. I have to walk the dogs and do laundry again. Best wishes for a wonderful day. Linda from bean town

Linda from bean town EST

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8/5/13 11:52 A

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ended up working midnights last night as the midnight girl called in sick so I got home at 7 am and went to bed for 4 hours... now I am up... got my new fitbit yesterday so cant wait to start using.... gonna go for a run today and then to gym... then Laundromat to wash all bedding from camping over the summer...

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8/5/13 10:58 A

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Love the idea of walking a 5K inside a mall, Desertjulz! I've walked a couple of volksmarches in malls, and it's infinitely better than walking outside in the heat (and humidity, which you don't suffer from).

Deadcenter, a Seasons 52 opened sorta near me. Would love to try it!

Best wishes on the new job, Pam_Cooper!

Awwwww, MJ, last one off to college. Hope it's not too sad.

Enjoy those blackberries, Jstetser!

Always glad for a chance to start fresh, Amanda.

I kept up with my fitness weekend yesterday with a 5K run, 750-yard swim, and 12,000+ steps total. Unfortunately, I didn't get done as much as I needed to in the house. I did change out litter boxes, do laundry, collect recycling, clean up the kitchen, and at least shove some piles together, but we are still in disarray from the cleaners. Since we are enjoying the open space, we are a bit (a lot?) paralyzed by the boxes and piles of junk we consolidated on the hardwood floor of the living room to get stuff off the carpets. Need some earnest conversation, followed by tough decisions.

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8/5/13 10:23 A

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Good morning. DH had a meeting at the school today, so I'm home with the girls. His Jeep is in the shop and he took my car, so we are stuck here :/ I can't even begin to describe how crazy that makes me!

Ate way too much and too much salt yesterday so the scale was way up. Will focus on healthy food, reasonable portions, and plenty of water today. Today is a five mile day. Guess I will be doing it on the treadmill.

Everyone have a great day!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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8/5/13 8:26 A

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Hey Hey! Horrible day calorie-wise yesterday. DH and I sat outside with margaritas and snacks, then he made ribs and baked potatoes. The can of RC I drank with dinner put my over the edge. I was MISERABLE!

But I got two brisk 20-min walks in with the dog and did the 28 Day Bootcamp 30-min Total Body workout. I'm feeling that this morning. I highly recommend that DVD!

I'm doing well with the back on track challenge for August, getting back to the simple goals I had ignored the last few months.

Good luck today Pam!

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8/5/13 8:02 A

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ooo me too I could have slept another hour today. If only it was Saturday morning instead of Monday.

Pam - good luck in the new job. Change can be so inspiring. Mako - wishing your oldest great success at college. I got in lots of miles of walking yesterday and ate within my calories - to help make up for the indulgences made at the birthday party the night before. I'm trying to make this my most active week ever tracked on my WW Active Link.

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8/5/13 7:34 A

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Heading to the pool for a hour and 45 mins of water jogging and exercise and then its spending time with the grandson getting stuff ready for the fair in 3 weeks. Then taking him swimming and on a bike ride. Its great to be back in my normal routine.

MOVING AND MAINTAINING. Yesterday is gone, let it go, tomorrow hasn't happened, don't long for it. Today is the present .........enjoy it

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8/5/13 7:00 A

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Enjoyed a relaxing day off yesterday. Wish I had gotten more done, but enjoyed a bit of down time. Nutritionally I was a little high, but not TOO much (150 cals or so and at least it was healthy food) and the scale is holding steady today. Going to try to keep it at the lower end today and should balance out. Heading out the door for a couple miles with friends and then a follow up with the podiatrist. Hoping to be release to get back to my training regimine for the halfs coming up. Work after the podiatrist and dentist appt tomorrow. With any cooperation from the dogs, might get to sleep in till 7 or 8 AM - that would be wonderful!

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"The miracle isn't that I finished...the miracle is I had the courage to start." - John 'The Penguin

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8/5/13 6:55 A

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Yum, blackberries! Good morning. Just love all the summer fruits and berries right now.

Semi busy day, and am looking forward to my workout on the elliptical.

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8/5/13 5:51 A
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Today we hope to go out for a short hike and picking blackberries!

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8/5/13 5:20 A

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Good morning team!

I'm headed to the gym for 30 min cardio and 60 min ST class.

Come on coffee. I could have slept another hour.

Hope all have a great day!

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