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6/30/13 8:50 A

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Good morning. Been out of tracking everything. On vacation. But I have been doing alot of walking. Since Wednesday that's all I been doing. Going to be with the grandchildren everyday. So I will walk to this one house and then go to the next one house. Yesterday I think I fid too much walking my knee looked like a macy balloon. So today I think I am going to take it a little easy today. Maree I hope everything goes well with you. I don't like goodbyes. They hurt to say goodbye when it someone you have been around for a long time.


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6/27/13 9:49 P

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Late check in, busy day at work. My throat is really sore due to the post-vacation sinusitis. Nothing much to be done about it except salt water rinse, lots of fluids and waiting it doctor calls that "tincture of time"!

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6/27/13 3:02 P

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I am full from lunch today. I made a small salad and ate some yogurt. I walked the dogs twice and I am going to walk up the street to buy a couple of light bulbs. Best wishes on the journey. Linda from bean town

Linda from bean town EST

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6/27/13 1:51 P

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I felt crappy during my run today. I thought it might just be mental, but even when I tried to think positive, I had no energy. Turns out, I only hit my protein range once in the past few days because I was too afraid of going over calories/fat.

I wanted to get back down to the middle of my weight range, but I had the tracker goal set to lose 2lbs per week which is way too aggressive. Better to drift down gradually. I've changed it to losing .5lb per week and I'm going to keep closer to the higher end of the calorie range and make sure I get enough protein.

I feel much better after downing a "breakfast" shake post workout. Now for some real lunch.

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6/27/13 12:19 P

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Got a late start to the day and just now checking in to realize that today is my three year maintenance anniversary! WOW - I am overwhelmed by the well wishes - thank you all so much! Not just for the kind words, but all of the encouragement along the way. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be here without each and every one of you. Struggling right now with the pull of simple carbs and sugars and with the accountability and wisdom of this group have been able to identify that my changing job schedule and increase in running mileage is likely the trigger as I am not getting enough rest. HALT - hungry, angry, lonely or tired - one of those is usually the cause to an eating issue with me, so working on getting extra rest so that I can think clearly and let my body recover sufficiently and avoid the trap. Hence, the little bit of extra rest this morning and now getting ready to head out to work 12-9. Then working days tomorrow and Saturday is volunteering at the community garden in the morning and work in the evening. I will split my long run into to legs on Sat and run to the volunteer site and back so that I can take Sunday as a sleep in day and do ST that day instead.

Thanks again to all of you - you keep me motivated and confident that I can keep this weight off for life!

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6/27/13 11:56 A

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Today's workout:
Cardio, core, weights, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching.
Yesterday an morning walk.

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6/27/13 10:32 A

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Morning everyone! Safely made it to the East Coast, just did some Taebo, and am about to eat breakfast. Staying with my program despite traveling. Have a great day!

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6/27/13 9:59 A

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6/27/13 8:59 A

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Good morning, ladies!

Weight is steadily coming down after my vacation gain. I stay up later in the evenings during the summer and it makes me want to snack. Will get some healthy snack options when I go grocery shopping this weekend. Did a kettlebell dvd this morning. Closing in on my 1000 minutes of exercise goal for the month - at 927.

It was 106 degrees here yesterday and will be another scorcher today. It is so hard to get any work done when all you want to do is jump in the pool! Will play hooky from the office tomorrow and take the girls swimming, yippee!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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6/27/13 8:22 A

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Hey kids. Hope everyone is doing well this morning. That's gonna be tough to give that speech. ooff!

Another day full of stressful meetings today. I can do this! The weekend is almost here.

I did some interval training on the elliptical last night after walking the dog.

I need to go shopping for running shorts. Can't believe I just said that! But after running the other day in the humidity in old, loose cotton shorts, my thighs yelled at me, "GET SOME FLIPPING RUNNING SHORTS WOMAN! So it will be done.


Happy Thursday everyone!

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6/27/13 8:21 A

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Maree, I hope today's luncheon goes well. It's always tough saying "good bye," but hopefully you'll stay in touch.

I'm actually taking five days off from running in hopes that my IT band recoups for my 10K on Sunday. I spoke to several marathoners and was told I should take some time off. I never thought it would be so "hard" to not run.

My daughter says I'm addicted to exercise, but I guess I'd rather have that addiction than others that are much worse. emoticon


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6/27/13 7:47 A

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Oh Maree - your words brought back the clutch I felt when I realized I had to bid an long time employee goodbye last Christmas. Even as I was thrilled for her - I grieved for me. but how wonderful you get to speak the words of praise and friendship in front of an audience.

And congratulations to Toni and Phebess for those honing those maintenance skills.

I am vastly better after an allergy shot from my Dr. I try to avoid them with nutrition, water and sleep but I was getting dangerously close to bronchitis ... which is what always happens when my allergies get out of control. And my doc had a hard time taking me seriously because all my other vitals were so good - especially the weight. He has a mean scale, it consistently weights 2 pounds heavier than the Weight Watcher scale I base my monthly weight on and yesterday - 149.6. Yippee! Plus, today I'm a new woman with nary a sore throat. I may even go to the gym - or at least take a walk.

Hot weather is called for but we're getting afternoon showers to cool things down and next week the weather is supposed to be sweetly in the 80s.

Happy Thursday to one and all.

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6/27/13 7:10 A

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Good morning! So glad you have a friend to walk and talk with this day, Maree. And how rewarding to be able to speak about someone who is so important to you.

Good for you, Phebess, for keeping on track while camper bound!

I have been working on consistent activity, and am feeling benefits in energy and stable weight. Going shopping with a friend today and plan to walk a lot.

Go slow to go fast.
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6/27/13 6:50 A

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Calories are toward the low end of my range, which is good because we're travelling in the camper van and it's rainy - all culminating in not a lot of walking.

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6/27/13 4:24 A

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Good morning.

I've been up for a while now, writing down some words to say at the retirement luncheon today. Best guy you'd ever want to work with, leaving after 40-plus years. I personally have worked with him for 41 years--68% of my life! So, I sit here with a notepad and I'm listing all of his fine qualities, and I weep for the loss that I feel. I need to focus on my wishes for his future, his time with family, hope for good health. But right now, I'm indulging my need to mourn this loss. Last night I stuffed my emotions by eating the leftover bag of chocolate chips DD bought to make muffins. I knew as I did it, that it was an old habit that got me through bad times in the past, but I didn't care-- This is a huge loss for me. How will I ever get these words out without crying. Probably won't.

I have my long walk with fitness buddy today; she's a great listener and emotionally intelligent, so it will be good to be able to talk it out and I hope for some soothing feedback and suggestions. Thanks for listening...

Hope everyone is on the mend and has a good day!

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