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6/28/13 4:06 P

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I have been walking for the last past three days. Yesterday and today has been the most. Still have to walk to my granddaughter house in a little while.


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6/26/13 11:03 P

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There is an article on Spark people for caregivers. I don't know how to get the link so am copying the title so you can google it. It is much needed for us who are caregivers.

"Taking Care of Yourself When You Become the Caregiver

Finding Health and Balance When Caring for Others

-- By Ellen G. Goldman, Health and Wellness Coach"

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6/26/13 4:41 P

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I was going to run tonight and may still, but I am super tired today. I think I'm just wearing out. Yesterday I walked with the students at school around the walking track and I walked to dogs last night. It's really muggy and sticky here so if I try to run, it will have to be later tonight.


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6/26/13 4:37 P

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Got my lawn mowed (finally), and Zumba last night was super fun, and it was such an intense workout!
Have a beautiful day, all!


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6/26/13 11:56 A

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Still tired, achy and sinusy. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! I'm back to tracking and the number on the scale is drifting down. It would be nice if the vacation gain left as quickly as it came, but that's rarely the case. Bess, you made me laugh. You aren't the only one who hopes to stay good and symptomatic until she sees the doctor!

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6/26/13 11:48 A

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Today's workout:
Cardio, core, weights, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching. Yesterday an afternoon walk. Hope for a morning walk today.

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6/26/13 10:04 A

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yesterday got my 3 mile run along with one mile walk and another 1 omile walk and an hour with my trainer for ST...

today plan on doing my one mile walk and 3 mile run....

maybe even get out my rollerblades I bought last summer but haven't had guts to use yet

did the first 30 minute jog on my c25k yesterday.... 2.98 miles in 30 minutes... I am almost at goal of 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes....

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These are races from 2013 and times


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6/26/13 9:57 A

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Morning everyone! Today I'm mostly going to be traveling via plane, but I'm doing some HIIT and core ST this morning and have some yoga planned before bed, so hopefully that will help cancel out all the sitting around I'll be doing today! I'm packing some of my exercise DVDs and have a plan for doing some every day in the morning while we're on vacation. I'm also packing a bunch of healthy snacks to take with us for our travel days. The friends we are staying with are very healthy and already have some Boca burgers and salad planned for us when we arrive. I think I'll have wireless most of the time while I'm on vacation and am going to try to get on here every day to track and check in, but I'm not 100% sure about my Internet access, so we'll see. If I'm not back on here, I hope everyone has a great rest of June!

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6/26/13 9:53 A

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Maree, Glad you are taking it easy and not powering through it. Sometimes that is the worst thing to do to an injury.
I should look into Jillian Micheals DVD's (Yes, me too - where have I been?) I have been hearing great things about it. Maybe it is the push I need to do more ST and be consistent about it.
Happy Wednesday everybody!


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6/26/13 9:49 A

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Morning everybody - sounds like everyone has settled into the swing of summer. Helpful to read (and be reminded) that this is more about a healthy way of life rather than just a focus on the scale and how important it is to give our bodies the rest they need to recover when they need it and the nutrition that they crave to fuel them instead of pushing through pain and feeding our emotions which can be my tendency.

Was in range yesterday, but not very good food. Found myself working 9 hours without a break, and a customer brought me in a BIG slice of pizza which I quickly DEVOURED the moment I punched out. Then, once I got home, I had to take my sis to the store and the pharmacy and pick up the cat food etc so, dinnerk when I finally got home was a couple of cookies and then I crashed. Not good!

I am still massaging etc to get over the aches from this past Sunday's 10 miler. Seems to be helping some, but need to keep it up so the plantars and achillies issues don't get worse. Trying to keep active, but not push it any further and end up injured. Got in a slow 4 miles with our walk to run program at the shelter. Thankfully it was more running than walking (5:1 ratio)

Going to roll and massage now, then prep some meals/snacks for the next couple of days and then work 12-9 tonight. If I'm felling better and the rains hold off, I'll try for another 4-6 miles tomorrow morning.

Thanks ladies for keeping me on an even keel and teaching me how to persist and maintain

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6/26/13 9:27 A

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Ow, Maree! Glad you are not gutting it out through the pain but instead giving yourself permission to heal. Bess, loved the "spanking" comparison :-D Also, the only "swim" I am getting into is that drippy humidity out there. I got my walk in early today, so I'm just a hair short of my 10,000 steps right now. But speaking of swimming, I finally mentioned to DH that I'd like to find a swimming personal trainer or a class for adults who already know the basics but want to be stronger, more efficient swimmers. Think I'll call around to the rec centers today.

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6/26/13 7:55 A

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Hey all. Hope that glute muscle feels better soon. I hate that! I hope you feel better soon Bess.

I'm a big fan of Jillian's 30-day shred. Still haven't worked up to level 3 yet. Some day. I love level 2!

Challenging meeting this morning then hopefully the rest of the day will be a breeze. I got a run in yesterday. OY VEY it's tough to run in the humidity!

Happy Hump Day. Let's power on!

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6/26/13 6:55 A

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Ouch, Maree. That sounds worse than a spanking. Toni, I've always wanted to try a Jillian Michaels routine. We have them in the library - maybe it's time to check one out. Sounds like everyone's getting into the summer swim. Gardening, scout camp, camping, and thunderstorms. whew. It's summertime alright.

alas, my sore throat is still bad - I'm guessing sinus infection. The doctor will examine it in about 2 hours onacounta I don't want it to slide into bronchitis. bleh. And don't you HATE it when you make a doctor appointment and then hope you stay sick so you won't feel like you're a hypochondriac when you show up in the office?

As a result I didn't go to the gym or do any other exercise yesterday. I have a tendency to drag myself to death when this acts up and this time I'm determined to lick it early instead of hacking my way through July.

Otoh - I ate super healthy food yesterday and though I was slightly above my calorie range every bite was mega-nutritious.

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6/26/13 6:10 A

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Good morning!

Maree, glad you are taking some rest for that sore muscle! Hope everyone has a great day planned.

I started Jillian Michaels 30 day tape. Liked it and it felt good to focus on st with her. Had never seen her in action! ( I know--where have I been!? )

Elliptical today, and careful eating.

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6/26/13 5:00 A

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Good morning!

I need to get some banking done so the check I wrote for the new roof will clear. It's not the rewarding kind of home improvement expense (like the bathroom remodel last year, or the new kitchen countertop I'd rather have!), but was necessary.

Good day yesterday; I got an extra walk in after dinner with DH and we did some shopping for new dress pants and shoes for him for a retirement luncheon we will be attending Thursday. The glute muscle felt fine until I tried to run the treadmill yesterday morning--Yee-owwch! I decided "rest" was best for that and slowed it to a walk. More foam roller, I guess.

Today is 30 min elliptical and 60 min RIPPED class.

Okay, off to do the banking!

Hope everyone has a great hump day!

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