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5/19/13 10:20 P

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Today's workout:
Cardio, core, weights, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching. Attended the second day of my dragonboat paddling clinic. 1 1/2 hours of morning paddling; and in the afternoon another 1 1/2 hours.

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5/19/13 8:43 P

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Late check in here. A very emotional day at church as we said goodbye to our retiring pastor and his wife. My husband had concerts this weekend so that has shaped our weekend. I'm not happy with my weight this week--it went up on Mother's Day and is taking its time coming back down. Onward to next week!

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5/19/13 7:47 P

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BESSHAILE... how do you figure the calories burned with the active link.... I am still trying to figure mine out.....

and what is the " weighted average" website that was mentioned... cant find it anywhere...

yesterday was a flop exercise wise but ok calorie wise havent tracked it though.... today I went to the gym and walked up town for the newspaper.... all my lights are blinking on my active link so i am happy.....

tomorrow I will weigh myself..... I hope I am doing good... need to get back to maintenace goal...

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5/19/13 5:18 P

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Good evening, everyone! I'm rejoicing that my energy is back - tho I overdid it with half an hour on the mountain, which left me feeling tired rather than energised. Did some gardening before that. And went to the gypsies and got some trainers, some blouses and a fun skirt. I have some bags of (now baggy) clothes to go back to a needy Gypsy to sell in the market,
Major cookup. Spinach and mushroom with farfalle for supper and into a flan for breakfast. My sister brought me some protein powder, so I made some proper choc PB protein bars.

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5/19/13 12:37 P

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A little late checking in, but fought getting up and getting out the door this morning to do my run before church. Came up with almost every reason in the world why I should sleep in just a little, but ultimately, did get dressed and out the door and got in 6.5 miles just in time to get to service and then FREEZE under the air conditioning. Feeling good about getting it done though and now that I am home, time to shower, cut up veggies and watermelon for dinner tonight and then meet up with a bunch of friends for a baby shower. Will meet up with my sisters after that and grill out and then hopefully get a good nights sleep before another week of work. Grateful that I am learning to overcome my tendency to put off taking care of me.

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5/19/13 12:21 P

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Congrats on 1 year Celiaminer!!
Yesterday was a hunker down day with rain throughout the day. Did manage to get a walk in later in the day which was great. I worked most of yesterday which was a good thin because today it is sunny. Got my clothes on the line and am sipping a cup of tea in readiness for a day hike with my partner on a coastal trail. Woohoo.
Have a great day all!!

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5/19/13 11:00 A

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Hi, all, quiet day for me, too, mostly catch up for being out and doing things all day yesterday.

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5/19/13 10:28 A

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Hi Team
It's a long weekend here in BC.. the Victoria day weekend.

We like to walk the dogs around the local campground at the park as it's a hive of activity with people and dogs everywhere and after a quiet winter, the dogs love to see more than just forest and a few people. New smells and sounds makes for happy dogs!!!

I'm feeling much better today, but was up at 5am and practiced yoga for an hour, which is sure helping with pain control. It has taken me almost a week to get over my trip!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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5/19/13 9:47 A

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Morning everyone! I have a relaxing day ahead of me, which will be a relief with how much I've been going out and running around lately. I'm about to put some muffins in the oven and do some Taebo.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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5/19/13 8:43 A

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Good morning everyone!

Jennilacey - I'm sorry to hear about your FiL. Good wishes for his speedy recovery. Happy Camping too. Maree - good for you - for nourishing the whole woman.

This is a two party weekend for me - last night was a library function and today we go to my wee little cousn's First Communion - all the way over in the city. These are Special Cousins - I seriously heart them all and am deeply flattered to be included in their family occasions. I stayed reasonably within my calorie range last night and had extra weekly calorie/points to spend today - but not MAJOR TONS of them - just a healthy extra. I've budgeted 700 for lunch so I believe it'll just require some portion control. You know - fist size, finger size, stay with the veggie tray.

I wear an active link - Weight Watcher's version of the fitbit. It's synced into the computer and I actually burned 400 calories just setting up and taking down tables and chairs, greeting people at the door, just your usual party set-up, take-down and hostessing. Maybe I should give more parties. LOL

Blessings of love on you this Sunday.

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5/19/13 7:34 A

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Good morning everyone.

Going to visit my FIL in the hospital today after his heart attack. He's getting open heart surgery on Wednesday. We're leaving for our camping trip tomorrow. He'll actually be getting his surgery close to where were going.

Doing my last bit of scheduled exercise before our vacation today. HIIT, circuit training and lower body. Packing and getting everything ready.

Went to my mom's yesterday and managed to stay perfectly in my calorie range! No late night binging either and woke up to a 1.2 lb loss. Woohoo!

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5/19/13 7:07 A

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Good Sunday morning! What a beautiful day we had here in Central Illinois yesterday! I made a big dent in my "to do" list, and DH and I enjoyed the Art Fair reception, trying lots of different foods and a couple of small glasses of wine. It felt good to dress up and feel a little sexy.

My Spiritual nourishment will be met at church this morning, physical craving with a run, and I plan to try a new turkey burger recipe my DD recommended for nutrition needs. I took a deep breath and got on the scale yesterday and am within the 3 lb range of goal. I'm going to investigate the "weighted average" website some of you have recommended later today. I want to be AT goal or lower by my anniversary date on June 15.

We didn't win the lottery... sigh. Good luck to those of you living in Florida!

Hope you have fantastic day!

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