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5/11/13 11:27 P

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Tough day today emotionally....still supporting my daughter through a rough time and am strong for her but it is hard on me. Procrastinated going for a walk today in favour of getting out in the garden and then we've had huge downpours. Normally I would go out but I am not motivated. Find myself wanting to grab a treat to feed my emotions but luckily I don't have things around to 'satisfy' that need in the same way. Still it is a struggle today.
On the good side, I tackled my books today....the bank sent out inaccurate bank statements and it caused problems with my business bank reconciliations and I've been avoiding dealing with this...but I got it done + some bills paid and invoices completed. Tomorrow, I am going to hike with friends and try to forget everything for a few brief hours anyway!!

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5/11/13 8:33 P

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Cardio, core, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching. 120 minutes of dragonboating. An afternoon walk.

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5/11/13 2:41 P

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Hi All! I went to a healthy Mother's Day Brunch hosted by Whole foods. It was a little to healthy. I ate a Kale salad. I had mushrooms on bread and melon cold soup only 4oz. I ate a spicy whole wheat pasta and my Mom had baked salmon. We had a soy lemon and blueberry dessert. I walked my little doggy Dusty twice and it is rainy here.

If you do not want to lose weight then you must eat a little more and exercise less. There is a way to use the trackers to allow you more calories per day. Your body has turned some fat to muscle and muscle may weigh a little more but burns the fat. Your exercise is still burning fat even when you are not exercising. Best wishes on your journey. Linda from bean town

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5/11/13 1:43 P

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Hi everyone! I am almost 5 pounds below goal now (as of this morning when I weighed myself). I've lost like 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks or so so I'm actually getting a little bit concerned. I'm still very well within the healthy weight range for my height but I can't stop losing. I mean I'm OK with losing a few more, but I'm still going at the 2-lbs-per-week "losing" rate and so I'm not so much worried just... concerned.

I haven't been able to run in way too long because I've been too busy but thankfully I should have some time today. But the fact that I lost 5 lbs in the last two weeks without going to the gym or running is... concerning. I feel like I'm definitely eating enough so I'm just not sure what I'm doing!

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5/11/13 12:10 P

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Good morning team. Just ate a healthy breakfast and am drinking my coffee. Ahhhh...
Weight training today. Super excited to do a longer workout with my new dvd set. Have to get my groceries bought today. Will be busy tomorrow with Mother's Day festivities.

It is going to be a beautiful day here today. 75 degrees and not too windy. The girls are already talking about going out and riding bikes. There are three girls that live next door and two more down the road. My two makes 7 total! All girls! It is fun to watch them all play together.

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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5/11/13 12:06 P

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Hey there everyone. I ran four miles this morning. That's the second time I've pushed myself to four miles. It feels good. So I'm determined to hit a 10K in the fall or next spring. We'll see how it goes. I can't believe I'm saying that!!

Now I have grocery shopping and housework to get done. Then relaxing with my book this evening.

Happy Saturday all!

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5/11/13 10:59 A

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Up earlier than I'd planned due to cats rampaging and a smell of something burning. It appears to have been the furnace kicking on after being in "fan only" mode all night. Still, that's a reminder that it's due for service. I was able to post a loss for the week--a whopping .2 lb. I'll take what I can get!

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5/11/13 10:40 A

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Good Morning.

My SD is over for her weekend and we all did a late afternoon/evening nature walk yesterday. There's a horse farm along the trail and we brought carrots so the kids could feed the horses. Saw a couple garter snakes and got some good pics, SD spotted a rabbit and we walked up on a deer (got some more pics). The kids and I had a few "races". I won, lol.

Did my cardio this morning with Jillian. And got everyone ready for my youngest DD's 3rd bday today. :) We're going to my inlaws. Just waiting on my husband to finish his shower. Too bad the weather couldn't be a bit better. Sporting my new Roxy sundress anyhoo. DD has on her sundress too but I brought back up leggings for us in case it's too cold outside. Suppose to be 60ish today because a cold front is moving in.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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5/11/13 9:52 A

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I had a pretty bad headache last night and missed my workout. But I should be able to do both today. Not a great habit to get into, usually I'd just say I missed it but I'm in training. My 36 mile ride is next Saturday!


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5/11/13 9:22 A

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Morning everyone! I had a hectic last couple of mornings and wasn't able to check in. Today should be a little better, though. I'm about to do some yoga and eat breakfast. I've got some fun stuff planned with friends/colleagues this morning. I also found out that our local farmers market will be open later than usual today, so I might still have time to swing down there and get some fresh produce! Hurray!

Happy Saturday!

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5/11/13 7:32 A

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Just finishing downing my hot cereal with cherries and heading out the door for the benefit 5K. Ate more than usual yesterday and will today also, a small 4/10 pound blip on the scale, but that is to be expected with a couple days of carb loading and hydrating - hope it goes back to losing quickly after the race, Good luck to all of you participating in events today and tomorrow and hoping that everyone enjoys their weekend.

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5/11/13 7:07 A

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More rain - and the weekend plans changed because of it. Himself was going to be away but is now home. I'm going to be house cleaning to beat the band and when it is not raining will be taking the little white puppy, who's all healed from her broken leg, on nice walks. Well. I shall walk. She will run'n'hop'n'leap'n'run'n'run. She does 3 miles for every mile I do.

Had a light bulb moment yesterday when I was craving something sweet and had only some chex mix, left over from a lunchtime meeting, in the office lunchroom. I had half a cup - and bleh. Ick. Don't think I'll do THAT again. All I could think was "Man - I wish that had been a banana or some strawberries."

thank you tummy - for showing me what I DON'T like.

Hope y'all's weekends are super!

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5/11/13 5:09 A

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Errands for us today.

Hubby might try to run with me this morning. It will be an easy run - some running and some walking. He used to run with me all the time and then had hip surgery in January. He has been doing some running on the treadmill and wants to try some trail running. I'm excited to get my running buddy back.

Cold weather has returned for a few days. No gardening, so I'm going to catch up some ironing.


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5/11/13 5:01 A

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Good morning! I am up early and trying to be quiet so as not to wake the baby. DD surprised me by showing up at the houseboat about 6 pm (they weren't originally supposed to come until today at noon). We went out to dinner; I had grilled cajan shrimp salad. Yum! Mother's Day treat.

We will incorporate fitness today somehow, probably a walk or run with the babe in the stroller. DD is on a fitness kick and is really doing great so helps me too! DH has a terrible cold and I'm praying I don't get it!

Okay I need coffee! Hope you all have a great Saturday !!

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