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3/28/13 10:38 P

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I haven't been around spark much the last few weeks, but I'm trying to check in more often. I seem to be losing at a steady 2 lbs per month now, and hope I can keep up that pace until I hit my final maintenance range.


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3/28/13 4:39 P

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Late check-in--weight is stable :) I have spent the whole day (first day of Spring Break) doing chores around the house--had to run into work to print off some papers I needed, so I walked! I've been on my feet all day, and it has really felt great. Biked to the Y yesterday for ST.


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3/28/13 3:04 P

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Hi All, Just checking in to say I have been on the high calorie side of the nutrition tracker. I need to slow down my eating and eat less. I am exercising everyday. I love to walk my little doggie and I workout with weights three times a week. Best wishes on a great day. Linda from bean town

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3/28/13 10:53 A

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Hi, all! Irene, I saw from your post yesterday that you are "back in the saddle." So good to hear!

Got out for a good walk yesterday, and started today with sunrise yoga. ST later, if I can stay awake. Come to think of it, perhaps exercise is just what I need to help break the jet lag stranglehold.

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3/28/13 10:12 A

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I rather went off the rails food-wise yesterday. Didn't track. Had a plateful (half salad, but the salad was half cheese)at the staff appreciation lunch. Cheeseburger and cornchips for dinner, salad plate of nachos after I got home from rehearsal. Much to my surprise, I weigh a pound less than I did yesterday morning! emoticon Today I'm back to tracking. This year our family decided to have Easter dinner at a Greek restaurant (because we're a lamb on Easter family and Greeks do lamb right!). I'll eat plenty, but it won't be unlimited. And I don't have to make anything or have leftovers. Time for work!

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3/28/13 9:18 A

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Good morning team.

Didn't wake up this morning for my strength training. Will do it this evening. Have a super busy day today. Already was going to be busy and now I'm covering some work for my partner. The girls get out of school early so Mom is picking them up and watching them for me this afternoon. I don't like doing that too often, but know that it is good for her to get out of the house.

Everyone have a great day!

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3/28/13 8:46 A

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Calories are a 50 cals under my minimum (I guess it makes up for the day or two I'm over) - and I've walked over 11,000 steps - so this is a losing-weight kinda day!

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3/28/13 8:43 A

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Good Morning!

We're having really nice weather right now.

Our Easter dinner will be pretty healthy except for the dessert. I've been waiting for this all Lent. I'm not really concerned about the calories right now because I'm training for an 8k and I've been doing alot of running.

Have a great day!


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3/28/13 7:47 A

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3/28/13 7:06 A

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Checking in after a long deep sleep. I seldom suffer from insomnia but man - did it kibosh me this week. I left the office around 2, though I didn't really think I was all that sleepy - I just new I was running on empty. Good thing, too, because even in the bright light of day, on the long straight stretch of highway I got sort of drowsy and had to open the car windows and sit up straight to stay awake.

Hot bath, clean sheets, slid into bed at 2 and woke up 3 hours later with my big white labrador cuddled up next to me. He wanted to make sure I was alright. Got good zzz's last night too so today I'm raring to go with a long day ahead of me:

Strength training in the morning
Walk at lunch
Dinner with girlfriend
Evening budget meeting with county officials

and then - tomorrow is FridayFridayFridayFridayFriday!

Hope everyone is feelin' the Friday get closer.


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3/28/13 6:54 A

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This morning is off to a good and healthy start. Heading out to work, then, afterwork, meeting up with friends for an Adventure Run. Every will be going out after to meet for an after party, but I don't know if I will go. If I do, I plan on sticking to a cup of hot tea. Yesterday wasn't the best yesterday, and I want to save up some extra cals. for the big Easter Brunch splurge. Taking some time off for a long wekend, so I'll have extra fitness time. Just going to work at being diligent about logging EVERY bite - even on Easter - and getting in plenty of fitness to offset any potential damage. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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3/28/13 6:40 A

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Good morning, team! Boy, I am with you on the holiday meals, Maree. When I think of the usual Easter menu I sort of flinch. Salty, fatty, rich and sweet! I came up with a plan I can live with. I am poaching salmon and having sauces available. I may make scalloped potatoes and eat just a bit myself. I'll add something green, like beans and/or a salad. My husband agreed, which surprised me. Maybe next year salmon will say EASTER to me!! BTW, I am sure there will be treats for breakfast. We are not saintly here. LOL

Good for you for hanging in with your bootcamp AND a run, Venise! Wow. I hope you have fun today.

I did a 5 mile walk yesterday and then went shopping in afternoon. LOTS of steps. Ate well too. Ready for a new yoga class today. Found one and can't wait.

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3/28/13 6:35 A

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Hey all

Sorry you didn't get enough sleep Maree. I am with you thinking about Easter. I plan on sitting away from the table that will have all of the junk food my family does.

Boot camp sounds awesome!

I just did two walking breaks at work yesterday. Then I bought new running shoes and my dog was giving me the big ears last night that means she wants a walk so I decided to beak in the new shoes with a brisk walk with the dog.

I'm still sore from working with the trainer Tuesday night. We have some appointments after work today so I think it will just be walking breaks again today.

The week is almost over!! Go forth and make it a geat day!

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3/28/13 4:18 A

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Good morning Maree and spark people! Looking forward to my daughters recorder show today. No plans for fitness today. Yesterday I did bootcamp and ran 3.5 miles with my girlfriends so feel like I can rest. Nutrition could have been better yesterday but hoping to do better with that today. Have a great day!

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3/28/13 4:04 A

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Good morning. Yesterday was a pretty good day, kind of a catch up, administrative day at work, which doesn't feel as productive but is necessary. Only 5.5 hrs of sleep, though. Maybe I can sleep another hour. I have my long walk with fitness buddy this morning. We meet at 5:15 and finish at about 6:35 a.m. Tracking is going better. My friends are posting lots of recipes that look so delicious for Easter and all I can think about is the calorie count and how off limits they are for me. Sure I can have a taste, but it just brings back cravings so it's better if I just don't indulge at all. Instead my focus for holidays is on the people and the conversation. Looking forward to time with my daughter and granddaughter this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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