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2/18/13 7:45 P

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Hi and Happy Birthday! I am sure you will get back on track. You will lose again soon! Best wishes on your week.
I walked my little doggie four times today. It was so cold and windy today. We had kind of short walks. The temperature is going up tomorrow and we will walk more. I have been drinking more water and I feel lighter. I am going to Tai Chi tomorrow morning for an hour class. Linda from bean town

Linda from bean town EST

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2/18/13 7:26 P

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I'm really late tonight. I missed checking in yesterday, but it was my birthday and I was busy celebrating. I over did it for 3 days. But not so bad the third day. And on this the third day, I did a good thing for myself by going out for an hour walk and 30 minutes on the bike upstairs. Just barely went over my calorie range for today. The last two days were really bad. I'm unhappy with myself. It's hard enough eating right and exercising with house guests here for a month, but add birthday celebrations and my stupid decision to make sugar cookies that I was craving and it became a disaster.

i recently told someone else that fresh starts aren't all that bad, so I need to listen to myself!


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2/18/13 10:47 A

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Did the tourist thing with my brother and sister-in-law yesterday. Today is my brother's birthday. We'll have breakfast with our Mom before they head for home. Then I get back to reality with grocery shopping and housework. Husband is working part of the day but hopes to work on his boat in the afternoon. I'm starting the week at on OK number on the scale, in spite of not tracking all weekend.

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2/18/13 10:38 A

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2/18/13 10:28 A

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Enjoying a quiet morning (other than DH being on a very long, animated phone call about his church stuff). I really wanted to go for a long walk, but I am feeling very wimpy about the cold. It was a very active weekend, and right now I'm warming my back on the heating pad while laundry hums away. Wish we had Maree's 50-degree temperature...wanting a spring day.

Enjoyed vegetarian food at the ashram this weekend, but I suspect it had more salt than I am used to. Scale up a bit, but not getting rid of water as fast as normal. Will let the salt settle out and check again in a couple of days.

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2/18/13 9:43 A

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Good morning team!

Really should be at the office today, but DH and the kids are home so I am too! Probably going to be working harder here than I would be there. LOL I've been posting for three days that I need to get some housework done and groceries bought. Got a little housework done yesterday, so will really buckle down today. Setting a timer. For every 15 minutes of housework I get 15 minutes of play. Posting here on my first break.

Food was a little on the naughty side this weekend. Will get some strength training in today and maybe a walk. It is supposed to be pretty out.

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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2/18/13 9:23 A

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Took the weekend off completely. I feel rested and recharged. I think I'm really to get going again!

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2/18/13 8:23 A

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I have to go into work today, but hopefully it will be relatively quiet because of the holiday. We have an audit starting today, but if things go as expected, that should have minimal impact on my day. I need to spend some time preparing for the conference I'm attending later this week, and I'm fairly confident I will get that time. I had to bake some muffins this weekend for my breakfasts all this week since I have to get out of here earlier than normal each day. Got plenty of sleep last night, so hopefully that won't be too challenging (I am a little notorious for cutting it close and running out the door...). About to do some ST with Coach Nicole.

Happy Monday all!

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2/18/13 7:55 A

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Had a "not too good" but "could be worse" few days this last week nutritionally and still fighting the fitness thing. Not giving up though. I'm grateful to still be below my Spark goal, but about six pounds over where I want to be. Going to get this figured out, and today will be a challenge since I will be getting together with the girls tonight and pizza is on the menu. Sticking with lean protein, fruit and veggies until tonight with a little fiber just to stay healthy and happy and feeling full.

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2/18/13 7:41 A

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I have a couple of lbs to lose t get back to my goal weight, but not being able to exercise is making it difficult. I've been staying on the lower end of my calories to help so I don't gain. I'd just like to get those extra lbs off. Holiday for the boys so I won't be accomplishing much around here.

Have a great day!


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2/18/13 7:39 A

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Good morning, had a great weekend with my whole family. My brother's wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday. I enjoyed sledding with my own son Sat, and pool, hot tub & going out to see escape from planet earth with the family. Trying to share a hotel room with 3 kids is a challenge,

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2/18/13 6:52 A

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Morning all! The scale is not kind to me this morning. It is just about TOM so I'll relax for now.

Tortoise, I'm glad you had a delightful piece of your granddaughter's birthday cake. I hope everyone has a great Monday. Unfortunately I have to work. That's a good thing that I appreciate.

We're getting closer to spring!!


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2/18/13 6:22 A

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Weighed in this morning and am doing fine at the scale. Busy day yesterday but worked in 45 minutes of elliptical as well as an active FITBIT count too. Made eating a piece of my grand daughter's birthday cake a guilt free, delicious experience (-:

Having a holiday today and cooking for friends tonight. Relaxed because I also finished my essay project yesterday. All is well here.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday.

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2/18/13 6:02 A

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crazy weather sunday - fierce wind (still) and rain showers, thought the rain had stopped around noon and finally went out for our walk and got caught in the next shower, and kept it short, just two mies. worked the rest of the afternoon and then climbed to a lookout just before sunset. gorgeous - but didn't stay for sunset, made it home just after dark and ended up with a total of 8.5 miles for the day anyway. that's a slow day these days! finding myself in the strange situation of having to eat to make sure i don't lose more weight, don't think that has happened since i was a teenager. not complaining, just weighing in and making sure...

work is going to be crazy from here on in...

have a good one!

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2/18/13 6:00 A

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Calories mid range, no cardio, did my ST. Took it easy today. Medical procedure tomorrow.

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2/18/13 5:29 A

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Good Monday morning! I hope those of you that have the day off enjoy your day. It's supposed to be nearly 50 degrees here, so it would be nice to have a holiday.

A busy weekend and lots of foods outside of my healthy list. Today I'll be getting back to routine. To the gym now for cardio for 30 min and ST for 60 min. Full day planned at the office--maybe it will be quiet with the holiday and I can get caught up a bit.

Cherishing memories of a good weekend...

Happy President's Day/Monday!

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