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2/3/13 12:14 A

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Wow, I guess people are out and about. I know I was most of the day. Just a fun, laid back kind of day. Did my pullup training, but still off my feet for cardio.

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2/2/13 7:12 P

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Well, this was a very busy day: ran 8 miles, went to spin class, then went to a basketball game with a gym buddy of mine before running a couple of errands then collapsing at home. It was a GREAT day, and now, I'm doing some laundry and relaxing a bit before I do some push-ups, sit-ups and a plank for a challenge I'm doing via Facebook.

Hope all of yas had a great Saturday as well!


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2/2/13 7:11 P

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Good plan, Lorilee. I'm sore, too, from my personal trainer session Wednesday on legs and core. Man, I way overdid it. My quads, glutes, and hamstrings are toast. After my first session I didn't feel a thing and told him. This time I can hardly move. Couldn't race my 5K - so I walk/jogged it with my nephew. My next session is Tuesday for arms and upper body. I'm definitely not going to push it so much.

All in all, though, I'm doing good. Weigh less than I have in more than a year. Love it!!

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2/2/13 6:27 P

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Sore from a ST workout yesterday. Wasn't a long workout but it was intense.

Today was a miserable eating day. I was under a lot of stress with 17 people here for a family party. Stress is definitely my eating out of control trigger. 2 uninvited guests showed up. Family members I haven't seen in 2 years. One is not a very easy person to have around.

I'm cutting myself off from food from 5:30 tonight, and will have a chill week with no stress in the next week, which will allow me to be back on track. I'm looking forward to having a great day tomorrow.

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2/2/13 3:35 P

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Later check-in for me, too. Yesterday was yet another very stressful work day, and I ended up giving in to the cravings last night again. Today has been good so far. When DH is gone, I usually get up earlier and start attacking my to-do list, so I got up, showered, cleaned the bathrooms, collected the towels for laundry, had a light breakfast, and left for yoga. Ran a couple of errands after yoga, then went to ST. Ugh! In my rotation, I was up to a heavy shoulder workout, but after I whined about how much shoulder work we had done at yoga, my trainer let me off the hook and mixed it up. Left ST and went for 3-mile walk, then stopped at the hardware store and came home. Still more errands, but I needed a SP break!

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2/2/13 1:09 P

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Hey hey hey! Checking in later than usual but it's good, I get to read a lot of positive vibes.

I was quite a lazy bum last night and over ate! My lab woke me up at 5:30 this morning to go outside so I told myself, ok get it in grear. I ate a few pretzels and a nutter butter cookie and got myself to the gym for a 3.2 mile run then worked the leg machines.

Got a good breakfast in me, showered and started laundry, much up and down stairs. Now I'm making my shopping list. Yes I'm crazy going out grocery shopping in the snow, the day before Super Bowl!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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2/2/13 12:08 P

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Tanya, you are a brave woman, going to Costco the day before the Super Bowl! I had a better night's sleep last night and am over my mad at my husband's boat purchase. It's done, so we'll go on from here. I love the ocean and would enjoy being out on a boat, but I think the reality of boat ownership will start crashing down on my beloved any moment now. I brightly suggested we have breakfast in and then go to the marina and start taking stock, seeing what the boat needs and start cleaning. Oh boy, cleaning, how fun is that! emoticon He said that he needs to get it out of the water to get the hull painted, "that should be the big expense". He hopes. It looks a bit foggy, so we couldn't sail today, even if he knew how to handle it. We're hosting a small family Super Bowl party. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to make my usual beef and bean chili (like my Daddy taught me) a white chicken chili (which would be new for me) or both. I'm soaking just over 2 lbs of beans, I plan to cook them all by themselves and them mix them with the goodies. I'm hoping that since I'm cooking the main dish that I'll be able to restrain myself. I don't think the stress has helped me get closer to goal, but I'm holding fairly steady.

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2/2/13 10:11 A

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So glad it's the weekend! I have been needing it. I'm about to do some yoga and then will make my grocery list over breakfast. It's going to be nice and warm here this weekend - we might even be able to open the windows in the afternoon! I have some responsibilities I have to take care of for a committee I'm a part of, but otherwise I want to put my feet up as much as possible. =)

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2/2/13 10:10 A

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Good morning team!
I have my dinner menus ready to go for next week and will get to the grocery store today. Have some housework I need to get done. It is supposed to be beautiful here this weekend (sorry to brag emoticon ) so I imagine I will get the girls out and go to the park or do something else fun.

I have a rest day planned today. Got Coach Nicole's Total Body Sculpting dvd and can't wait to try it!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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2/2/13 9:39 A

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Happy Birthday wishes to your husband and shout out to the 28 Day Jumpstart, Toni!
A trip to Costco today, some errands and then tomorrow we are in our first 5k!

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2/2/13 8:01 A

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Good Morning!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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2/2/13 7:43 A

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There's a definite positive vibe here this morning that's very contagious.

Tortoise - Happy Birthday to your husband. He shares the day with my 14 yo grandson.

It's 18* here. Nothing outside for me. Even a drive to the gym is unappealing, but I will go. Today is distance run day, so treadmill here I come.

Combining trips to the post office and grocery store too.

Have a good day everyone.

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2/2/13 7:26 A

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About 100 calories over my max - but I've walked over 23,000 steps - so it more than balances out!

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2/2/13 6:54 A

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Happy birthday to your husband, Toni. Very cold day here. My workout for today will be babysitting my 1 year old granddaughter. She's staying overnight! Looking forward to it. Pat

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2/2/13 6:01 A

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Good morning, Irene and Maree, and everyone checking in later today. I'm up early about to make a birthday breakfast for my husband. Excited to celebrate with him. It will be a quiet day--family party was earlier this week--with just the two of us. We are both looking forward to it.

I feel optimistic about February too, Irene. I am starting the 28 Day Challenge. The number of days is right for February and I love that it has 10 minute videos in it to get me to try new stuff. I tried a challenge in Jan and got sick, so this time I hope to make it happen.

I relaxed yesterday--much needed--after sending son off to Wyoming for his wilderness adventure.

I hope everyone gets some R & R in their weekends. I love what you said about how checking in makes you see patterns, Maree! So true. Toni

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2/2/13 4:24 A

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Maree. i am often up in the night but my night is on a different time zone to most of you,

Saturdays always start with a call from my number 4 son. I enjoy good chat with him and catch up on his family's news.
Now to start today's chores, I am feeling quite positive about February.
I listed my aims for the month to keep me focused .
It's bring sunny and cold I day is hall wrap up warm and go for a walk later, enjoy your days Irene

Irene in Nottinghamshire UK
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2/2/13 3:44 A

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Hello team. I started to say "good morning", but it really is the middle of the night. I woke up at midnight and have had a couple cups of hot tea (no caffiene) so I hope to go back to sleep. I had a great day yesterday until about 2:00 and then I got slammed at work. I should probably go in the office this weekend to catch up but then there's the ton of work to do here (working on laundry as we speak). ugh. Not to mention, trying to stay balanced and have a little fun, too.

These daily check-ins help me see a pattern--I need more help at work. I'm proud of myself for asking for help this week, and benefited from it, too. There's been so many times when delegating work has bogged me down to make it worse, so I tend not to ask.

Anyway, hope you all have a great Saturday!

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