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12/22/12 3:43 A

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12/21/12 9:13 P

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Hello, team! I was WAY off yesterday--had our work party and I overdid. So I am back on track today. BUT--I didn't get to the gym--hoping to do so tomorrow AM. My DDs are ALMOST home--they got snowed in in the Midwest and then delayed today so hoping their plane does land on time here in NJ...haven't seen either of them since August.

So--gym on Saturday, walking on Sunday, class on Monday and then relax a bit on Christmas! I do hope the scale will be better to me tomorrow....

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12/21/12 3:38 P

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Hello team!

Skipped my workout yesterday, but got up early for boot camp class this morning. Festivities are in full swing here. Splurged on a couple of sugar cookies earlier, but have a healthy dinner planned for tonight for FIL's birthday. Trying to get my house cleaned right now.

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/21/12 12:44 P

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So cold and windy last night- the sun is beautiful today, and man I needed a little good old vitamin D.
Did an hour of shoveling this AM, weight is about half pound below goal. Getting more Christmas things done around house- slept in this morning- definitely felt like a slug :( But--like I said--the sunshine did me good, even though it's cold. Need to run a few more errands today, and I should be all ready for Christmas :)
Have a great Friday and weekend and Christmas--may not check in again until after :)


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12/21/12 11:00 A

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Haven't had enough time (or energy to be honest) to do my cardio. We leave for the East Coast on Sunday night and I've been scrambling to get things done. Not only am I in a Christmas show (and have to be there at 6:30pm nightly, which would normally be my workout time), but I'm fighting some kind of flu that my Dad brought home from work.

All of the excuses above are to basically say that I haven't exercised since Sunday of last week. Granted, I'm still in my range of 185-190 (weighed in at 189 AGAIN today), but I wanted to see 185 one more time before I left.

I'm not giving up though, I've got 3 days to continue to eat well and hopefully get some cardio in when I can.

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12/21/12 10:09 A

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Good Morning team.. I was down .5 of a pound this week and feel pretty good. It's going to be a crazy weekend for shoppers, so I'm staying home and focusing on my cardio and yoga.

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12/21/12 10:08 A

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I had a great day off. Didn't get much done but took my Mom to brunch and got my hair cut. It was nice just to take some time shopping for nothing! My husband suggested we go out for Chinese food, so my weight is up another pound this morning. If I can't get rid of some of this fluid build up in the next day or so, I'm going to be out of the new maintenance challenge before it gets going! emoticon

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12/21/12 9:19 A

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So when was it that the world was supposed to end? It hasn't yet, has it? LOL!

LEB, you'd miss presents if you didn't do them, but I know what you mean.

I suspect I'll be working right through Christmas, at least when we aren't getting together with anyone, because I'm grabbing work time when I can!

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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12/21/12 8:27 A

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Well it certainly feels like winter!

I had a workout scheduled last night but I skipped it to do Christmas shopping. Now that everything's out of the way present-wise I feel like a weight has been lifted. Note to self: Skip presents next year. Nothing ruins a good holiday like stressing about material things.

After work I have to get an oil change, do laundry, pack, and manage to get a workout in. I may not get a chance to do another check in before Tuesday, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY FAVORITE TEAM emoticon

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12/21/12 7:38 A

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Jane, congrats on your success, and have a great vacay!

Well, the world did not end, so here I sit in the office on the Solstice, feeling a bit like a slug. I didn't take advantage of the last two nice days to get some exercise (swamped at work; MIL visiting at home), and the weather changed last night. At least we didn't get all that snow like the Midwest got (say warm, you guys!), but it turned rainy and cold, and high winds are forecast for tomorrow. The treadmill is looking more inviting, and since my massage therapist had to cancel for tomorrow due to illness, perhaps ST will be in the plan. Must. Do. Something.

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12/21/12 7:37 A

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Checking in for the first time since I left for Hawaii on the 10th. We had a wonderful time! We are already missing the sweetness of little Ingrid. While we were there, my DIL had an ultrasound and found out the next baby is a boy! Yay!

PHEBESS. I love traveling, too, but I just don't know how to handle the eating while away. I just got back from my trip to Hawaii, visiting my son, his wife and their toddler. We ate out half the time. He wanted me to try new foods. Fortunately he was happy with me just tasting things and not having to order my own. But I am dreading getting on the scale. My clothes fit but a bit snug. I do know the number will be higher than I left, but I think I will give myself a week to drink lots of water, and eat normally before I weigh myself.

I didn't obsess over calories and enjoyed the food, focusing more on serving size. But there was something sweet introduced to us each day. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this trip better because I didn't sweat gaining. I am ready to rein it all in now.

My happy news is that I was able to get good exercise every day we were away. Not including my last 24 hours of travel, coming home. 9 out of 10 days.


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12/21/12 7:11 A

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Snow and cold wind today - yuck.

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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12/21/12 7:06 A

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GOOOD MORNING everybody! brrr it's cold here in the Dallas area today.

I am finally going to attempt my first run since the marathon tomorrow. I've been allowing my body to heal and rest up for two weeks, it's time. :-)

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Pain don't hurt......

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12/21/12 6:22 A

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First day of vacation! HOORAY!

So I woke up at my usual time, despite being up late last night. UGH. I have a long workout planned for today (ST, 5k run, some bike work), then laundry and packing. My date was cancelled for today, so I have more time for myself, which is a good thing. Fortunately, I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow; my flight leaves at 10:20, and I usually end up sleeping on planes and in cars that I'm not driving anyways.

Today was the next to last weigh-in on my Done with Being the Fat Girl team's challenge, so I weighed and measured: still doing well weight-wise, and I lost another 3.5 inches! I can't believe I now have a 32 inch waist and 40 inch hips! I don't think I was this small since high school!

Guess I'd better get ready to head to the gym soon. Have a FABULOUS Friday, everyone!


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12/21/12 5:39 A

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Low end of range for calories, walked 6 miles, drank lots of water. Great day! (I love retirement and travelling!)

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12/21/12 5:30 A

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yesterday was snow blowing. mileage is not so high this week with three days of snow blowing (!), but the exercise level was of course up. splurged on garlic bread, the first since i began on SP, but weight has been low enough that it did not matter. back to the usual now...

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12/21/12 5:28 A

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Good morning!

Driving today, but planning to do squats and push ups before setting out and getting in some walking/micro breaks at rest stops. Hard to sit so much!

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