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12/15/12 9:23 P

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Good evening!

Well, food was bad the past couple of days, though I stayed in range. I had spinach and artichoke dip and tortilla chips for dinner last night and chocolate covered peanuts for dinner tonight. But at least the tempting foods are now out of the house, so I'm back on track.

I will say that the tragedy in Connecticut did affect me, since I used to live not too far from there, and I still have a lot of friends in that neck of the woods (though none with kids who went to Sandy Hook, thank goodness!), so I was a bit of a mess yesterday.

Workouts were still on point this weekend, though. Did some elliptical and strength training last night, finished strength training this morning after Zumba and indoor cycling classes. Tomorrow, I do my long run at the gym.

Fortunately, my knee is healed enough that wearing tights and leggings doesn't bother it as much as I thought. I still want to run indoors with shorts this week, though, to make sure that I don't aggravate the scabs more than I already do, since I want it as healed as possible when I get on the plane next Saturday.

Also did a ton of errands today: FINALLY found a pair of jeans that fit (small waist + big thighs = MAJOR problems!), almost finished Christmas shopping, got groceries, picked up some other random stuff at Target, and got food for the kitties (sale at PetSmart on Nutro Natural Choice cat food if anyone's interested!).

So overall, it's shaping up to be a good weekend. Date tomorrow afternoon.


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12/15/12 4:48 P

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I responded to VTRICIA's blog on grief and liked her explanation of the body's physical response to emotional distress in terms of eating. I have been feeling hungry and out of sorts all day as I process what happened in Connecticut. I don't know why this slaughter has hit me so hard, but I'm guessing that coming on the heels of the Oregon shootings, I reached my tragedy tipping point. I am consciously allowing myself to eat more, but I am logging everything.

On the plus side, I had an awesome yoga class this morning, and DH and I walked around a new shopping center, buying very little. He insisted on getting me a sweater, so I told him to wrap it up and put it under the tree. We sort of agreed not to give each other things this year, because (1) we'd rather put the money toward travel, and (2) we need to get serious about finances and save up money to move to the West Coast when we retire.

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12/15/12 12:11 P

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As promise, had cookies for lunch yesterday. I don't think I'll need any sweets for awhile now. Still ended the day in range and this morning am down a bit. We were talking at work yesterday about alcohol and I mentioned that I have to be careful because it hits me harder than when I weighed 20-30 lbs more. One coworker that I've worked with for over 20 years said, "I don't even remember you weighing that much." Something to remember. It's only me who still sees the fat girl in the mirror!

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12/15/12 11:34 A

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I'm doing well. So far so good.

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12/15/12 11:03 A

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Good morning!

Me and DH went on our first big shopping trip yesterday. Got the majority of it done. Phew. Weight is up a little this morning after my run in with the soy sauce bottle yesterday. Will drink plenty of water today to get the sodium flushed out.

Planned a rest day today as far as exercise goes. I'm doing some cooking. Trying a lentil meatball recipe. It makes a lot so I will put some in the freezer.

Made a delicious spark recipe last night and did a food blog. Check it out...

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/15/12 10:45 A

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Such a busy week ... add to that a short bout with food poisoning and work and trying to fit in fitness where I can get it along with holiday prep. I'm afraid to get on the scale since for two for two days I ate what I could keep down, which wasn't very healthy and missed a couple of good workouts. Today is cold and rainy and work tonight from 1-10. Church tomorrow 7- 12:30, then out of town guest coming in and want to to out to eat plus need to fit in my long run 6-7 miles. Wish me luck! Looks like the week between Christmas and New Years will be a lighter week finally - thank God!

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12/15/12 10:37 A

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Good morning folks.. I too was so saddened by the shool shootings in CT.. I can't even begin to imagine the pain those parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sibblings and community must be feeling..

On the weight note, I'm still dropping, so need to add in a few more calories each day.. that's great..

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12/15/12 9:51 A

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Counting my blessings too. The pups have me so on the run that I didn't have a chance to dwell too much on yesterday's tragic news, and my weight is dropping. Time to consciously add back in 100 calories.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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12/15/12 8:31 A

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Holding steady at my new goal weight of 147! Paid my bills when I got up, now I'm trying to plan out the rest of my day.
Have a great weekend everyone- counting my blessings.


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12/15/12 7:13 A

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I believe in myself, I am a strong woman. I will reach my goals, I will live my life with integrity and intention. I will set a good example for my daughters and my son. I will be a woman that makes my grand children proud when they look at pictures of me long after I've left this earth.

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12/15/12 6:14 A
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Good morning. Good weigh in today. Hubby took "his sweety" out to dinner Thursday night; Salmon - mmmmm. I indulged in the rolls, but packaged up the sweet potato and part of the salmon to enjoy over several days. It's raining this morning, so I'm still deciding on my fitness options. Meeting my workout girlfriends this morning for "Christmas Coffee"--love it.

Yes, Sue, another horrific tragedy, unbelievably sad. Now, reportedly,due to mental illness of shooter. Parents lose control over their children at age 18; they can no longer force them to obtain treatment unless they institute proceedings for adult guardianship. After an hour or so of news reports, though, I had to switch to Christmas movies--it's just too much heaviness for my heart.

Hope all maintainers have a great day! Oh, it's my 18 mo anniversary today :))

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12/15/12 6:02 A

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Good morning, team mates,

Staggering loss in CT. School is supposed to be the safest place. Sending thoughts and prayers up to everyone impacted.

I hope everyone has some rest and peace in their weekend.

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12/15/12 5:43 A

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12/15/12 5:11 A

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good morning. up early to take advantage of the silence in the house, now starting to be filled, to get some work done. feeling heartsick after yesterday's events, hard to think about the trivial things in life, which are indeed still on track. came back from seattle with weight down, enjoyed having the fitbit to show that yes indeed i was still walking and getting fitness minutes in.

but today, all i can think about was that if lawmakers had listened to the pleas for gun control laws by the survivors of every previous massacre, from columbine to virginia tech to arizona to aurora, and everything in between and since, the parents of these children would not be suffering such agony today.

the right to life trumps the right to guns. we should not only be praying for these poor people, we should be telling our lawmakers to do something now, so it will never happen again. guns kill.

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