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12/14/12 7:22 P

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I've been sliding for a week or so, fell off the wagon completely Wednesday, started picking myself back up yesterday, and am feeling pretty good today. I need to keep going in the right direction through the weekend! Wish me luck. I am at goal weight today after eating quite a bit of junk lately. I think I may need to lower my goal by a pound and see what happens. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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12/14/12 5:20 P

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1445 cals and walked 12,000+ steps - that's a good day!

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12/14/12 1:58 P

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I got my flu vaccine and antibiotics for my ear infection today. skipped breakfast, even though my darling son asked me to eat w/him :( TGIF

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12/14/12 11:58 A

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Just got back from a run. Feeling really good!

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12/14/12 11:22 A

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Morning all! Still staying within 1% of my target/goal weight. So I'm guessing that's good.

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12/14/12 11:12 A

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Good morning everyone!
I had another good weigh in- staying one pound below original goal- maybe I should actually make the official goal change??
Plans for ST@Y today after work. Supper is already made- veg-beef soup, so I can get some holiday preparations made hopefully tonight.
Glad it's Friday- looking forward to getting some more things done around the house!


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12/14/12 11:10 A

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Cat, I love giving relationship advice but feel at a loss for words here. All I can say is you might as well at least give him one face-to-face. When I met my husband in 1991 I wasn't thrilled about him to begin with. He was so interested. Too interested and really not my type... but a mutual friend told me he was a diamond. I declined the first invitation and accepted the second... 9 months later we were married. He's my best friend and the love of my life.

Things are going well. On the scale this morning I was at my high end, 135. I'm proud of that considering the time of year.

I'm burnt out on my workouts. With a few illnesses the last month that have kept me from my routine workouts, I've slacked off but have really focused on healthy, raw foods.

I'm on the search for a fresh workout. I think I've narrowed a few of them down and plan to use gift money on their purchase.

With a new puppy in the house, I'm nervous about her reaction to my early morning workouts once I get back into them. She goes nuts when she's awake for my yoga and ab workouts as it is. I can imagine her trying to herd me along (she's an Australian Shepherd with strong herding instincts) during early morning cardio. She needs to get bigger so that I don't worry about stepping on her.

Tonight is our fancy work holiday party, formal attire. I am so excited about the food! It's always gourmet and fabulous! I ate my Wheaties for breakfast. I'll have a salad for lunch with my usual fresh fruit snack between lunch and dinner and then gourmet finger foods at the holiday party. Of course, dancing to American Vintage Orchestra and balancing in heels. I hate heels but I love the music!


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12/14/12 10:45 A

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Good Morning folks.. I had a good weigh in this morning and I haven't gained this week.. week 3 in maintenance. Now that I'm feeling more up to par, I can get back to exercising with more gusto!

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12/14/12 10:25 A

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Found this on another team. Hope this helps.

Ruth recently replied about having an issue with an ad blocking her points wheel and other irritating ads she was getting. I asked the business group about it and here's what they told me:

"If you send an email to with the details of the ad and what's happening, they can check into it."

Hopefully that will help you out Ruth (and others who are having ad issues.)

Some in the group said you should switch to the Firefox web browser (I think it's a free download) because it seems to block ads pretty well. Others said you should get "Ad Blocker" software, which they said does an excellent job of blocking ads.

So far I'm only getting "aggrivating" ads on my computer and none that actually block anything, but it seems like these ads on Spark are very "individual" and some of you may be getting some really bad ones (one member even said she was getting ads that actually blocked her out of Spark for a few hours!) Some of these ads are without a doubt virus's, too--probably not the "computer destroying" kind, but just the irritating kind that need to be removed.

So anyone who's having issues, write to and tell them about it. Hopefully it will result in some changes for you. If not, think about getting Firefox and/or Ad Blocker. Hope this helps.

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12/14/12 10:14 A

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Cat--I'm of mixed mind on this. Your 'spidey-sense" is probably right and he isn't the one, but I'd be inclined to at least give him one in-person shot. Brightly lit public place, exits in all directions...oh wait, that was my first meeting with my husband! Guys get nervous, want to make a good impression and all that the same as women do. He might just be dealing with his own fears of rejection. I'd meet him and if (as you suspect) he's a no-go, let him know gently but firmly. I think it's part of getting back into dating to have a few dud dates.

I'm really glad this is Friday. The work week has been so hectic and there has been so much to do at home that I just want to have a quiet collapse. Brother and sister-in-law having a housewarming gathering tomorrow afternoon. I talked my husband out of going skiing. I took lessons last year and truth told, I'm afraid that I'll have forgotten everything. I want to put if off until I'm feeling less frazzled.

"Secret Santa" reveal party at work. We're having a cookie exchange, which isn't really an exchange--just a chance to eat lots of cookies. I'm going to just let that be lunch.

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12/14/12 9:52 A

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Cat, if the "relationship" already feels uncomfortable, do you think it will somehow get better? Trust your instincts.

Now heading over to the other thread to check in on Celia!

I'm doing good, weight dropping because what was apparently a heavy focus on food is broken by the puppy girls! I think I needed a new challenge!

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12/14/12 8:39 A

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Good morning, team. I wanted to update you on my Dad. The laser procedure they did on him was expected to take 3 hours. However, they located the area to work on quicker than anticipated so it only took 1.5 hours. Everything went well. His heart is pumping more regular now and he was able to return home yesterday afternoon. Mom said that he is resting well. DH and I will be flying down on Monday morning for a few days to visit and help them. Thanks again for your prayers.

The next few days are full for us: school choirs rehearse today with their concert on Sunday, an adult choir performance this evening, church program practice tomorrow morning. I have made plans to get my daily workouts sandwiched in between all of that. My parents are in AZ, so next week I look forward to doing some running outside.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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12/14/12 8:21 A

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Good luck with the struggle, Zennith!

Jane, I wish I had your energy! I would love to be able to eat more, but given time constraints and resistance to heavier cardio, I know that will not happen.

Toni, have fun with the holiday prep!

Most of my update is not the maintaining or backsliding thread, so I'll just wish everyone a great weekend!

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12/14/12 7:48 A

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Things feel a bit up and down at the moment. As much as I want to prioritize Spark and healthy choices I have to prioritize money. I really want to be a stay at home mum so I'm trying to find ways of working from home - maybe setting up a small business. But it's taking up a lot of my mental energy. Plus because money's tight I find myself skipping the fish and fresh veggies for lunch and just having something that I know isn't expensive! I really don't want to sabotage things for myself so I'm going to blog this weekend about simultaneously budgeting calories (with good protein) and food costs. If I can feel like I am working on both problems at once I will be back on track in no time.

CATMAGNET It's always possible he's just nervous but go with whatever your gut feeling is, when you find someone it'll just feel right all the way.

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12/14/12 6:11 A

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I had a fantastic post going and then this STUPID ad blocked it and I couldn't type anymore. WTF? I get that it's a free site and all and they need advertising revenue, but if I can't even write a post and do what I need to do, I get a bit annoyed.

So Toni, thanks for the kind words about my picture! I know most people don't take pictures post-workout but SparkPeople wanted some "after" pictures to go along with the Success Story Questionnaire they wanted me to complete, and I wanted to show off some of my new workout gear. :) Not sure if anything will come out of the questionnaire, but we'll see.

Had a good step class last night, since things are a bit stressful at work. Going to have to put a Medicare auditor from hell in her place, because she is ticking off people from hospitals with her unreasonable requests for documentation. Fortunately, folks in my office know that I'm just the one to do it, because I used to do her job before I saw the light and started working on the hospital end.

I'm struggling a bit with my food lately. Apparently with the level of exercise I'm doing, my ranges are higher than what I'm comfortable with (1960 calories MINIMUM? Are you kidding me?), and although I'm sure it's water weight, I re-gained a pound today. I'm going to go back to where I'm comfortable (1700 calories or so) and play it there for a bit.

My date has also been postponed until Sunday. He decided to leave not one but TWO messages on my machine in less than 24 hours. Ummmm...buddy? ONE message will suffice, thank you very much!!!! Now that I see how eagerness can be such a total turnoff, I almost want to cancel things with this guy. I haven't met him yet and I already feel a bit smothered, especially when I haven't met him and he's already offering to drive me to the airport and he's talking about our relationship in hypotheticals. After being out of the dating scene for over 3 years and this is my introduction, I'm not sure if I even want to go there. I'd appreciate any input you folks may have on this situation.

Anyhow, I'd better go on my short run. Decided to do strength training after work today. :)

Have a FABULOUS Friday, everyone!


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12/14/12 4:51 A

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G'mornin' Spark Maintainers, Up early this morning. I like it when the house is quiet and I have some time to get "sorted out." Busy with work, holiday prep. Do have a plan to walk this morning with my husband; a nice change of pace from more intense workouts.

I hope every one starts their day well. Just listened to a Spark Coach video on eating breakfast. I always do--probably my favorite meal and easiest to eat healthy. What about everyone else? Eat breakfast?


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