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12/3/12 6:58 P

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Wow, Maree, hope your life gets normal again - sounds stressful to say the least!

Yesterday - moderate walking, moderate eating - relaxing from our mountain climb the previous day.

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12/3/12 6:25 P

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Hi team.

It nice to get back to "normal" and read what you are all up to. I've had an emergency room/hospital admission with the granddaughter -- but she is now fine -- and an accident (motorcyclist pulling out in front of me on highway--but he survived somehow and is okay). Last night I very mindfully ate a chunk of pumpkin bread knowing full well it was a comfort and a reward for surviving a stressful weekend. So I will get on the scale later. Thankfully, a great workout this morning (the good instructor!!) and good friends to vent with. Back on track.

Take care.

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12/3/12 4:38 P

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Michelle, I am happy for you that the scale is going in the right direction. Mine isn't but I am going to hopefully correct that this week.

I had to bake cookies today. The 90 year old woman I work for doesn't bake and wanted to give a gift basket to her dentist office. With sweets in it, can you believe that? Well I had to let her use her own judgement on that, she is very sharp, but anyway, her husband is a retired dentist. She should know about these things better than I would, right? At least I'm feeling traditional and getting some baking done without the cookies sitting around the house. I put on Christmas music and got busy. Will decorate them tonight after my date with hubby.


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12/3/12 3:53 P

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I was glad to see the scale come down this morning. I'm still a little above goal (less than 1 pound), but I'm not annoyed with myself anymore.
Busy day- I have to do my bi-monthly errands for my grandma today after work, and I always have to psyche myself up for that...I'd rather be able to get my ST@Y in that was originally on my agenda :(


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12/3/12 2:33 P

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I'm still new to this team but I was MIA for the holiday then fell ill with an aggressive double eye virus last week. Last day of medication is today and I'm thankful for that because the steroids are making it nearly impossible to sleep at night.

It's good to see some familiar names on today's posts!

I gained 7 pounds over the holiday but have successfully taken them all off. It's amazing what eating fresh, unprocessed foods can do for my energy level and my waistline. Also, we added a puppy to our family. A 6 week old Australian Shepherd. She's the best thing ever. I'm very attached to her and it's only been a week. She's potty training and keeping us all busy tending to her every whim. I love it!

Last night my daughter and I made a recipe from the SELF website... Lemon Blueberry Bread. It wasn't a healthy recipe... too much sugar and oil but VERY tasty. None of my kids like it (too tart) so guess what... I'll be bringing it to work tomorrow for my co-workers to enjoy. If I don't bring it for them I'll eat the entire loaf by myself!


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12/3/12 10:55 A

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Finally back down to nearly the midrange (1/2 lb away). Got in a total of 8.75 miles this weekend, and although they were slow and I struggled on the hills, it felt GREAT!!! Closing at work tonight, then 8-5 tomorrow and lighting practice at 7. Going to treat myself to dinner out (BWW or Panera) if I stick with the fitness streak today and tomorrow.

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12/3/12 10:41 A

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Hiya everyone.. I woke up tired this morning and made myself get up early as it's a walk day with my 83 year old walking partner. I swear somedays she has more energy than I do and that is so motivating!! Hopefully the fresh air will clear my head!!

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12/3/12 10:18 A

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Up two pounds from yesterday for no apparent reason. Depressing start to the week. I was in range on food yesterday, so it's either a delayed reaction to Saturday's eating or is somehow related to the fact that I forgot to take my medications Sunday morning. I'm trying to arrange my dinner menus for the week. Icky weather will make my resolve to do more walking harder. Let's make it a great week!

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12/3/12 9:38 A

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Good morning all!! Woke up early and went to my 5 am boot camp class. Felt great. I made a new breakfast quinoa recipe last night (for the week) and it was delicious. Marking some things off of my to do list that I've been procrastinating on and that feels great!

Everyone have a healthy day!

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12/3/12 9:25 A

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Lots of yard work yesterday and a light parade sat night with DGC - fun weekend. On the good side of hormones right now so looking forward to the month - really hoping I don't fall hard hormonally into the "pit." Everyone have a great day!

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12/3/12 8:33 A

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Tortise, thanks for the link to the random acts of kindness blog. Got me started thinking about what I could do.

Jane and Laura, hope you are feeling better soon!

Brooklyn, I can feel your excitement over the upcoming cruise and hope the stress of preparing for it isn't too much.

Christie, I know you'll do better today.

Had a good weekend all around: food, fitness, cleaning, organizing. I didn't get through everything on my to do list, but it's good to feel like I'm making progress after two months of stagnating.

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12/3/12 8:28 A

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Morning All!

Yesterday I felt awful... DOMS + hangover + scratchy throat. After a day of taking it easy and icing my knee, I feel pretty good this morning. Can't wait to get in my easy run this evening. I'm starting to CRAVE running... chasing that endorphin high!!

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12/3/12 8:21 A

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Good morning, all!

This weekend was pretty much disastrous. I feel into an eating-my-feelings hole. I am digging myself out today.

Have a great day!

~Christie in NC

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12/3/12 8:21 A

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We're all such kind people here at Spark, Tortoise, that shouldn't be too hard!

Jane, you're an inspiration! I just went to your blog and saw how you finished your run despite injuries!

Back to work. Have a good one, all!

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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12/3/12 8:21 A

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JANE - so sorry you are feeling unwell this morning ... emoticon

BROOKLYN BORN - It is a blessing to sing at nursing homes...I sing too...and I take my children...we always leave just has blessed as the residents. emoticon
Enjoy your trip ...stay warm! emoticon

My throat is so much better today. Enjoyed cardio in moderation truly helped me heal up. More holiday plans today emoticon ...:::after I teach a 1/2 day of home school, we are off to visit "grandpa from Joisy"! What a wonderful time of year this is!

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12/3/12 7:53 A

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Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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12/3/12 6:45 A

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Tortoise - Great idea. Imagine if everyone did that. I will try.
Catmagnet - Take care of yourself.

After my busy weekend, I'm taking it easy today. I sing at a nursing home this morning. Then maybe a short walk to loosen up tight muscles. I've got to start packing for our trip. It will be colder on the northern Rhine than here in Virginia. Layers, layers, layers. I hope to get in for a massage before we leave. I don't want to start a 10 hour flight already stiff.

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12/3/12 5:47 A

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Well, my carb cravings are taking their toll: re-gained a couple of pounds, but will cut back a bit and see how that goes.

My face is definitely hurting. I was up most of last night due to the pain, though the knees and hands didn't cause too much trouble. My right eye is swollen about halfway, so I REALLY look like I went 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. Will work from home today, since I know I'm going to need to nap a little during the day, and may try a little strength training/light cardio. We'll see how it goes.


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12/3/12 5:35 A

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Woke up thinking how I want to savor month. Then got idea from blog to do an act of kindnesss every day until Christmas. Such a great activity to keep in balance!

Here is the link:

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