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11/23/12 10:04 P

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Impressed with MAREE1953,I would say you handled it the best, atta girl!! I have been dealing with continuous bad GI tract upset, so food isn't at the top of my list. I managed to get through my exercise this morning, but my tummy was kicking me and before I could even finish my stretches, I had to run :( This has been going on and off for weeks. I am getting it investigated, but while its awesome to have free health care in Canada, the waiting times to get into the facilities is the payback. I don't get the pelvic ultrasound until Dec 5. The bottom dropped out of our temperatures after the snowstorm, so unable to get out to my fitness facilities with my scooter (batteries not rated below -21 C (-4F) They die quickly in colder weather and these ones are eight years old and are not supposed to last more than three years!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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11/23/12 9:56 P

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Big activity day as we cleaned up our adopted section of road, and was it every trashed out! Really tired now, so this is a quick check-in before bed.

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11/23/12 3:30 P

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Stayed mid-range in calories yesterday with a 400 calorie workout. Ended up losing a pound overnight. I doubt I ever experienced a loss the day after That holiday!

I must report that all my fussing about the vegan meal my daughter was preparing for Thanksgiving was silly. The food was tasty and healthy. Most traditional items had suitable substitutes. The only thing that didn't match up very well was lentil loaf in replacement of turkey. But I didn't really feel unsatisfied. I enjoyed family time and am always amazed at how my 2 and 3 year old grandkids will eat anything they are exposed to. My daughter and SIL are doing a great job with them helping them have wonderful eating habits.


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11/23/12 12:39 P

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2000 calories yesterday, not bad at all. If I hadn't had those last 2 choc chip cookies, I would even have been in range. I cut down a little on each meal and snack throughout the day to give myself some wiggle room.

I LOVE my new compression tights. 5.5 miles done this morning, the longest in quite a while.

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11/23/12 12:22 P

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Still cooking today with the leftovers. Also, its my son's 19th birthday. I also have things to cook for tomorrow when we gather with my husband's family. Very cold today. But, I might try to get out for a run again today.

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11/23/12 11:19 A

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I was happy to see that the scale only showed a .4 increase this morning and I can attribute that to higher sodium.

I am so thankful that that one holiday is over and that I have a little breather before the Christmas holidays get here. And Im not waiting for December to get my goals clear and to get going. Im starting now, today! I need to give myself a challenge for moving.

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11/23/12 10:57 A

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Good morning! I haven't tracked yesterday yet but I did stick to good foods and decent portions. So I'm happy the way the day went.

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11/23/12 10:53 A

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Good morning.I did the R.I.P.P.E.D. class at the gym today. My daughter came too with a visitor pass. It was fun, pretty slim on attendance but great instructor.

Yesterday morning I was getting dressed and came up with the strategy to keep from over-eating--I got out my "skinny" jeans, the ones from ten years ago that have NO stretch. I wiggled into them, got them zippered, and did not over-eat. I put them on again today, too, until the leftovers are gone. Great relaxing day; took a couple of walks too.

No shopping other than maybe getting my Christmas tree and putting it in a bucket of water until we get it up.

Hope everyone enjoys their day!!

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11/23/12 10:22 A

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Yeah, I overdid on the calories yesterday, but not much damage was done to my weight, and I'll get back on track today. In spite of the wheat products all around us, I didn't touch any!

Today we're going to a local restaurant on the water, and in the afternoon I'm getting the treat I promised myself for reaching goal: a trip to Goodwill!

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11/23/12 10:10 A

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The food yesterday was so good! I overindulged- but right back on track today. Three pound gain overnight- quite eye-opening. Blows my mind to think that once upon a time I ate like I did yesterday at least once a week-sounds like a perfect recipe for steady gain- no wonder.

Shopping today- lots of walking- time enjoyed with my two best friends- it will be great! More wood cutting tomorrow is on the agenda too. Have a great day!


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11/23/12 10:02 A

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I had a very quiet Thanksgiving. Dinner with my Mom at her retirement home, so everything was portion controlled. Even at that, with a piece of pie at home in the evening I was over on calories. I am down a tenth of a pound since yesterday, though! I know it was the right thing to do, but I really missed being with my husband's big loud family. Our cats thought it was a great holiday, though. Plenty of lap time for everybody! emoticon I'm back at work today. Expecting it to be slow, but hoping the day goes quickly.

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11/23/12 9:09 A

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Good Morning!!

I had a blast cooking yesterday. I dare say I've outdone myself :) The highlight for me was scratch-made stuffing roasted in the bird. I made it with the bread recipe that I blogged about last Friday, and it was terrific. BF was thoroughly impressed, and his dishes were amazing too.

Thanksgiving 2012 grand total: 3300 total cals for the day, 3000 from the dinner alone, 500 came from alcohol! I'm up exactly one pound from yesterday morning, but I'm not too worried. We're going to hike Stone Mountain and then break into the Christmas decorations this evening. We ate up all the bread pudding yesterday, so most of the leftovers are pretty much healthy.

The plan is to increase activity, clean up my eating, and then do it all over again next month for Christmas Dinner! I foresee lots of soups in my future....

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11/23/12 8:38 A

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A few weeks ago I joined a challenge to lose 5 lbs. by Christmas, putting me in the center of my maintenance range. Last thursday I set my daily eating and fitness plans for the whole week. My strategy has worked well. I stayed fairly close to my plans with little deviation. This morning I was a total of 1.5 pounds down, so 3.5 pounds left to reach my five pound goal. Last night I worked out my daily eating plans for the coming week.

Yesterday was a challenge eating with friends. I had pre-planned what I would eat, however, not everything I had planned for was available as I thought it would be. I stayed as close to plan as possible, which by the way did include some dessert in a limited amount. I am very pleased with how I did and the results!

No black friday shopping for me. I only plan to go to town for Bodypump class this morning. The rest of the day I have plenty of work to do at home.

Have a great day, and stay safe!

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11/23/12 8:19 A

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Did great on Thanksgiving - at 1550 calories. yeah! Holding steady at 121 lbs today.

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11/23/12 7:16 A

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I got a last minute invite to dinner last night, so I overindulged in desserts...the first time I EVER went over range in the 11 months of this weight loss journey. So the shoes are laced up for a short run along with my swimming and boot camp. I'm just waiting for the sun to come up, since I'm running alone.

I also have my date tonight, but we're going to a place that has healthy food, so although my sodium will be out of whack, I'm planning on having grilled tilapia and a double order of grilled zucchini. YUM! May not make the movie, but I figure if the conversation is there, there are other things we can do and enjoy ourselves.

As far as Black Friday shopping is concerned, the only place I'm thinking about heading other than the gym would be the grocery store and POSSIBLY Target...but we'll see.

Hope everyone else's Friday is off to a good start!


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11/23/12 6:57 A

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Plan to spend black Friday getting clear on goals for December instead of shopping madness. Want to start with focus and happiness in mind.

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