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11/12/12 10:00 P

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11/12/12 5:07 P

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Yesterday was a good day - third day in a row that my nutrition was mid-range (despite some not-the-best choices, while other choices were good) - and walked 7K. All in all, a good day.

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11/12/12 4:40 P

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I don't usually post about what I've eaten, because I've been staying in range for a long time. Today, uh oh. My chorale sang for a Veterans Event at a local college and afterwards they gave the singers lunch. College students eat a lot better than I remember at MY old cafeteria. I had lentil soup in a bread bowl with assorted toppings. Some terrific grilled chicken and healthy vegetables. Then I saw the chocolate chip cookies. 2 large ones! Then the ice cream machine with toppings.

There were so many other choices too - salad bar, deli bar, pasta etc. and many other traditional dishes that I passed up. It was a whole new college world out there.

Once home and totally full of food, I did walk 4 miles. At least that should have burned off the cookies. Now just back to the plan. I'm OK. These things happen.

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11/12/12 2:09 P

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Hi teammates. Remember how I mentioned feeling like a little kid at Christmas last Friday when the daughter and granddaughter were heading my way? Well now I feel like a little kid going back to school after Christmas break. Ugh. They left this morning and the house is all quiet. Probably a good thing I'm at work, staying busy, and I'm grateful for the sunshine. Isn't it amazing how those feelings are burned into our emotional brains?

I'll get on the scale later this week--the weekend eating could have been better and I don't need to add any negative feelings today. I got my early morning workout in; 30 min interval on treadmill plus 60 min strength training class. Nutrition is a pure protein day today.

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11/12/12 1:10 P

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Looking at resting my ankle some more. Not too excited about the lack of cardio I can do, but ST will have to do for now. My upper body is where it's at for me right now.

Keeping calorie counts down to compensate. So I'm not freaking out. Weight is staying the same.


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11/12/12 12:35 P

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Not a terrible weekend, but lately I've felt like eating everything in sight. It's been a struggle. I'm still about where I was last week when I weighed in this morning. I'd love to get to my goal weight eventually. Need to muster just a little more motivation.

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11/12/12 12:20 P

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I'm still tired, cold and feel like someone threw sand in my eyes, but I think I'm ready to get back to business. I have a choir rehearsal tonight that I'm totally unprepared for. I think I'll try to touch on the music we'll be doing while I make dinner tonight.

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11/12/12 11:36 A

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Morning all. It was a lovely day yesterday. Sunny, but the wind blew in the rain last night and today and so I'm looking out at a dark, windy, and rainy day. My exercise will be inside on the treadmill and strength training with weights for today. I had a higher sodium dinner last night so it will be water, water, water for today.

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11/12/12 10:29 A

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Goodmorning, team!
Had a great weekend! Nothing too exciting, just overall- good.
Got a morning walk through the woods in yesterday morning before that rain came. Initially intended on running, but we opted for a walk instead- flushed out a couple of deer right away- it was a beautiful morning!
Helped OH put up a new ceiling fan...two more to go. He has the day off today for Veterans Day, and I think he may be tackling another one.
Dropped a couple pounds by Saturday morning, but back to goal again this morning...must have been dehydrated from the 3 glasses of wine of Friday night:)
Thank you to all veterans out there!
Have a great day and week!


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11/12/12 9:56 A

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hoping to have a very motivated week.

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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11/12/12 8:48 A

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A really busy weekend at Disney for my daughter's 27th birthday. We both had a great time. I went over my calorie range both days, largely because of alcohol and a pina colada slush. Still didn't harm my weight, though, so I guess I have a little room to slack off because I behave myself the rest of the time.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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11/12/12 8:38 A

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Plateaus can be frustrating.

I am in my range but 2 pounds above goal. I am working on getting that off this week. I am going to work out at the gym.

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11/12/12 7:55 A

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I had a great boot camp workout this morning, despite only getting 3-4 hours of sleep today. Not sure what happened, but I woke up after sleeping for a couple of hours and had the hardest time going back to sleep. Hopefully tonight will go better.

I seem to be hovering around the 170-171 mark lately as far as weight. I'll see what this week and next week hold for me and then see if heading to 160 is practical for me by my trip to visit my family next month. It's frustrating, since, believe it or not, this is my FIRST plateau! We'll see what my body says about that. I'm just not a patient person when it comes to stuff like this, so I just need to focus on fitness goals the next couple of weeks, I think.

Anyhow, I'm off to finish getting ready for work. TTFN! :)


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11/12/12 7:50 A

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Since my surgery, I've been feeling a bit down. I am managing to stay within 2 lbs of my lowest weight, but since I'm unable to do much for exercising except walking, it's tough. I have to constantly watch what I eat. I finally started back on tracking my food to make sure I don't go over. I had to adjust my calories to fit in with the amount of exercise I'm getting. 2 more weeks and I should be able to do most everything. That's if the pain gets better.


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11/12/12 6:21 A

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Good morning. Sounds like active weekends for both of you and me too. I was able to kayak for a long time and boy can I feel it in my arms this morning! It is a good hurt though, not pain. Looking forward to staying on track today with exercise (elliptical) and food. Reading about ways to keep blood pressure down. Mine is borderline, even with weight loss. Plan to focus on fiber more. I think it might be the ticket. Going to aim for that 25 goal number that our spark plan suggests.

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11/12/12 6:18 A

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We had a beautiful fall day. I was helping at the church for much of the day and didn't get in my exercise as I had hoped. Did have a chance to take a 10 minute walk/run with my lab in a local park. Calories good.

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11/12/12 4:08 A

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good morning! yesterday was a better day. at least, i think it was... calories seemed to stay ok. even managed to do a little strength training. we had a good 5-mile run, and it may be the last one on bare ground for a while, woke up to the first snowy morning (night), and it's still coming down. went shopping and filled the fridge and pantry with All the Right Things. got the last of the firewood stacked, tarped over, and bedded down for winter.

have a great week!

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