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11/14/12 4:48 P

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I can honestly say last year I didn't have a problem. I baked cookies and stuck them out in the freezer and ate very few. I allowed myself a few cheat days, but I kept up with my workouts and I refused to let myself go as in the past. This year I don't think it's going to be an issue either because I've been doing this for so long and I know I'm not going back to where I was. Although I will bake cookies again and I will taste, I will not over indulge.


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11/14/12 12:36 P

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Thanks for all of the great ideas. I've read several things that I know will be helpful throughout the next couple of months. We will be with friends over thanksgiving and family at Christmas. However, we also have several "special" meal gatherings to attend. For the buffet meals, I'm planning to look for the salads with lots of veggies rather than pasta. I will allow myself one dessert having one-half a serving.

My most challenging time will probably be Thanksgiving day. We will be with friends baking LOTS of cookies to package and give to friends and family members. There's plenty of opportunity and encouragement to sample each type of cookie - way too much sugar for me at one time. To help avoid that issue I plan to make a package of the different cookies for myself to eat throughout the next month rather than all at once. They will be included in my nutrition planning so that I remain in my calorie range.

To have a plan in place and to keep up with my usual workouts should help keep those unwanted pounds from coming back on.

Thanks again for everyone's input! emoticon

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11/11/12 3:59 P

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We're out of the country, so Thanksgiving won't be an issue. Neither is Christmas, since we have Chanukah. And I won't have a kitchen, so again, no problem.

BUT - I've always had a Chanukah party. And that's the ONE time of year I make all the favorites - latkes (potato pancakes), noodle kugel, sour cream coffee cake, etc. But I make them lighter than I used to - I use low fat options for all the dairy ingredients, I use less sugar, I use no-yolk egg noodles, or "white" whole wheat flour. I just make them in a healthier way than I used to. Plus I take smaller portions.

And then - this is the other trick - I send 90% of the leftovers home with our guests. DH and I will save one or two portions of our faves (kugel and the coffee cake), so that we can have another portion the following day - and then it's over. Finished. Done. Food isn't around, we go back to normal.

I usually end the "holiday season" at about the same as when the holidays began. I figure breaking even is a win!

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11/11/12 2:26 P

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I'm flying solo for Thanksgiving, so that shouldn't be a problem, but Christmas, I'm planning on arriving at my parents' house 5 pounds below my goal weight, since I still plan on eating like I usually do at home, but I know I won't be able to get the exercise I usually do. I'll send a list of "trigger" foods and some alternatives that I found that worked for me to my mom before I leave, and if worse comes to worse, the nearest supermarket is 2 blocks away from the house, so I can always schlep down there if I need to pick up any alternatives. The co-op is across the street from the supermarket, so I have options there too. :)

I still plan to take my resistance bands, my laptop that has my Spotify playlist, my deflated balance ball with pump, and my running gear (my sister-in-law is a runner as well), so I'll get some working out in while I'm visiting, and I'm trying to come up with a fun "boot camp" that I can do with my nephews, so that they have some fun time with their aunt and my brother and sister-in-law get a little time to themselves.

So I'll make sure to enjoy my family, which is the object of the exercise (pun intended), but make sure that the focus is off food for me. :)


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11/11/12 2:20 P

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I will be the hostess of a house full of people for a week, so I will be WAY too busy to overeat.
Everyone bringing dogs and kids so I will be out playing and running around on the beach A LOT.
I usually lose weight this time of year. emoticon

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11/11/12 12:09 P

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I'm the only veggie in the family - so I bring a lot of my own food. This will be my first holiday season - so I'm just hoping to avoid the sweets and I'll be fine!

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11/11/12 11:00 A

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I try to look at it as a "Holiday Season" and not an "Eating Season". There are a few meals in there I get to enjoy, the rest of the time I try to just stick with my regular program.

Also, I start a "holiday maintenance challenge" on Facebook with the first 15 that sign up. It keeps all of us accountable daily for our weight and gives us people to lean on.

And this year we are going out for Thanksgiving dinner, instead of me cooking it at home. Keeping my hands out of the stuff and then not having it around afterwards is key for me.

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11/11/12 9:31 A

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I got down to 1 lb under goal weight so that I would have a cushion so I could eat without worry. I am thinking about revising this. I really do not feel good (especially physically)when I eat things that are not healthy or overeat at a meal. So why would I want to do this to myself - just because it is the holiday? Doesn't seem like a very good way to celebrate. Am looking at what I say to myself and changing it before the holidays to line up with the truth - one of the things to say "I really feel much better when I eat what my body likes and the portion it functions best at. I deserve to feel good and can do something else rather than stuff myself where I pay a price tomorrow." So that I am not sitting around spending much time looking at food (along with my family) am planning to get everyone's bikes here for a ride together after the meal (DGC and DD would much rather have the activities to remember rather than the food). I am fortunate that most of my family likes to play so am going to emphasize that rather than the food. Also making the foods without all the extras added in (that means sweet potatoes without sugar, marshmallows, etc.). Except for DH, the majority of us like our foods without the additions.

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11/11/12 9:21 A

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I really like your strategy, TinaJane! I did fine last year and kept losing weight at a steady clip. My main concern is I am so much lighter than I was year ago, that I don't have as forgiving a calorie range to stay around. Add to that, I am still figuring out if my current weight is sustainable for the long run. I am over 15 lbs lighter than the last time I lost a lot of weight, which I want to be, for my knees, if nothing else. Anyway, the holidays are coming at a really inconvenient time for my maintenance efforts ;-).

Thanks for the tips!

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11/11/12 8:55 A

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I'll start things off by sharing what I did last year and what my plan is for this year.

Last year, when I was still in weight-loss mode, was the first time ever that I weighed less at the end of January than I did at the beginning of December. Although I did gain a few pounds in late December/early January, it really was only a few and I was able to knock them off in just a few weeks. That was a big triumph for someone who could (and has in past years!) easily pack on 15-20 pounds during the holidays.

Basically what I did was adopt an 'Eight Days of Christmas' plan. I looked at my calendar and identified the days when I knew I'd have food-centered social events. I gave myself permission to enjoy myself for those eight meals as long as I stayed on track the rest of the time and didn't let the overeating spill over into my other meals. Although it turned out to be more like twelve days of Christmas in the end, I think my strategy was a good one.

I plan to continue that strategy this year and have also used another preemptive one. I had previously been hovering around the mid-to-high end of my maintenance range. Beginning in October, I moderately scaled back my calories so I'd slowly take off a few pounds and get down to the lower end of my range. I'm currently one pound away from my low number and feel like that will provide me with a nice cushion going into the holiday season. Even if I gain five pounds, I'll still be in the middle of my range.

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else's plans are for the holidays!

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11/11/12 8:44 A

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With the beginning of the holiday season just around the corner, I thought it would be a nice idea to start up a discussion about the strategies our maintainers use to get through this particularly challenging time of year. If you've used some strategies in the past that helped you stay on track during the holidays or have a plan for this year, please share it here!

My name's Tina. I lost more than 90 pounds between March 2010 and March 2012 and have been keeping if off ever since. Had a baby at the end of April 2016 and am working to get back to my pre baby form, or at least as close to it as I realistically can!

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