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10/26/12 11:57 P

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A bit over today, and not enough exercise. Heavy rain isn't helping since I mostly walk for cardio.

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10/26/12 11:33 A

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Haven't gotten in my usual amount of exercise or "Sparking" this week but all in all it has been a good week.

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10/26/12 11:06 A

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Last night was errand night, and it was a bit more hectic than usual. Ended up going to TWO grocery stores (they were out of the yogurt I eat at the first one), the pet store, Target, and the gym (had to drop off a song list to the guy who teaches afternoon boot camp). Went swimming this morning, and headed to boot camp tonight after work. Definitely looking forward to perfecting my Heisman pose as part of one of the running drills! When I get home, I have to do laundry and get my donation to Goodwill organized. It's gonna be a doozy!

I'm trying to eat a little more than I have in the past, but it's a struggle for me. I avoid "treats" because of my compulsive overeating tendencies that I've had for most of my life; I worry that if I just eat one, I'll eat them all. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but right now, it's tough. I can't seem to get out of weight loss mode quite yet.

Got a busy weekend ahead of me. Zumba, spin and yoga tomorrow morning, shopping tomorrow afternoon (I have a couple of sweaters, a long skirt and a pair of pants that are falling off of me for cold weather work clothes right now!), and so while I'm at Goodwill getting new clothes, I'll drop off the old ones. Recycling is a good thing, and I'm glad we have such a great store here in Memphis, since I don't want to buy new until my weight has stabilized. On Sunday, I have my long run for the week, church and a trip to an art museum to check out their new exhibit of porcelain. Should be fun!


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10/26/12 10:21 A

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ONEWEIGH-- I worked at a Starbucks (a Barnes & Noble Cafe, actually) for a very brief, horrific period. The Pumpkin Spice Latte ordered normally has 3-4 pumps of syrup. Since you only had one, you probably had less than 200 cals. Yay :)

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10/26/12 9:58 A

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Bloated this morning (+1 lb), but an improvement from yesterday, when it felt like an alien was trying to escape from my guts. Well over on calories due to a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even without whip 310 calories for a grande. I try to console myself that it was a bit less than that because it only had one pump of syrup, but still...I think that's going to be my one for the year. I am really, really happy it's Friday!

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10/26/12 9:41 A

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.2 above goal weight-
Slept really well last night, but I'm still tired...haven't had my coffee yet though- have I done that to myself already? I'm a novice (less than 3 months) daily coffee drinker, and I have a feeling I have myself working on a caffeine addiction?


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10/26/12 9:40 A

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The scale was down about half a pound from yesterday when I weighed in this morning, which is a little surprising. Looking back at my weight loss since the baby, it definitely comes in waves, with little plateaus spattered in there. I feel like I've been at one of those plateaus recently, so hopefully this means I've got a little bit more to lose, so I can get down to the middle of that maintenance range.

@LEB0401 - yes, I get that feeling all the time. I always try to overestimate everything if I'm unsure, and sometimes I double check. I actually log my food in myfitnesspal (don't shun me!!), because it's easier. If something doesn't seem right, I cross check with SP. Most of the time it's all the same, but it makes me feel a little better.

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10/26/12 9:18 A

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I'm trying to make my mindset squeaky clean after bingeing quite badly last night. This, after finally losing 5 of the 6 pounds I gained from last week's horrific eating. It seems like every time I finally get my weight to drop closer to my maintenance range, I sabotage myself in the most spectacular way.

I'm going to a party after work tonight too, meaning exercise today is a no-go. Any question of "am I going to indulge in any treats tonight?" has been answered.

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10/26/12 8:22 A

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Good Morning :)

Checking in with this wonderful team is such a great way to start the day!!

I don't know what I was thinking... I skipped my workout again yesterday. That's 3 off days so far this week! Luckily if I get an hour today and another hour tomorrow, I'll be on track to hit my calories burned goal for the week.

Do you ever get the feeling that calorie counts are WRONG? Last night I made turkey drumsticks for the first time ever (they were on sale). Took them out of the oven and they were swimming in a pool of fat. They were so greasy, and there were these creepy tendons all throughout the meat--yuck! I felt the fat in my stomach, I just had that gut feeling (pun!) that I destroyed my calorie range. But when I entered it in, it said I had only eaten 180 calories. I tried a bunch of different user-entered and Spark-entered "turkey drumstick" and "dark meat turkey" and they all said the same thing. Hmm....

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10/26/12 8:02 A

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Good morning! I did a cardio workout last night. Some pain with certain moves, so I backed off on those. I think I have turned the corner on the muscle strain.

Eating was better yesterday, but still not great. I've got to get my head back in the game. Scale is still higher than I like, barely in my maintenance range. Not good going into the weekend.

I'm going to do my best today and try to keep a handle on the weekend.

Have a great day!!!

~Christie in NC

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10/26/12 7:30 A

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Good morning - beautiful weather day yesterday....temps hit 80+, but all that changed around 4PM and this morning we are under 40!!! Had a busy day at work and then had to "race" to a "race" at out local running store. It was early evening, so we were all wearing reflective gear and headlights (and many were in costumes to boot)! Kind of cold and windy and WET compared to earlier in the day, but the downpour held off until the last ten or so minutes (hour long event). Getting ready to leave for work and taking the day of except of the abs today. Sunday is the 10k and I'm not feeling very prepared. If I can just finish without walking and can do under 1Hr 10-15, I'll be content. Get to sleep in just a little tomorrow. Going to a clinic at the running store on cold weather runnning. Gonna be needing that information soon!!! Have a great day everyboody! OH, and had a half pound loss on the scale this morning - WOOHOO!!!

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10/26/12 6:50 A

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Good Morning! Tired this morning since I woke up at 1:30 and had a hard time falling asleep again. Not the best.

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10/26/12 6:14 A

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Up early, weighed in. Daily weighing helps me stay honest.

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