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10/21/12 2:53 A

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No cardio (spent the day travelling halfway across WA state, which included a snowy mountain pass) - came in low on the calorie range, so that's probably very good!

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10/20/12 7:30 P

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I wasn't able to get in exercise the last couple of days, but have been eating within my range. I've lost 1 pound in the last 2 days. I did some good strength training today and am going to keep my eating under control. I'm thinking my body will settle on a weight. I thought it was going to be 132.5, but maybe not. I'll be patient.

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10/20/12 4:19 P

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Hi gang!

We went out for dinner last night, but I made hubs wait until i worked out first. I made good choices and had a great time.

I've already worked out today, but I may do another short cardio later, time permitting. Hubs is working on the drain pipe for the washer, so I will have a lot of laundry to do when/if he fixes. If he doesn't get it fixed, I'll be schlepping to the laundromat. Tomorrow is a full day with a funeral a 90-minute drive away, so I need to get laundry done today. Especially since he is going out of town on Monday.

I hope everyone is enjoying his or her day. It is absolutely gorgeous here!

~Christie in NC

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10/20/12 3:09 P

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emoticon enjoy yourself!!!

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10/20/12 1:51 P

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It's my birthday today! I celebrated this morning by jogging a 5K "ghoulish gallop" race. I pushed my daughter in the stroller, and managed to jog almost the whole thing, even though I haven't really been training. I did have to walk up a short hill, but all in all I'm super happy about it!

DH and I went to breakfast afterward, where somehow I managed to eat 900 calories. What?! Oh well, still have 1500 left for the day. Going out for dinner where I'll probably have a burger and a beer, but I think that'll be all I eat for the rest of the day so I think I'll be ok. I don't usually track food on the weekends, but I'm trying to keep an eye on today.

And finally, DH and I did abs yesterday, and I'm sore!

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10/20/12 1:06 P

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Had a BLAST in Zumba class today, and also did some work on the recumbent bike while waiting for the class to start, and a little afterwards. Planning on going to the main park in Memphis this afternoon to explore the trails there, then maybe go next door to the zoo if it isn't too late in the afternoon.

Food is good. I'm doing about 1700 calories a day now and still recording everything. I need to continue to do that on a daily basis, since I've noticed on days when I don't, I tend to slip a bit. At this point, I still need the accountability that recording my food and exercise involves.

Anyhow, I'd better grab some lunch and get started with my afternoon! Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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10/20/12 12:37 P

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I'm about to go for a nice long hike in the Sam Houston National Forest with my dog. Tonight we're going to a Halloween festival. I'm saving a few hundred calories to snack on some treats, but plan to not over-do it emoticon emoticon emoticon


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10/20/12 11:27 A

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I ran-walk-ran over 13 miles today! I can't wait for my official first half marathon, 4 weeks from tomorrow. I love setting new goals.

Will admit I overate yesterday. Probably had a little more tummy rumbling on my run than I should have, but no major problem. Plan to eat well today and not eat all the calories I burned on my run.

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10/20/12 11:13 A

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Hi all! Have been extra busy the last few days and my eating is off. A wedding today so I probably won't track. As long as I maintain I will be happy.

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10/20/12 11:03 A

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Made it through the work week! Last night I did all the things I've felt too brain dead to do during the week, went to bed feeling caught up! Weight back down ALMOST to pre restaurant meal level. Today is the fall kick-off for my womens' choir. We'll spend a good part of the day sightreading the music for the season. It's mentally challenging and I really feel most myself when I'm singing. I think it will do me lots of good. Of course, since it's a group of women, we're having a potluck. It's always interesting and most foods are labeled with whether they're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. I made sweet and spicy delicata squash, which is good at room temperature and could be made with what I had on hand at 8:30pm on Friday night. emoticon

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10/20/12 10:23 A

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Maree, the tracker has a 100-gram calorie count for chicken breast with skin. The only way to be strictly accurate is to remove it all from the bone and weigh it. After doing this a few times, you'll probably be better able to estimate the average-size chicken breast. That's all I can think of.

All of a sudden my weight loss is going great guns. I wonder if it's that I've eliminated gluten entirely (not that I was having much to begin with, other than a bowl of Total every morning).

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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10/20/12 9:13 A

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Good morning! I'm enjoying a weekend at my daughter's house with #1 granddaughter, so my workout will be lifting, etc. a 20-pounder :))

Daughter is trying to lose baby weight so plan on eating "clean." I got on tracker this morning to check out nutrition info on grilled chicken--my goodness, there are SO many variations! It was hard finding just a plain bone in, with skin chicken breast and then nutrition info varied significantly. I was trying to develop a grouping that was more accurate. Any tips would be appreciated.

Hope all have a good weekend!!

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10/20/12 8:58 A

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i have been slipping up on checking in and recording meals, even fitness - though the latter is easy to fill in late. i've been keeping up running and walking and we are still on track to break 40 miles this week (i had readjusted the goal to 30 once we left sweden, but it's easy for the miles to add up here in molokai, too). calories a bit hard to track - restaurant meals and no real way to track what i'm preparing - or just laziness - but weight is staying in the usual range, once i pulled up from the bottom when we arrived.

so all in all, not too bad... looking forward to a walk on the sandy beach today, once daylight arrives. have a great saturday!

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