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10/16/12 11:12 P

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Have had a kind of odd few days, but have been stying in range, eating as healthy as possible, kind of off a bit today since sis returned from Albuquerque with yummies, but still was within goal and macros were all in line. Got in a 4.28 mile run, still much slower times than last month. Need to keep working on the consistency thing fitness wise. Adding in more strength training and some more spin would help I think.

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10/16/12 7:11 P

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I took an hour long walk this morning before going to work. What a gorgeous day; cool air, auburn leaves on the ground, Halloween/Fall decorations hanging on doorways to historic homes. What a great way to start the day emoticon Pat

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10/16/12 3:43 P

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I had a good eating day yesterday. My weight loss range is 1200-1550 and my maintenance range is 1460 to something bigger, so I've been trying to stick around 1460 to 1550. I'm so nervous that I'll start regaining the weight back! I've been maintaining within 5 pounds of goal weight for about 3 weeks now. The rains have hit my area after being dry for about 3 months and my exercise has been suffering. I haven't really done much since Saturday. That will change today though. I have (indoor) exercise plans through Thursday. I'm loving maintenance!

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10/16/12 3:22 P

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Deena are you eating enough for the exercise you are doing? You burn a lot of calories running.
I am on Day 3 of staying on the low end of my calorie range. After last weeks excess that is great.

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10/16/12 1:29 P

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Hi everyone.

Both yesterday and today I was craving food and wanting to eat all the time. Right after dinner last night I got into bed and read so I wouldn't go into the kitchen. I managed to eat within my range both days, but I hate hate hate that after all these years I still get cravings and have to fight so hard to stay within range. It is totally never-ending, 24/7.

Am training for the Jerusalem Marathon's 10K. I am up to 4 miles, and Friday I am supposed to do 5. Yikes. I feel like I have "runner's block," sort of like writer's block. Like, "I can't do this! How will I ever do 5 miles?"

Everyone should have a good day. It's already night here.

Deena from Jerusalem

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10/16/12 12:05 P

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Yesterday was good for eating, so-so for exercise, though I did have a good yoga class with a substantial vinyasa segment. Had a bad night sleeping with hip and back pain, so I called in sick today. Went for an easy, though brisk, walk and that seems to have helped loosen up the hip.

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10/16/12 11:49 A

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After yesterday's split running session of 7 miles and not having any knee issues, I decided to hit the pool this morning and test out the shoulder. It took me longer than usual to do 1500m of breastroke (70 minutes as opposed to 60), but at least I was doing it in proper form and my shoulder didn't bother me at all. It's still sore when I do some things with it (mostly daily tasks such as dressing and driving), but I'm still making sure that I move my arm and maintain my range of motion, since the last thing I need is for it to freeze on me.

Been staying in range on food too...going out for sushi today for lunch with a colleague, but I know what I want, and I'm just trying to be reasonable in my choices.

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10/16/12 11:16 A

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Yesterday was eh. We ended up going to the bar to watch the football game. I had a beer (Blue Moon, which turns out is 181 calories per 12oz versus 120 for bud light, ack!). I ordered the same kids meal I did last time, the one I thought they shrunk the portions down, and it came out with the old bigger portion.. grrr! Consistency people! But, I just ate the chicken and only half the fries. I think I overestimated in my tracker but that's OK. Ended up with about 1880 calories though :( Also BF and I got in an argument which led to little sleep, so I'm really tired today, thankfully my boss is out of town so maybe I can sneak in a nap. Forgot one of my snacks too, and I was already low on calories for the day. Hopefully I won't feel too hungry. Weighed in today at 151, I'm hoping it's just all the sodium and TOM stuff.

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10/16/12 10:18 A

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Father-in-law is in the hospital...again. We figure it will be one crisis after another until the end. I'm just glad my husband has three brothers to share the load. Work stress continues as well. On the up-side, I made a fine pot of beans with sausage and greens yesterday. I was a bit high on sodium, probably because of the chard, but ate enough beans to make up for it in potassium!

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10/16/12 10:12 A

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Still on this plateau (I am giving daily weighing a try, so I know this for a fact). Still sticking to the plan. Happy Tuesday, all.

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10/16/12 9:31 A

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Started the 7 day bootcamp yesterday - one arm just can't participate fully but not going to let that stop me (alright had to modify some also but still did it!). Doing better getting in the calories but struggling with upping the protein, and not so much carbs (feel much better when protein is higher). Read yesterday that success rate is much higher just starting one new thing at a time (I think it said three is almost sure you won't keep at it), but unfortunately I don't have that luxury right now - lots of high prority on my plate. Sure could use all your prayers!

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10/16/12 9:17 A

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Yesterday I ate in weight-loss mode, ended the day at about 1400 cals. Went to spin class even though I really didn't want to go, and finished the workout in good mood.

Today I'm in a terrible mood again, but if I could turn it around yesterday then I can turn it around today too!

Happy Sparking :)

Fredericksburg, VA

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10/16/12 8:48 A

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Score! I bought 16 (5.3 oz) containers of Greek yogurt last night. Kroger had them on sale and I had 3 coupons. I only buy the organic stuff (hormone free cows) so it's pricier than the rest. That's just where I choose to spend my money. I know what my snacks will be for the next 2 weeks.

Now I'm heading outside into the crisp fall air for 4 miles. Maybe a few more this afternoon while waiting for DGD in dance class.

Have a good day everyone.

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10/16/12 8:19 A

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Bill has gone on a gluten-free kick. I figure this isn't a bad thing, and I hardly ever eat wheat products anyway, so I'm giving it a shot. I've switched in Corn Chex instead of Total for breakfast, and they aren't bad. I just hope they aren't made from genetically modifed corn!

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10/16/12 8:04 A

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Good morning, team!

Yesterday was pretty much a success. Eating was on point, and I did a long ST workout. I hope to repeat with a good day today. Cardio tonight!

Have a great day!

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