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9/29/12 3:24 P

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I had lunch with my college roommate today at an excellent Lebanese Restaurant. I got grilled chicken and grilled vegetables. It was really good, and low carb, too, so I got a scoop of chocolate ice cream for desert, avoiding the Baklava.

I did a 60 minute spin class first thing this morning, so I felt less guilty about lunch.


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9/29/12 6:49 A

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I like the treadmill also. It is nice in the winter when you can't walk in the snow.

I am off to the gym. I am two pounds above my goal and plan on getting them off. This is workl.

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9/28/12 6:17 P

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Had an interesting day. I've never been on a treadmill before and today I had to have a stress test due to some chest pains over the last year. So I got a taste of the treadmill. The technician really got my heart rate up quickly. I was surprised how quick the test was. Well, now I have to wait for results. I don't imagine it will show anything, but it will reassure me more than anything that things are ok.

I don't plan on investing in a treadmill anytime soon, but now that I've had someone help me try it, I wouldn't be afraid to hop on one at the Y.


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9/28/12 3:11 P

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Hi all! That is great that massive bill can be sorted out for your work Jane, what a load off!
I hope you have a terrific 40th Peri -its okay to fully enjoy your party and treats, one day doesn't sink a healthy lifestyle!!
Did a 75 min bootcamp for my morning exercise. Was planning a step class for the evening, but would rather go to my Mom's and hit the trails. Our weather has been so gorgeous, but I have had too much work to do to go stay with my Mom. I don't drive and its too far to get to them from where I live :( I can't walk on pavement as it hurts my joints, but that is all I have around me :( I was supposed to have four days off in a row, but our head of directors called a meeting for today, so I am stuck at home, so mad, it was the only four days I have off in a row for fall :(( I have to come back early on Sunday to do month end and set up for my game Monday :( Another short weekend *sigh* Our summer has been fabulous, but I got so little trail hiking in because Mom spent time up at my sister's farm, and when she was back home, I had busy weekends with the club which I am manager of and have no choice but to attend all special events. So I have been hitting my exercise classes like crazy to keep my mind of the gorgeous weather I am missing out on..
Have a fabulous Friday all!

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9/28/12 2:25 P

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My scale is torturing me, today I weighed in at 151.5 :) Where's that 150 again?? But overall my spirits are better... my dinner turned out well last night and that always puts me in a good mood. It was the first time I had made butternut squash and I loved it. BF hated it... oh well, more for me!

I am realizing that I need to go shopping for clothes. I've been putting it off because money is tight and I'm trying to save up for some other things (a trip to Vegas, holiday stuff), but I don't feel good in my clothes. A lot are too big but I wear them anyway. I have purchased 2 pairs of size 10 jeans, and I feel great in them. But one are "skinny jeans" which only look good with 1 pair of knee high boots that I have, and the others are too long so they require heels which I am not into wearing every day. I have 2 other pairs that were leftover from years ago, but one is wearing out in between the thighs and some of the belt loops have come off (I used to wear the hell out of them) so they're about done for, and the others, well, I feel like they look like "mom jeans". I'm wearing them today and I feel frumpy. I'm 30, not a mom, and am looking pretty hot these days!! So, I might just need to suck it up and go buy some new ones. I think I have a $10 off thing for Old Navy, so maybe I'll just go there, that's where I got the skinny jeans from and they fit pretty good.

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9/28/12 2:22 P

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Much less stressful day today. One coworker still out but the other one is here. I really get tense when there's one body and three phone lines! Didn't get a walk in yesterday, but will today. I really feel like I'm getting my spark back--this week, my weight is consistently down from last week, even through the weekly rise. I've been doing OK food-wise with the exception of sodium. This weekend's big event (so far) is taking the kitten for a vet check-back. I'm hoping we can think of something more fun than that!

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9/28/12 2:09 P

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Today I went shopping for something to wear to my 45th high school reunion. I ended up at Nordstrom. They have a great size selection and wonderful help for finding clothes I haven't shopped for in years, being a jeans and tee shirt type. I got a fancy skirt and top in a size 0 Petite. I still have a hard time with modern sizes. I could have worn the 25 year old size 6 skirt in my closet but it's too tight.

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9/28/12 1:16 P

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I was going to say good morning, but it turns out it's after noon. Ah, the joys of not being a student once again!

Yesterday was great and the scale rewarded me--down to 129.0, my lowest weight in 8 years, since right before I got pregnant with my 3rd child. Today is a rest day and we have a potluck party tonight, so I'm hoping to just maintain or keep the damage to a minimum. Tomorrow is my 40th birthday party, and it's going to be a blow out, in terms of food, alcohol and fun! I've been trying to get to the bottom of my range so I can celebrate without guilt. I guess we'll see how much damage I can do in one night, LOL!


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9/28/12 1:02 P

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Good morning, all! emoticon

Kind of brief as have to get going soon but having a great day.

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9/28/12 12:50 P

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Update on the reimbursement thing for one of the hospitals I work with: the folks at Tricare are going to be flexible and give me time to correct the issue! HOORAY!

My day is definitely going better now. :)


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9/28/12 11:37 A

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Morning everyone,

I'm going to be trying to get more active here. I'm 5 lbs from goal. I'm getting a ST routine together because the bat wings have become Olive Oyle arms. emoticon

I'm really hoping to learn from all you maintainers.


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9/28/12 10:32 A

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good morning, team!
woke up to a seattle morning with a rainbow - not sure why a rainbow, since there hasn't been any rain for weeks, but it was there.

yesterday DH and i went for the morning walk, 4 miles, and i did ST as a break while working in the night. i drove across the mountains snacking on carrot sticks, picked up blueberries and cherry tomatoes from the organic stand. once i arrived, took a walk with DD while we waited for our dinner reservation. then a marvelous 4-course vegetarian (probably vegan, but we did not ask) meal, and weight was still good this morning.

have to pick up some food before the flight today, will take a walk now before heading for the airport.

have a great friday!

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9/28/12 10:11 A

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Happy Friday team,

working only 1/2 day and then free, free, free. 5 year old GD is spending Sat & Sun with us and I really love it.

Will walk in the park today and then start my new knitting project

Make it a good one

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9/28/12 9:29 A

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Nutrition yesterday was right on track. However, due to my insomnia on Wednesday night, I decided to postpone my swimming workout until tonight after work, which I think was probably the smart move. I was EXHAUSTED yesterday!

This morning started out GREAT. I had a 5 mile run (interrupted by a bathroom break about 4 miles in, but I still ran those 5 miles, darnit!), got to work without too many aggravations (Memphis drivers and East Coast drivers just DON'T mix...and you can take the girl away from the East Coast, but you can't take the East Coast out of the girl!), and then I got a call from the gal I do work with at Tricare (I work in government healthcare reimbursement for a healthcare organization), and she proceeds to tell me that because of an error that one of our hospitals made, we are going to be screwed out of a considerable amount of reimbursement from them for one of our hospitals. Fortunately, I found a way to deal with that frustration, and I'm better now.

Hoping the rest of the day goes better, but glad I have my swim to look forward to tonight!


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9/28/12 9:23 A

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Time got away from me this morning. 2.25 miles so far (1 running). I've got errands and then a retirement party at the gym. The guy is 80 so I guess it was about time. I'm going to stop at Subway first so I don't arrive ravenous with all the Southern cooking in front of me. A small piece of cake, congratulations, good wishes and that's that.

Then a 30 mile drive to my "local" running store to pick up my new shoes.
I know I could buy them online, but I want to support local business, especially one that encourages healthy living, sponsors couch to 5K programs, supports local races etc.

Maybe a walk later this afternoon with DH

Have a good day everyone.

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9/28/12 9:16 A

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Morning, all! No special plans for the weekend except to fertilize the palm trees and get even more sleep than I've been getting lately!

Christie, that's so frustrating to do well all week and see no results. I'd been experiencing the same thing, a gain of 5 lbs over the past 4 months, really scrutinized my tracker data, and discovered that my calorie consumption has increased by 100+ per day over the past 4 months. (4 months = 120 days x 150c = 18,000/3500c per lb = 5 lbs!! Voila.) So, yesterday I lowered it to a new level, only to end up GAINING weight this morning! Sigh.

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9/28/12 9:08 A

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9/28/12 8:37 A

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Good morning team.....first, I just want to say "thanks" and how much I love this team! Each and every one of you has taught me so much about how to stay on track and be successful in maintaining my lifestyle. Hope you all have a wonderful day! I will be getting my grocery shopping done and preparing for a jamb packed week. Volunteer breakfast Sat AM then work Sat night....5K and b'fast Sun before church. Monday is work get sis home from a medical procedure, bible study-for which I have to bring snacks! and get sis's car home from the hospital. Tuesday, work, bible study and run (or yoga)...Wed volunteer w/work rehabing the VFW then abs and strength, Thursday is work and Spin and lighting practice at the church. I don't think I can plan any further than that except knowing that Fri and Sat are work days too. Whew! Glad that I am staying in shape and relatively good health! Thanks for helping me keep that up!

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9/28/12 8:36 A

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Morning All,

Today I will focus on somethings that I've been letting slip lately.

emoticon Water, gonna try to drink a glass every hour.
emoticon ST, scheduling a 20-minute session before the gym closes.
emoticon Doggie, if I don't run with her today I'll play fetch or something this evening. She's got a new healthy lifestyle too!

Have a GREAT Friday everyone!

Fredericksburg, VA

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9/28/12 8:16 A

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Good Morning!

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9/28/12 8:10 A

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Good morning, team!

Yesterday went quite well food-wise. After 7 days of working out, I took a rest day to spend the evening with DH. Despite the working out and eating well, I'm up a little today again. That kind of sucks going into the weekend. I'll just have to be extra-vigilant.

I'll be doing a cardio workout tonight, and I need to drink, drink, drink... but not the fun stuff.... WATER!!!

Have a great day y'all!

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