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9/12/12 11:49 P

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After a HUGE binge last night, it's been a great day, nutrition-wise. I didn't track; I ate intuitively, faring well, I think. I'm trying to make it the rest of the day without blowing it. This week's been horrendous regarding bingeing.

Swam for an hour and resisted the urge to tack on some higher intensity cardio afterwards for the sake of an added calorie burn. My knee's thanking me.

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9/12/12 10:40 P
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Tough day at work, followed by a visitation for the 18 year old son of a close friend. Pretty proud that I stayed on track well nutritionally and actually got my butt out on a run (my first trail run ever!) after all that. Came home and had a nutritious dinner and will hit the sack a little late, but hopefully early enough to make it to the gym before work from 9-6 tomorrow. Meeting with a mentor after work, so fitness will probably be shortened if I try to do it in the evening. This has been a heck of a week so far. Really hope things take a turn for the better.

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9/12/12 7:57 P

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Today started better than yesterday did, and I'm on track with my food and exercise. Phew.

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9/12/12 7:50 P

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Good evening, team! I donít have a lot of time, but I did want to post before I got too busy.
Lori, I wonder if Iím going to have hot flashes like that. Iím 37 now. My partner is 48 and she has them occasionally. I know itís bad to say but I like it. Otherwise she has it so warm! Bad. I know.

ONEWEIGH, sorry I donít know your first name, Iím glad you stay in range. Itís ok to treat ourselves from time to time. Iím so jealous of people who can sing. I always wanted to, but God blessed me with a daughter who has the most amazing voice! (I love His answer to things!)

MJZHERE, Iím new to the team. I didnít know you had surgery (at least thatís the impression I get from your last post). Iím glad you are healing well. Just take things slowly. Always follow your doctorís advice.

Thatís funny, Nell, about how you declutter! We must be related! Same here. Same here.

Tanya, Iím glad your life has evened out. Iím waiting for that day. LOL!

Iím still home from work with the migraine that wonít let up. Iím waiting for the insurance company to approve the nerve block. Iím tired of the ER (only a temporary fix) and none of the meds I have work. I sit here typing with shades on. I know it will get better. Iím doing ok in the food department today. Iíve been comforting my pain with junk food. I know thatís not healthy. And despite no exercise, my weight was down 0.8 lbs. Go figure! Gotta take care of some things. Everyone have a good night!


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9/12/12 3:43 P

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Good day yesterday. 5 mile treadmill run. Food well under control. Starting to feel like I've got my groove back with the kids back to school and life returning to a predictable, if busy, routine.

I've noticed that I'm not feeling tempted to binge. In fact, food feels really easy right now. Could be the increased activity or the decreased stress due to the lack of routine in the summer. Dropping weight faster than intended. May need to deliberately up calories if it doesn't even out by the end of the month.

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9/12/12 11:18 A

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I am loving the cool nights. My father used to call it "sleeping weather", and boy is it!!

I love getting rid of stuff, but do it in batches. I'll clear out an entire closet then it will be years until I have the will and the energy together to do it again.

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9/12/12 10:28 A

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Oneweigh- it is hard for me to get rid of things too. Really trying to declutter all areas and am daily going thru getting rid of big sizes.

I continue to heal a little more each day but not exercising - not even being able to walk very much - is a real challenge. Am really hoping that by next week can start up again. Trying to get going on working on arms, upper body, which is a real need but haven't got there yet.

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9/12/12 10:18 A

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Pretty good day yesterday. Stayed in range except for fat, but the Mudslide ice cream was worth it! emoticon We're getting back to the fall/winter schedule with rehearsals starting. I'm in my church choir and a women's choir, my husband is in 2 community orchestras. While husband was at rehearsal last night I cleaned out my closet, harvesting 2 bags of clothes for the next charity pick up. Sometimes it is hard getting rid of things--I have to be in the right mood. "But I LOVE that!" "It doesn't fit. Lord willing, it will never fit again. CHUCK IT!!!!"

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9/12/12 9:59 A

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Christie, I also sleep with the fan on year round even when the heat is on. Hot flashes. My hubby bundles up! Poor guy.

My cold is feeling better this morning. Will aim to get to the Y today and spend some time on the elliptical. No swimming till the stuffiness is gone. I can easily get an ear infection from swimming. Have to be better by next week's trip "home".

Got rid of most of the water weight gain overnight. It only hung around for 2 days. Thank goodness.

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9/12/12 9:24 A

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Self_Respect, perhaps your dream will be just what you need to plan your holiday strategy.

Good day yesterday both with food and with fitness. Got a 30-minute walk in at lunch and did ST at home after work. The only nice thing about DH being gone is that I can use my after-work time as I please, and I chose ST yesterday.

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9/12/12 8:43 A

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I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt that it was October and I was binging on Halloween candy. I know I'm starting to worry about the holiday challenges ahead and that's where this dream came from. In the past, I've used the holidays as an excuse to eat anything and everything, therefore sabotaging my weight loss - now I'm concerned about maintaining my weight. I know I can control it and my choices are my own. No one can force me to eat unhealthy, damaging foods. That is going to be my challenge during the months of October, November and December. This is my FAVORITE time of year coming up; I just want to enjoy it in a healthy manner this year. emoticon

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9/12/12 8:02 A

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Good morning!

Susan, sounds like you had a pretty awesome day other than the smoke.

LOGOULD, sorry to hear of the sadness with your family and friends. I hope for comfort and healing.

BECKYANNE1, I'm with you on being cool at night. I run a ceiling fan year-round while I sleep.

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Eating was on track and I did a cardio workout. I really need to take a rest day, but I don't think I will have time for a workout on Friday, so I'm hoping to save it for then. However, I'm pretty sore from going all out on circuits for the past couple of days. I may do a lighter ST tonight.

Have a WooHoo Wednesday everyone!

~Christie in NC

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9/12/12 7:46 A

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Good Morning!

Yesterday was another beautiful day. On the warm side, but didn't turn the A/C on till dinner time. I don't like trying to sleep when it's warm. Today we've got rain coming. Maybe I'll get an outside walk in.

LOGOULFD-sorry about the news of your sister's cancer returning. It was bad enough to here that I had cancer the first time. I couldn't imagine having to go thru it 2 more times. I hope things will be ok for her.

It's midweek and it won't be long and the weekend will be here again. Have a great day!

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9/12/12 6:54 A
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Morning all. Yesterday was such a melancholy day...9/11, the news about my sisters cancer returning and the death of my friends son plus still being sore as heck from ST Sunday and then run on Monday. shouldn't have taken the day off, but I did. Nutritionally I did well though, so at least I didn't eat my emotions and this morning, though I didn't sleep well, I am not so sore. Working today 7-4, then visitation, then the gym. I usually do abs and then strength class on Wed, but since I skipped yesterday, I think I'll do a run on the track to take it easy on my shins which are what are the sorest (time for new shoes). There is also a new class starting up. It is a bootcamp style class, so maybe I'll check that out. Don't want to go crazy though and overdo. We'll see. Everyone have a great day!

"Success is the result of what you do when the Woo Hoo is all through....."-ON2VICTORY (Robert)

"The miracle isn't that I finished...the miracle is I had the courage to start." - John 'The Penguin

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9/12/12 3:27 A

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good morning, all!
pleasantly surprised that the power is on - my ISP had warned me of a maintenance window during the night, which i thought would mean no electricity - but it turns out it was just the internet. and it was just a few minutes, rather than several hours. i had planned on working as best i could on laptop battery - but it looks like it won't be necessary.

tuesday went well - 4 mile run in perfect weather conditions, warm sunshine, cool air. we ran from home for the first time, which meant our local hills. still there, but not as tough after a summer of hills in sweden. added about another mile of strolls through the day. mid afternoon the valley filled with smoke from the wildfires down toward wenatchee, not sure how close the fires are, but it is our first experience with smoke, since we are usually gone when the wildfires occur.

did a short SP video - realized how wimpy my arms are, could hardly manage with 3 lb weights. need to do something about that!

weight is good, low end of range - food went well - stir fry chard and tofu for lunch, pinto bean and millet burgers wrapped in collard leaves with homemade salsa for dinner.

time to work - have a great day, everyone!

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