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8/21/12 12:52 A

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Meant to go home and strength train tonight but got caught up in doing other things and didn't get home in time. :-/

Kayaking tomorrow after work on Lake Ontario.

Strength Wednesday.

Probably will do Tae Kardio at lunchtime on Thursday. Friday will be a rest day - stuck in a training Fri evening. Saturday some activity (more training). Sunday a training run, but it'll be kayaking so that's OK.

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8/21/12 12:04 A

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Haven't done too well the last few days. But tomorrow will be a new start! Haven't stumbled like this for a year so I'm not going to beat myself over the head about it. Better to spend the energy in getting back on track!

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8/20/12 10:53 P

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Returned from my vacation yesterday and the scale told me this morning that I gained 3 lbs. I am not stressing over it. I always gain some weight during vacation and it just naturally comes off when I go back to my regular eating/exercise schedule.

Today, I went for a 1 mile run. It was a nice morning but I just couldn't wake up in enough time to allow a longer run. After work, I went to my crossfit class - lots of running and lunges. Probably will be sore tomorrow.Then I went for a swim. My swim only lasted 15 minutes.My right toes were cramping so much that I had to cut the laps short. Strange experience.

While I miss my family already, I am glad to be home with food I can control.

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8/20/12 10:31 P

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Feeling much better about my eating habits. Yesterday I was at the top or a little over, but today I was at the bottom or a little under. Meeting up with a new running partner tomorrow and getting some balance back. Speaking of...trying to keep the sleeping in balance to, to bed, Have a great tomorrow everyone!

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8/20/12 10:27 P

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HI everyone!
Well its been a good day for me, aside from being a bit stressed about my sons new school and their parent provied mandotory prepakage snacks emoticon .

I tried Pilates today. cant say I'm impressed. ( I'm glad I got a run in first. ) that defiantly wont be in my cross training mix up. just wasn't challenging enough. I know its not supposed to be a really hard workout but I thought it was supposed to be core focus which is were I need the most help. well this class was a mix of core and legs and the core was far to easy. I'd been better off doing crunches at home. oh well new experiences are good right? so it wasn't a complete loss.

food is going ok though for the last few days my salt in take has been pretty high, I need to dial that back a bit. I'm doing much better with protein though. I tried some cheese again today. I think I need to stop the denial, cheese and I are just not buddies... so sad.

Sleep last night ...well I didn't get out of bed lol. but I was awake most of the night. hopefully tonight will go better.

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8/20/12 6:10 P

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I started the day out strong with an hour on the elliptical then went to work and didn't do much of anything there. I had wanted to take a couple of power walks but that didn't happen since we were down a person and I ended up doing her job plus my own. Lunch wasn't very good eating wise. I had taken pre measured food for lunch but ended up eating what was served in the caffiteria, which was chicken parmasean fettuccine. It was good, just not good for me, and I ate too much fettuccine. Tonight will be pre measured food again, which is good. Tomorrow is a new day and I will eat better.

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8/20/12 4:30 P

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today turned into a special day. it started with thunder and clouds, and ended probably the most beautiful, hot summer day of a mostly gray and cool summer. in the morning we drove about 15 minutes and then talk a walk on a marked trail through woods and meadows for part of it, old tractor trails partly, and a short stretch on the main road - total 6 miles. we were caught in a small rain shower, but then the sun came out, and a job i was expecting was canceled, so after a quick snack (we really had not eaten), we decided to drive north to a fishing village where the seafood is amazing. the day just got better and better, sunnier and warmer, and after enjoying seafood sandwiches for lunch we took a ferry to an island that had maybe 20 people on it, at most. we explored the island, and found a secluded beach where we took a quick dip - and the ferry back to the fishing village. then drove to another village for pizza dinner (no cheese for me, and ate half the pizza, all veggies, but also had one glass wine) and a long walk by the harbor and around another small island. we figure about 4 more miles from the three walks - which made 10 miles. and when i got home, it was indeed time for crunches, etc. done.

it was a wonderful day, we enjoyed - and i don't think the scale will complain despite the restaurant meals after 10 miles of walking today, though i wouldn't be surprised to see extra water weight from salt.

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8/20/12 2:37 P

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Had a good weekend. It helped that hubby chose to eat at home all meals on Sunday. Much easier to stay in range. I've recently noticed I don't consume enough calcium in a day, so I'm starting to track that.

Started out with a 13,000 step walk mid day today. My legs are tired. After catching up with my spark peeps, I will feel revived and ready for my ST.

Go Team! emoticon


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8/20/12 11:38 A

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Yesterday we had a family BBQ at DD1's home. She bakes and makes so many goodies, I did good at side stepping until the chips and dips! arghhhh!! Oh well, today is a new day and I am going to get off this computer and onto my workoutl! emoticon

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8/20/12 11:29 A

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Seems like weekends are tough for most people! I went for a hike on Saturday (8 miles round trip) and got lots of exercise, but I made the mistake of bringing along trail mix and not measuring it out beforehand. I estimated what I ate and didn't go over on calories for the amount of exercise so no weight gain, but boy, it's way too easy to justify dipping into the bag for "just a little more" and go overboard. I need to watch that more closely!

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8/20/12 10:32 A

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Yesterday we had a neighborhood block party and I ate way too much. Felt it last night and it shows on the scale this morning. I know it's temporary, but it's still shocking to see how quickly I can go from "doing great!" to "whoa, Nellie!" emoticon emoticon Today I'm back to work after a week off, so it's a return to routine. Let's make it a great week!

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8/20/12 8:37 A

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Yep, me, too, but I need that boot in my posterior to get me out the door for a walk. Friday and Saturday were not great foodwise, but I did better Sunday. Need to get back into my routine, but as I stopped in the cafeteria for my boiled eggs this morning, I was really craving a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. These used to be my "normal" breakfast pre-SP. Methinks it would be better to give in to the craving once instead of feeling resentful. Maybe tomorrow if the craving persists. This morning I resisted.

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8/20/12 8:14 A

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Good morning, team!

My weekend was not one I'm terribly proud of. Low on water and freggies. The only thing I did pretty good on was exercise. Time for a Monday re-boot!

Have a mahvelous (in my best Fernando Lamas voice) Monday!

~Christie in NC

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