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2/6/10 3:26 A

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Congratulations on your achievements.
The advise to maintian the weight is to make healthy diet and workout a way of life. But it is tough.

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2/5/10 8:28 P

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I think the not worrying takes time but you should be able to become more comfortable with maintaining your weight loss.

I guess it will be different for each of us. For me, I have learned that a 3 lbs differential will be best for me. I used to laugh at thin people freaking out over a 3 lb gain - now I realize that they were normal and I was not normal.

I also know I will be measuring, weighing, tracking and logging my foods for the rest of my life.

I don't know if this will help you at all. I really think it is a mental adjustment we each must make.

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2/5/10 1:12 P

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Just wanted to say "thanks" for the congrats... I just learned about sugar-free candies when I want something sweet.... worked great yesterday.. Who knew? I learned something new, and something to keep with me when the oreos are calling my name.

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2/4/10 8:08 P

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going on two years here soon for me and while it isn't thought ALL consuming, I still think about it a great deal. Thank goodness it diminishes with time.

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2/4/10 4:02 P

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Welcome and congrats. I know it feels thought consuming, but that's because you are in the wonderful process of changing your mind about the role food will play in your life. You are learning to use food to keep you healthy, not to take care of other unmet needs. You are learning to take care of yourself with exercise, food journaling and so on. I have been at goal for over 4 years and I still keep a food and exercise's just part of my life style, but it doesn't feel obsessive, it just feels like being in control of something I can control.

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2/4/10 4:00 P

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Welcome and congratulations on your success. One of the great things about being with Spark People is the change in thinking from Dieting (where you feel as if you are giving up so.o.o. much) to lifestyle where you are gaining a healthy life and a wonderful community that will support you through it. Also there is no guilt. I advise you as a new Sparker to read the Diet Stages overview (sorry if you have already) to understand the thinking behind Sparks.
All the very best, as a reformed YOYO I know how you feel and can tell you, emoticon .


"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them -- every day begin the task anew."
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2/4/10 1:47 P

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Welcome to this group...I joined a few weeks ago and LOVE it because I have so much in common with members who are struggling to maintain everyday. Maintaining IS an everyday battle for us who have been overweight and LOVE FOOD. I just take it one day at a time, and I've learned to love exersize so I can eat small portions of all the foods I love. Glad you found this team.

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2/4/10 1:36 P

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emoticon emoticon and emoticon

Let SP help you keep it off! Knowledge is power.

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2/4/10 1:20 P

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emoticon and emoticon on your success thus far. By journalling and using the fitness & nutrition trackers, I learned my triggers and am in the process of getting them under control - still takes time to plan a strategy for going out to eat, but it's not worrisome.
Here's to your continued success.

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2/4/10 11:38 A

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Wannabe: I've been at goal for most of 39 years, and I don't really worry about gaining because I know exactly how to keep it off. The problem is making sure I say NO to myself when my desires roam off track. I have plenty of tools to help me with that, and I weigh myself every day (daily weighing is recommeded for maintenance but NOT for losing) so I know whether or not I can have a big helping of fruit salad or only a small one.

One of the great advantages to losing weight in a slow and healthy manner is that you learn how to keep it off. If you are "depriving" yourself until you hit your number, it will all come back on and then some. If you use your time losing to learn to love healthier foods, and learning new and creative ways to cook them, you just continue with the same plan, plus a little more. Your scale is your guide not your tyrant.

Rejoice at goal! It is an amazing achievement! And you now know how to keep it. Use us to cheer you on every day!

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2/4/10 11:34 A

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Welcome to this group! I think that thought will continue to be in your mind, but maybe move back a little. I know I continue to worry about gaining again because I have several times in my life and I want to stay the way I am now. You have done really well, so you know what works. Keep it up and you will succeed.

--Anne from Idaho
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2/4/10 10:21 A

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emoticon and congrats on your weight loss! It is very thought consuming when you always worry about gaining! I try to eat the same foods for the most part Monday thru Friday for this reason. Lol! Recently I have been having too many cheats! Grrrr..........

"Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food."

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2/4/10 9:41 A

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I am new to this site.... kind of... I have been reading the posts, and getting the emails, but decided that today was the day to join, and begin the journey with you fine folks. I am near my weight goal after 8 months of losing (did it all by myself)-and gaining a little and losing. I am about 5 pounds away.... It is thought consuming to worry about gaining weight all of the time... and still enjoy my day. Any suggestions out there? Just looking to be healthy about it, and not nuts! Easier said than done... don't cha think?

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