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12/31/08 9:32 A

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I have a 5lb maintenance range, but if I get above 126 I will cut back on calories for a few days and then see where I weigh in.

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11/11/08 8:39 A

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The ticker shows the range I give myself... I have set my calorie tracker to get to 130 in March 2009... I don't want to be that thin... the cardiologist says 135 is perfect for me... but it should keep me in the right place... If I start losing a I get closer to that date...I'll just move it another 6 months.

I still exercise a fair bit... try to burn 3000 cal/week.

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11/11/08 7:55 A

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I've only been at my goal for three months (this time lol), but I am determined to keep my weight within a five pound range. I was eating around 1200 calories and exercising every day during my losing phase. I have kept the exercise going but upped my calories to between 1300 and 1400. I weigh myself and track my food every day and I think I will have to do so for a while yet - at least another six months. Christmas and holidays will be a challenge.

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11/6/08 11:51 A

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I allow myself a 5 lbs window. I have been maintaining for a month now and have stayed well within my range (3 lbs) with no problems. I exercise regularly and my food intake has increased by about 300-500 calories daily.

I pay more attention to my clothes and my tape measure than I do the scale though!!!!! I'm one that can lose 2 lbs but drop 3-4 inches. I'm also someone that can gain 6-8 lbs and nothing changes with my clothes or measurements. You have to find what works for your body and use several tools to determine success.


11/5/08 2:15 P

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oh my goodness, you guys are so supportive, did I mention that I love this group?!


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10/7/08 3:37 P

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When I was in losing mode I never ate over 1500. I have kept my exercise about the same for health and definition benefits. I now eat 1800 to 2100 calories a day. If I notice a big jump I go to the low end for a while. Same way if I go down to much I eat and the high end for a few days. It can be tricky, but you will figure it out.

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10/7/08 11:36 A

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I don't know how much you exercised while losing, but for me it was 6-days 50 minutes cardio and 3-days 15 minute ST. When it came to maintenance time (3 months ago), I didn't want to reduce the exercise because I feel it's good for health. I just upped the calories....carefully, weighing in each day to make sure I wasn't gaining.

Turned out that 400 calories daily over my weight-loss average did the trick. That makes sense, as I was losing about a pound a week and 400x7=2800 (nearly the 3500-calorie pound).

My weight doesn't fluctuate much (post-menopause) so if I see a 2-pound gain, I cut back on the calories until it's right again.

Best of luck to you. It's a little harder to maintain than it was to lose, but WE CAN DO IT!

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10/7/08 8:53 A

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For me, I have found that I give myself a 5 pound window that allows for a bit of wiggle room (my range is 140 - 145) and I usually try to stay on the low to middle side of things. I do weigh daily and use the google tracker to keep track, I think that helps keep me in check. If I find that I am starting to go up a bit I will try tweaking a few things here and there without going crazy on cutting out a bunch of calories, I will maybe have a salad for a meal and really watch the sodium (that really can affect me in a big time way). I am pretty lucky with what I can eat. I don't track my calories anymore but I am very conscious about everything that goes into my mouth without being obsessive about it, if that makes sense? I exercise a ton, so that also helps. I don't know if I helped with my answers, but I have found that is what seems to work for me. Just try to balance it a bit. Maintenance is something for the long haul, it is not a temporary thing. You'll get it!!

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10/7/08 7:42 A

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Since starting maintenance, I have given myself a 3 pound range, and have been successful, so far. I find that I am eating about 6000 more calories per week than I did while I was losing. I need to keep my exercise at the same level as I did while I was losing in order to stay at this plateau. It is closing in on a year now, and is manageable, but I still have to be careful and track my intake, otherwise I still tend to binge!

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10/7/08 3:23 A

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I give myself a 5 pound range to stay in because I went about that much under my goal to give me some leadway just in case. It takes a while to play around with your calorie intake and exercising. I upped my calories to 100 more a day and kept up my exercise routine the same as it was when I was losing. I can slack off the exercising now and then, but I feel and maintain much better when I don't.

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10/7/08 1:43 A

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I have a small window of maintenance, from 69.5 kilos to 70.5 kilos. In American lingo that's about a pound either side of 154lbs. I weigh myself each week to make sure that I don't go over or under too much. I'm pretty new to maintaining and find that I have to still be careful calorie wise or I put the weight on. From what others have said it is a very gradual process moving from losing weight to maintaining and it is a case of gradual addition of calories until you hit a maintenance. Perhaps when you did less exercise it meant that the calories needed for day to day living lessened too. emoticon


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10/7/08 12:19 A

I am at my goal weight and I have even slacked off on my exercise schedule a bit. So I feel that I am at a pretty good place right now. What I want to know is: when you are maintaining your weight, do you cut back on food the minute you gain a pound or do you have a "window" that you stay within? I have found that my weight is very sensitive to my food intake. I have upped my calories a bit but not a lot,(like 100-200 calories), but if I keep the calories upped everyday, the scales starts to creep up. I just need some advice as to what I am supposed to do.

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