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TOPIC:   Eating more calories, exercising but gaining? 

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KAYOTIC's Photo Posts: 12,364
4/25/08 10:22 P

KAYOTIC's SparkPage
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You may want to track your weight over time as well, I know I can fluctuate up to four pounds from day to day. And it's likely water when it's that sudden. Your activity level is very high, when I work out a lot, I up my calories much higher than you are and lost more weight when I went into maintenance. But if you put your calorie burn into the spark equation and that's what it gave you , and you aren't hungry on that, then just see if the weight contuines to go up. If it doesn't then you will know you have found your range, if it does go up, you can always cut back a hundred/day and see if that works. Maintenance is a trial and error sort of thing, so give it some time to work itself out.

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FOLEYARTIST1's Photo SparkPoints: (4,619)
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4/25/08 12:53 P

I posted in more detail in a comment on your blog, but I second everyone here. I really do believe that you are doing fine! If you still feel uncomfortable in a few more days or things keep changing, keep leaning on us for support!

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BREE-420-77's Photo Posts: 1,869
4/25/08 12:20 P

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I have to second that.

Since hitting my 150 goal last year, I've been everywhere from 145-153, mostly hovering between 148-150.

Try giving yourself a little wiggle room where you know you're ok. It's SO comforting, believe me!

5'11" :)
April 2006 Starting Weight - 185-190
May 18, 2007 Reached Goal 150

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Ticker is set to a maintenance range.

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OUTOFCONTROL's Photo SparkPoints: (83,341)
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4/25/08 10:59 A

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What kind of a gain are we talking here? For all my time on maintenance, my weight never stayed the same. Most of us use a maintenance range where we feel comfortable, because the weight continues to fluctuate day to day even though we are eating and exercising the same.

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_KARA_'s Photo Posts: 17,703
4/25/08 7:07 A

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The exercise that you mention... is that a new thing for you, or something you've been doing awhile? Have you recently increased the intensity or duration of your workouts or added more resistance in strength training?

Are you following WeightWatchers POINTS, or SparkPeople's calorie ranges?

I'm very new to maintenance myself, but in WeightWatchers, if you do have a gain, you subtract a point for every pound gained. First week of maintenance I was on 29 points but had a 1.6 lb. gain so I subtracted 2 points and this week am on 27 points per day. I hear it takes some "fiddling around" to find what works for your body.

But if you've recently kicked it up a notch with exercise, your muscles will retain water for a few weeks due to the increased workload, often causing a temporary gain. You can read about this in the "ask the expert" section under FITNESS or just ask and I'll post the link.


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MARYMARY611's Photo SparkPoints: (40,160)
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4/25/08 6:51 A

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I'm frustrated this morning. I've been trying to increase my calorie intake to 1400 per day, since I'm in maintenance now. My range is 1350-1560 per day (before it was 1200-1500). I exercise 6 days a week, 3 days are strength training followed by 20 mins of treadmill, running 2.25 miles. And for added cardio yesterday I also did a 30 min aerobic DVD (low impact). On my non-STing days, I do 30-45 mins of cardio.

So, why am I gaining? And what do I do to stop it?

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