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3/2/08 1:35 A

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I just returned from my first cruise and found it very easy to maintain good choices and splurge in moderation. The gym is open very early to very late and was not too crowded - the first day was way more crowded then any subsequent days :)
The Dinning Room meals always have 'Spa' choices (or at least on the Carnival cruises) that list the calories, fat, protein, etc. for you. And they were delicious. They even had healthy, delicious desserts. The buffet food was not anything to write home about but always had a very large variety with healthy options.
You can have your cake and eat it too on a cruise! Enjoy it!

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There are two kinds of people, those that take the stairs and those that take the elevator. I will always strive to take the stairs!

May you all find the Spark in your life!

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3/1/08 10:45 A

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Michele is so right- one of the best food choices on board is all that fresh fruit- cut up and ready to go!!! How about seafood (sauces on the side) and steaks?? Fresh veggies!! The best part is you don't have to do the PREP- you just pick healthy and ENJOY!


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2/29/08 1:14 P

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I have been on three cruises while dieting. It's actually easier than you would think because there are so many choices. You can always get salad and fruit and sugar-free desserts. I usually order the lighter spa meals at dinner.

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2/29/08 8:55 A

I went on my first cruise while I was in 'losing' wasn't as hard as I thought. The food was great but I managed by staying mindful and keep very active. Never saw the inside of an elevator onboard the ship and took lots of onboard walks. I tried to avoid most of the non-meal eating, and there is a whole lot of that!! The best advice I got from my WW leader was to decide in advance my expectation --whether I wanted to lose, maintain or allow myself a little gain and then work towards that goal. I didn't think losing was realistic for I enjoyed myself mindfully with the goal of maintaining.... managed to come back to a tiny loss!

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2/28/08 10:30 P

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There's a team here for Cruise Critic? I shouldn't be surprised!

These are great tips - my husband and I are taking our first cruise in June. We're going to Alaska (Northbound, from Vancouver) and, at times, I'm so excited I'm just about beside myself.

We're going on a glacier hike and a whole bunch of other activities that are fairly active, which should help.

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2/28/08 3:45 P

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Wow that's a lot of stops! Nice!

I'm sure you can find something active to do in each place, and you'll be rockin' when you get home. LOL!

I assume it's a 7-day? Have a great time!!!

There is a web site called Cruise Critic that is a wealth of information. You might want to check them out! :D Actually, there is a team here for Cruise Critic folks, too! :D

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2/28/08 3:30 P

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Thanks everyone for all your great responses. The line I am travelling on is Royal Carribean and the ship is the Jewel of the Seas. We are going to San Jaun, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Bristish Virgin Islands and Nassau. I can't believe I am doing this---me the scarety cat!! Unbelievable what making your goal and becoming a Lifer can do for one's confidence. I sure hope I can have a plan in my head as to what to do. Thanks again everyone.

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2/28/08 10:04 A

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I also agree! It's entirely possible to still enjoy yourself, and maintain control. Even so, if you DO gain on the cruise, a LOT of it seems to be water weight (oy the salt!), and it comes off really fast once you get home and back into your regular routine... on my last cruise, a "gained" 7 lbs, but it was gone within 5 days... so that HAD to be water weight! LOL! I also noticed that a pair of flip flops I got on the cruise (for donating to a greening program) were tight on the ship, but fit fine after I got home... my feet were swollen from all the salt!

Yes, food is abundant. But it's not like they're shoving it in your face 24/7 -- even though that's the perception. If you want portion control, the dining room offers that. The portions are actually normal (in my experience), and not super-huge like you would get in a restaurant. In the buffet area, you just need to have a game plan... mine was that I would NOT eat anything I could get on dry land. No burgers, no pizza... only "exotic" foods. I pretty much ate anything that had tentacles. LOL! I also had a lot of salads and fresh fruit.

Keeping active is also pretty easy... besides the gym, there are stairs. Depending on where your cabin is, you could take the stairs as often as possible, instead of the elevator. In addition to that, the slight sway of the ship pretty much has you stabilizing the whole time, whether you feel it or not. Your calves get a workout! LOL! You can also plan active excursions. We usually go snorkeling. :)

If you've learned good habits while being a member of this site, they're not going to magically disappear... they'll be there, in the back of your mind. Just make the best choices you can, without constantly worrying about it. Enjoy yourself! :D

And, of course, I need to ask... what cruise line, what ship, and where are you going? :D

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2/28/08 9:34 A

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I agree with Lynn. have a great time and allow yourself some splurges. This may be the one and only cruise you get to go on in your lifetime, so enjoy it!!

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2/27/08 11:02 P

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Well enjoy your first cruise. It is very fun to sail the ocean on a big ship. I have found that the food is abundant but not spectacular. So you should focus on eating foods that you just love, but in moderation. Enjoy all of the fun things a cruise offers, exotic locations and tours, meeting fun people, and enjoying all the activities. Food will always be wherever you are.
Practice moderation and splurge a little and you'll be fine.
Enjoy !

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2/27/08 6:52 P

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Hi everyone,

I am going on my first cruise and was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions as to how I could stay in control while still enjoying myself. I am taking my exercise clothes as I know there is a gym and I even bought some resistance bands to take with me but all I have heard about is the food. How do I keep in control when there is all different kinds of food everywheres. I have had my Lifetime since August and I really want to keep it but still the temptations are going to be so severe. Help!!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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