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1/1/13 8:51 A

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I used treats to get mine to go in, a lot of nice soft blankets, and make sure it is small enough for the dog to just be able to have enough room to turn around in. It should feel like a den. You can get them with dividers or block it off with something. You don't want to force them in, it is supposed to be their safe place. Tuck the puppy in at night, then ignore the crying unless you think it is time to go out. Take the dog out, then right back into the crate with minimal attention. The first few nights were tough, but now our puppy goes in on his own and never tries to wake us up anymore unless he has to go out. We also put him in with a stuffed animal type toy and a chew bone so if he wakes up he has something to do while we are still asleep.

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12/31/12 9:49 P

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I'm with Gina....I can only offer best wishes, because I've never crated any of mine....but like Gina notes, there are great people here who have and will surely share some great ideas! Good luck and keep us posted!
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12/31/12 12:32 P

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Try to entice puppy into going into kennel on her own with a treat. I use Dentastiks with mine and now all I have to do is open the bag, they come running and sit at my feet until I tell them kennel then they run to their kennel to get their treat. If she cries (which she will), make a shushing sound. You may have to do this a hundred or so times. Eventually she will get the idea. I also have put a pillow in my year old dog's kennel at night that has my scent on it. That seems to help a lot.


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My suggestions came from a breeder when we got our little Angel. She was 8 weeks and her mom had suffocated in a potato chip bag so it was an early weaning. We wanted her kennel trained so began with daytime kenneling for short periods. At night, she was so little that she got too cold in the kennel so she was in bed with us. When we left home, she was in the kennel, we fluffed a blanket and used a radio on a classical station and set the kennel near a ticking clock. She would cry a short time and then settle. It didn't take long and she was very comfortable with us. She would go into her kennel even with us there as it was her secure place. Little treats for "good" behavior also helps. Currently we have 2 rescue dogs that were kennel trained (essentially) and all we do is either pick up my purse and say "OK" or say "kennel up" and they run to it. There is always a little treat for them when we get home.

Good luck on the new puppy and get lots cuddle time in. It is a major key to happiness for both.


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I have 5 small dogs. All sleep in my room. My first dog(Maltese/Poodle) I got as a puppy 8 or 10 weeks old. she was easy at night. She slept with me. If she woke up during the night I got up and put her on a pee pad. No crying. My other puppy ( Maltese/Poodle) I got was supposed to be 8 weeks but I think he was younger.... he only had canines and no other teeth for a couple of months. He was a nightmare as a puppy. He drank so much water he would leave the water bowl totally empty. He peed so much the floor in the bathroom I had blocked off for him would be soaked in a few hours. He would wake up several times a night and start screaming very loudly. If I tried to hold him he would bite and scratch me. I tried to put him in a crate next to me on the bed but he just would not settle down. Finally the thing that worked for me was his dog bed next to my pillow. To be sure he would not get up and pee on the bed or get off and wander around, I put and harness and short leash attached to my head board. This finally worked with him. He still sleeps in the dog bed. This dog is now 18 months old and he is finally starting to settle down. I would say no roaming the house until puppy is at least 6 to 8 months old and even with that they still get in to some puppy mischief. I worked too many hours to crate. So I used a tiled bathroom instead.
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12/29/12 3:26 P

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My daughter got an 8 week old German Shepherd/husky puppy last April. He cried all through the first night. My daughter felt really bad about it so she got him a crate, and put it in the bedroom next to her side of the bed. Her husband was not happy about it, but she did it anyway. That stopped the crying as long as the pup was next to her. She had to get up every couple of hours through the night to potty train him too, and she was sleep deprived for several months. She hired a dog trainer to come to the house to help her out, and over time she was able to get the pup to stay in the kennel while she was at work. I would go over there in the middle of the day to take him out to potty, and to play with him. Now he is ok with the crate, and he is potty trained. He's huge now, and can't be left to roam the house or he will chew everything in sight, or eat something that will make him sick. He once got into a bag of raisins on the table, and that was a $2000 vet bill.

With a small dog you can probably use baby gates to confine the puppy to areas that are safe when you are not home. We have dog beds in the bedroom for two of our dogs, and our smallest little terrier mix sleeps on the bed with us. She was successfully crate trained by her first owner, and will often go into her crate voluntarily when she has a special treat that she wants to protect from the other dogs.

Her advice to a friend wanting a puppy is, "Be prepared to lose sleep for a while. It's a lot of work training a puppy." The rewards are wonderful after the pup is trained. Her dog adores her, and wants to be with her all the time. She devotes her weekends and days off to her dog,

12/29/12 1:13 P

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Yoko (my new baby) is allowed up on the bed with us while we are watching tv at night. When the tv goes off we put her down. She has her little warm cozy bed right next to ours.
The first couple of nights she cried a little bit. We ignored it. Now she sleeps through the night and is doing very well.
We don't crate her because we are retired but if we had one I would put it close to the bed. Both of my dogs like to sleep near us.

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I have found that if you place an alarm clock next to them in their bed or crate, they get the sensation that mom is still there to protect them. If he/she was taken away from mom too early, this might very well remedy the situation. If that doesn't help, try placing something of yours or the one he/she took to (like a sock, shoe or something with someone's scent on it) and give it to them to have close by. That should work as well. Also, try talking to him/her to let them know everything is ok ... reassuring them that everything is ok. Wish I were there. I'd stay up all night with him/her if need be. :)

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12/29/12 10:41 A

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get a stuffed toy that plays music. lay next to the cage with your hand on or near the puppy. like camping on the floor. they are same as a baby. you might have to suffer a couple of days because you already spoiled her.

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12/29/12 8:43 A

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I can only offer sympathy but there are others who are full of good ideas. I will be watching this thread to see what they are.

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12/29/12 8:39 A

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i have had my new puppy since christmas eve, shes very tiny and i suspect the person i got her from might have taken her from mom a little soon...
she uses the pee pads and shes eating pretty good, but hardly drinks any water...
but so far our biggest problem is sleep...
she will not let us put her in the crate
and even out of the crate, she wants to be held
honey has slept on the couch the last 5 nights and she either lays right by his side or wants him to hold her...
he goes back to work on wed and i suspect life is going to be pure H E double hockey sticks!!!!
what can i do to break her from crying to be held and also to get her used to the crate???
she will HAVE to be put in the crate when no one is home, at least until shes a little bigger and stops chewing on everything...
we need sleep!!!!

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