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7/24/12 7:27 P

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My dog has seasonal allergies, worst in spring/summer. I think it actually might be to grass because giving him a bath seems to help. But we are very athletic so can't avoid grass.

I tried various shampoos but nothing has really helped so far. Going to try Salmon Oil. Had something for horses that smelled like pine sol that seemed to somewhat help the itching, but it stained my floor and left him looking greasy all the time.

I'm moving from the Midwest to Seattle in about a month and the vet said that might clear it up completely. Fingers crossed.

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7/23/12 12:47 P

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I have a yellow lab with allergies...and his are food related....he is on limited ingred. diet...single source protein, grain free food...venison and potato...we did take him to a derm. and she suggested switching food and that was what worked...we did not test, that would have been the next step.....


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7/23/12 12:23 P

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We had a Cocker Spaniel with severe allergies and skin and ear problems. The allergies could be all due to dietary allergies, not contact allergies. I would suggest starting with an elimination diet, if possible try a diet without any processed food and grain-free. My first choice would be a raw meat and bones diet (which could be any kind of meat, but you would have to experiment). This is the most natural diet for any dog.
Any medications will only treat the symptoms but never cure the disease. Steroids have huge side effects and would be my absolute last resort. Even diphenhydramine (Benadryl) has the side effect of making the dog very sleepy and is not a long-term solution. To treat the ears symptomatically I have used virgin coconutoil on a Q-tip, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties without any of the burning, stinging sensation of the malacetic acid and also smells good. Just diet elimination may bring results, but if not, it is possible to do allergy testing for inhalant allergies, but these are not as common, so I would not spend the money and time for those unless diet changes don't work.
This is just a quick summary, I may think of more.
You may want to do a search on the internet about BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diets and about raw feeding in general. Generally, the less processed a dog's diet is the better.
The most common allergens for dogs and the most toxic ingredients in their diets are wheat, corn, soy and elements of those like gluten so sometimes just reading the food label carefully and eliminating these ingredients will work. Also be aware of miniscule elements of these that may be present in vitamin/mineral supplements added to processed foods.
A home-cooked diet of meat and plain rice for a few days may be another easy way to eliminate allergies.

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7/23/12 9:58 A

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emoticon Janet, sorry your dog is having these problems. I can't give any advice. I have never had these issues. I would like to wish you luck in solving this. I hope someone here can offer you some help.

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7/23/12 9:46 A

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Sorry, can't help you out with testing/shot issue. My cocker spaniel has seasonal allergies and her vet gave us some pills for it but they don't seem to help much. I am going to our local pet store today for some special shampoo and hope that might help. She used to have ear infection issues a couple of years ago but I found if I clean them weekly with a special ear wash for dogs it helps (there is also a solution along with it that dries them out that I add to her ears). Hope you get relief for your "furbaby" soon.


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7/23/12 8:55 A

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We have a Weimaraner that has big allergy trouble. It shows in skin infections for which we have a special shampoo and in yeast problems in his ears. The vet has us using MalAcetic Otic Utltra drops and he was on steroids for the last ear problem. He finished those steroids 10 days ago and we already have another flare up for which the drops don't seem to be helping. Oh yes -- we give him 75mg of Benadryl twice daily.

Our vet has suggested allergy testing and shots or using Atopica. Has anyone done either of these? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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